Reader Responsible Writing Vs Writer Responsible Writing

A few years back, when I was with one of my relatives, I was reading a magazine. Every half a minute, I was frowning at the writer’s work, I mean the content of the magazine.

writer responsible

Soon I discovered that my relative became curious to know what was happening for that I was frowning again and again.


My reply was a plain sentence having a few words – “the writer has no nerve”.


Relative: What did the writer do?

Me: He should have written the content more clearly so that the mass readers can get it well. The writing is quite vague.

Relative: Oh I see, maybe your English skills are very poor, that’s why you’re not getting the content of the magazine well.


Hearing the words from that relative, I felt pity for him, but I couldn’t tell him anything. Still, I can say that the writing was too vague to catch and I bet that even a native English speaker couldn’t have read the thing well.

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This is my nature, when I see that somebody is talking like a fool, then I hardly try to make his/her understand that s/he is wrong.


However, the comment here in our country is like this. If you can’t understand a writing well, then people will blame you that it’s your fault, that’s why you didn’t understand the thing.


Here, most people talk in favor of the writers and for this reason, many writers find a whole in crafting crap for their naive readers on a regular basis.


Most readers read the content and when they don’t get the thing well, they say that wow! the writing is very good and maybe that’s the reason it’s very tough to understand.


Once this happened with me. When I was an instructor of IELTS, I handed an essay to one of my IELTS students and told him to read that.


He read the essay and commented that sir, I could never imagine that your writing would be so easy. By telling that to me, he wanted to mention that my writing didn’t satisfy him because he was expecting something hard to read.


The same type of situation arose when I wrote an article for a Chinese client. He asked me to review my writing in order to make it more complex.


The more I was trying to convince my client that blog posts should be like this – crisp and clear – the more she was emphasizing on bringing the hardness to my writing. However, finally, I sent her a crap with so many hard sentences which were neither easy to read nor easily understandable.


So, here the measurement of a good content is how hard it’s to read. A weird measuring system which I always curse.


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Reader responsible writing!

Up to this, I was talking about reader responsible writing where a reader is fully responsible for understanding a writing. If the reader misses to getting anything in his writing well, then the complete liability is his.


So, in a reader responsible culture, if you’re a writer, then you should feel happy, free, and lucky. In this case, readers are in a great trap. They need to pay much attention to understand any content.


Though this shouldn’t be since here, most of the people are non-native English speakers. The written English should be well-understood here. But the opposite scenario is prevalent everywhere here and I’m very upset with that.


Sometimes, I think that if I were a resident of a writer-responsible (just the opposite to the reader responsible culture)e, I would be lucky.


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How great it would be if the writers were very much careful in writing things so that their readers could easily grasp that!


Then every writer would double check their writing to guarantee the ease of reading before given to the readers. It would be like a restaurant famous for serving delicious food to their customers. People would come and eat like a glutton.


Easy to read content is like this. If you read one, then you desire to read another.


This is true for any language. As for example, one of the famous writers in Bangla language (you know my native language is Bangla) is Humayun Ahmed who passed away a few years back was famous mostly because of his easy-to-read writing.


He was obviously a writer-responsible writer and his readers are happy to read his writing because they know that the writing won’t be any hard type of thing.


Writer responsible writing!

So, here I’m talking about the type of writing where the writer is responsible for making his readers understand what he’s gonna say.


And this is writer-responsible writing (the favorite type of writing of mine). In this type of culture, the writers have a great responsibility to clearly pass their messages to their readers.


If the readers don’t get the writing easy-to-read, then the writer of the writing is liable for that. Here, the readers can confidently blame any writer for crafting hard writing.


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The best writing for blogging!

Now, come to the main part of this post.


Before I go to suggest you the best writing practice, I should ask you a question – what type of writing are you habituated with?


Reader-responsible or writer-responsible?


I can clearly say that if you follow the first one, I mean the reader responsible writing, then most of your blog’s readers should flee from your blog.


The easily understood reason is that nobody wants to do hard things. Reading is a type of work and if your writing seems hard to read, then hardly anyone will wanna read it.


On the other hand, if you’re a real friend of your readers, then you must come up with a writer-responsible writing. It’s good both for you and your readers. Both of you must enjoy your writing. When you write, you enjoy writing and when your readers read it, they also enjoy reading.


So, always try to write the content of your blog in a way that it becomes easily readable. Even if you’re living in a reader responsible area, you should go for the writer responsible writing because your blog isn’t only for your locality, people from all over the world will come to your blog.


So happy blogging with writer responsible writing.


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