Yoast SEO Review: The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

This post is all about Yoast SEO review!

yoast seo review

SEO is playing the major part in ranking any post on SERPs.


So, more and more online business owners are relying on this influential factor in ranking their posts on top of SERPs.


The initial and the most important part of SEO is its on-page optimization.


Many bloggers fail to optimize their posts for search engines, thus they struggle to get organic traffic to their blog posts.


Maintaining on-page SEO isn’t that hard, but it’s often forgettable.


Yes, I often see that after writing a post, I’ve already missed some of the major points of on-page SEO. This is really irritating to see this sort of mistake.


So, the need of maintaining SEO, especially the on-page, is very demandable.


As a result, many companies have started giving services through automatic tools which will detect the lacks of proper SEO maintenance.


One of these types of companies is Yoast.


Yes, Yoast is too determined to serve the best for their clients when it comes to on-page SEO.


Furthermore, the company has introduced its plugin for WordPress platform which is welcomed by almost all the bloggers those who use the WP as their blogging platform.


I’m talking about the Yoast SEO plugin which is a must-have plugin for many of us.


First of all, I wanna let you know what’s the Yoast SEO plugin.


The plugin is for maintaining SEO properly so that any WordPress user can follow the crucial SEO rules in his/her blog posts.


As I’ve already told you that SEO rules are often forgettable, so if you’re signaled by someone that you’re missing some points of SEO in your writing, then you can correct those mistakes.


Yoast SEO plugin has a handful of great features which will always check for the proper SEO utilization in your blog posts so that you can rank them well on SERPs.


I’ll share with you how I became an SEO geek by using Yoast for sure, but before I go any further, I should discuss Yoast SEO in details so that you can come to know many things about it.


What is an SEO Plugin?

Do you know what is SEO plugin? SEO plugin is a type of plugin that helps its users maintain many SEO features. So if you use a nice SEO plugin on your website, you could easily handle most of the important features of SEO.


You may forget to maintain some rules of SEO while writing, but having an SEO plugin means it’ll monitor your SEO performance in writing and let you know what to do further.


Yoast SEO Review

Now I’m going for the thorough review of Yoast SEO Plugin.


So, read the Yoast SEO plugin review with attention –

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO review should be started at this point because many of you may not know about the plugin.


Yoast is a company that provides different types of SEO services. This company, Yoast, has an SEO plugin which is known as Yoast SEO or Yoast SEO plugin. It’s an all in one SEO plugin.


As you know that to maintain SEO, one needs to follow dozens of rules. Yoast SEO plugin is such an awesome tool that can automatically tell you what to do with maintaining a good SEO in your writing.


At the bottom of WordPress writing panel, there comes the dashboard of Yoast which combines with the native WordPress dashboard.


This way, the SEO plugin becomes a must-have for almost all the bloggers at the time of writing their blog posts.


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Stop doing these 3 SEO mistakes!


How to Use SEO by Yoast?

Now I’ll show you how to use Yoast SEO plugin.


Install the Plugin

The first thing that you’ll have to do is to install the Yoast SEO plugin.


Activate the plugin once the installation is complete.


Setup the Plugin

You’ll have to complete the best Yoast SEO settings in order to have the full functionalities of the plugin.


You’ll see a button “SEO” on your WordPress dashboard after activating Yoast SEO.

yoast seo plugin

If you tap on or hover over your mouse pointer on the button, you’ll see a list of buttons like the image below –

yoast seo

So you can choose buttons from the list one by one and then save your preferred settings.


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Different Buttons on Yoast SEO Plugin

Now I’m discussing the buttons –


These are the buttons on the dashboard. The first button “Dashboard” is to show you any problem or improvement necessary for your blog.

yoast 1st

If there’s no problem or improvement needed, then there’ll be no notifications of further actions.


If Yoast finds any problem, it’ll notify you here. You should then work accordingly to improve your SEO.

yoast improvement

The next button “General” is for showing you how to use Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast plugin tutorial will be found here.


It’ll also let you know who created Yoast. Not only is that you could also choose the default settings by pressing the button “Restore Default Settings”.


The next button is “Your Info” which is for filling up some boxes with required information.

yoast general button

Here you can see that I’ve set my blog’s name, selected whether it’s a company or person and give my name. You’ll need to put your information in the boxes. Then hit the button “Save Changes”.


The next button “Webmaster Tools” is for verifying your blog or website for different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

yoast four

You can verify your blog’s identity by using this great option. You’ll just need to put the given codes on Google, Bing or Yandex and then verify accordingly. After making any change just hit the “Save Changes” button.

yoast five

The last button of Dashboard section is named as Security where you should leave the button “Disabled”.

Titles & Metas

There are several buttons in this section.

You should keep all the default settings except one in the “Archives” button.

In the “Archives” button, you should make the button “Disabled” as enabling this may cause a problem like duplicated content.



In this section, you’ll have to leave your social media’s links in the respective boxes.


Put all the links if you want and then hit the “Save Changes” button. There are some other buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ where you can add your blog’s links.


XML Sitemaps

This section of Yoast is very important as sitemap is necessary for your blog.

You could see your site’s sitemap by clicking on the button “XML Sitemap”.

The next button is “User sitemap” where you should set the option “Disabled”. You should leave other things by default.


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Here you’ll have the options for opting in for Breadcrumbs, changing permalinks styles and RSS. You should set this setting as per your requirement.



You’ll find different editing menus here in “Tools” section. If you need to edit, then you can use these buttons such as “Bulk editor”, “File editor” and “Import and Export”.

Search Console

You can add your Google’s Search Console to Yoast SEO so that you can monitor the stats directly from your blog. To do this, you’ll have to put the authorization code on Google. Follow the buttons “Get Google Authorization” and “Authenticate” to get the code and authenticate.


This section will show you the benefits of Yoast SEO plugin’s premium features. You should know that there’s a premium version of Yoast which offers more facilities than the free one. You’ll get 24/7 Yoast SEO support with the premium version of the plugin.

You can directly buy the premium version of Yoast SEO from your dashboard.

So the settings of Yoast SEO plugin are up to this.


Now I’ll show you how to use the plugin at the time of writing. So this is the second part of Yoast SEO review.


How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin When You Write?

This is the most important part of using the plugin because if you don’t know how to utilize the plugin, then you could harness the power of Yoast SEO. So learn it well now.


You should know that Yoast not only works as an SEO plugin but also does the job of improving readability.

Here you see the notifications for SEO and Readability. The plugin shows that my SEO is good and Readability is poor.

Why? Because I’ve maintained most of the SEO rules, but I couldn’t manage to write in a readable way because there are some keywords and points left.


You’ll see the Readability section is also good when I’ll complete this blog post writing because I’ll take all the necessary actions for making my writing well.


At the bottom of the writing board, there are two buttons “Readability” and “Keyword”.


Under the buttons, there’s a board for “Snippet preview”. It’ll check whether the titles, permalinks and meta descriptions of your blog posts are okay or not.


You see that all the things in my current blog post are quite okay as there is a green color. If any of these weren’t okay, then there would be red or amber colored ribbon so that I could understand there’s something wrong and I’d need to make that okay.


The title, the permalink and the meta description of a blog post are measured by the focus keyword. So you’ll have to leave a focus keyword in the box named “Focus Keyword”.

You know SEO is all about using keyword properly along with some other things. So keyword usage in an organized way is a key factor for improving on-page SEO. Yoast SEO plugin monitors it perfectly. In addition, this plugin checks other SEO improving factors.

You’ll learn a lot of things about SEO if you just read the Yoast SEO’s checklist.

So SEO is exactly a mixture of many things. You’ll have to start with the keyword selection to writing the last line of your blog post for maintaining a good SEO format.


You’ll have to pick a low competitive keyword though this thing won’t be monitored by Yoast. It’s your task to find out a golden nugget keyword for your blog post.


Once you come up with a good keyword, Yoast SEO will do the rest by checking from first to last.


You’ll have to write a title that must be a good-length one. Also, you’ll need to use the main keyword in the title. Using the keyword at the beginning of your title, in the permalink and in the first line or paragraph, in the meta description is good for SEO which is monitored well by Yoast SEO plugin.


In the Yoast SEO meta description box, you’ll have to write a short description of the blog post. You mustn’t copy some portion of your post and then paste it here. Rather you must write a brief idea about the blog post in the box.


Internal and outbound links are quite important for making your post SEO friendly. So if you don’t use them Yoast will catch that and let you know.


At an image with the focus keyword in the alt tag is very helpful for better SEO. So this thing will also be notified by the plugin.


There are also many other SEO checklists that you’ll come to know at the time of your blog post’s writing.

As said before, Yoast SEO plugin also checks the readability of your writing. So you’ll see whether your writing is well-readable or not in the Readability section.


Using the same word at the beginning in three consecutive sentences is not good for readability. So if you do this, Yoast will let you know that. I’ve mistakenly done this many times and corrected upon seeing the notification from the plugin.


Transition words are very good for taking actions. So, Yoast wants you to use at least 30% of transition words.


Yoast SEO also shows you copy score which determines whether your writing is easy to read or not. The copy score is given by the Flesch Reading Ease.


Writing a block of texts in paragraphs is not good, so you should write short paragraphs. Also, short sentences are very easy to read.


Yoast SEO also recommends that you use passive sentences as fewer as possible because passive sentences are usually hard to be read.


Drawbacks of Yoast SEO Plugin

Though the plugin, Yoast SEO, is very effective in maintaining SEO, it has some shortcomings too. Yes, you read it right. The first objection comes to maintaining the keyword density. The suggested keyword density maintenance can be harmful to your posts.


So, if you increase the number of a keyword in a post, then you could break the rule of writing naturally. In this regard, you should follow your own sense to use the main keyword a few times in the post.


Another drawback of the plugin is that it can’t detect LSI keywords in a post. So, you can’t be sure whether you’ve used any LSI keyword in your post or not.


Also, the plugin doesn’t count a group of words (where a keyword is present) as a keyword if there’s any word in between the words.


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Is Yoast SEO Good?

Now come to the point – does Yoast SEO work? I’ll tell you my own experience with using the plugin. After using Yoast SEO plugin for many years on my WordPress blog, I can say that this is the best SEO Plugin for WordPress.


This Yoast WordPress plugin does a great job of maintaining SEO. I had to struggle a lot to maintain SEO on my blog, but now I’m completely okay as Yoast SEO plugin is there to help me almost all the time during my writing.


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So, this is the complete Yoast SEO plugin review and from the Yoast plugin reviews, you could use the plugin as per your need. With the plugin, you can do SEO check in no time.


So, Yoast SEO plugin can be considered as one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that comes with all in one SEO.

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