3 Ways Yoast SEO (The Current Version) Is Making You Fool

First of all, I should thank Yoast SEO for doing so many amazing things for us, the bloggers who’re blogging on WordPress.


In case you’re skeptical about the great contribution of this awesome SEO plugin, then read this Yoast SEO review.


This is because their plugin enormously helps us maintain SEO in our blog posts on a regular basis.


However, I wanna point out some negative sides of Yoast SEO today so that you can avoid them at the time of writing your blog posts.


In fact, everything, even the best thing in the world, has some flaws and pointing out the flaws of something doesn’t always mean that we’re criticizing that thing. It’s just to warn you about the negative sides.


Yoast SEO has been updating its features time to time in order to meet its users’ needs in a better way, but still, it has some issues in the following matters-

  1. Keyword density
  2. Keyword positioning
  3. Keyword prominence

Now, I’ll tell you what exactly the plugin does wrong with the mentioned things.

Don’t be a fool like this by following all the suggestions of Yoast

Abnormal keyword density maintenance suggestion

In SEO, one of the old practices is maintaining a certain density of keyword in any content. The belief (in fact, it was also effective in the past) is that having the keyword many times in a post improves its ranking on SERPs.


Earlier, we also experienced that many people are harnessing only the power of high keyword density to take their posts on top of search results.


But dude, now it’s 2017 and you should never expect to get a good result by writing your focus keyword again and again in your content. It’ll have a negative impact on your posts’ ranking potentiality.


Don’t you see that most of the top ranked posts have the focus keywords only a few times in them? If the high keyword density matters so much, then why a post having the focus keyword only a few times in it, ranks on top of SERPs?


That’s the question and you should know that keyword density isn’t a ranking factor anymore. What’s important is that you should use the focus keyword naturally in your content.


But if you’re a user of Yoast’s plugin, then you’ll see that it’s suggesting you maintain a certain keyword density which is very absurd.


If you write a post naturally using the focus keyword of the post a few times in it, then what’s wrong with it?


I believe and I also got the proof that it has no problem at all. But the plugin of Yoast still suggests you use your focus keyword so many times to meet the standard keyword density in your content.


Look at the suggestion of Yoast –

Here, you can see the suggestion shows a red ball which means that your SEO maintenance for keyword density isn’t ideal. You should increase the number of your keywords in the post so that it can meet the ideal keyword density.


When I first started using Yoast SEO, I used to obey all of its suggestions and for that, I was increasing the number of my keywords as per the suggestion of the tool.


You see that this is a great trap where many bloggers may fall and you can harm the ranking of your posts by maintaining the suggested percentage of keyword density.


Sometimes, we need to use LSI keywords along with its focus keyword which increases the potentiality to rank a post with multiple keywords. Since the plugin can’t detect the use LSI keywords, it’ll still give you red signal after using some LSI keywords in your content.


Note that the recent update of Yoast has enabled one option to add more keywords which may solve the problem of not detecting any LSI keyword.


Follow this button –

And then add more keywords. I salute Yoast for adding this option to its other great features.


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Keyword positioning should have more freedom

After the matter of keyword density, here comes another issue with the keyword positioning. Yoast suggests this –

The title of a post should read natural, but what the hell Yoast is suggesting you! It’s saying that you place the keyword at the beginning of your title.


But is it logical? Isn’t it a foolish act to place your focus keyword at first place of your title?


You can never use the focus keyword of a post at the initial position of the title unless it looks good and natural.


So, Yoast is again making us fool, huh! At least, I think so and I wanna request Yoast to check and solve this issue because not all the bloggers are adequately knowledgeable about SEO.


If this kind of bloggers tries to blindly abide by all the suggestions of Yoast, then they’ll surely fall in great trouble.


Keyword prominence sucks if things come naturally

Also, here’s another stupid suggestion which is given by Yoast –

This time, it’s with the keyword prominence. Yoast suggests that you should use the focus keyword in the first paragraph of your content which I totally disagree.


This is because sometimes, forcing the keyword to use place in the first paragraph of any content looks very odd and you can call a writing crap if you see that the keyword came in the initial stage of the post unnaturally only to satisfy the SEO rules.


So, these are the things that can make any of you fool. You’ll follow the suggestions of Yoast, but eventually, you’ll feel like you have become a fool.


So, don’t follow everything blindly. Have your own judgment and follow a thing when you see that it’s damn true and effective.


Finally, we can’t deny the role of Yoast SEO  plugin at the time of maintaining our SEO though there are a couple of suggestions of the plugins which are not only absurd in current time but also harmful for our blogs.


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