How to Write 10000 Words a Day [Secret Revealed!]

Oh! How long will it take to write 500 words?

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SMN Zaman is worrying too much to complete his daily writing assignment of around 500 words. He finds it very much irritating to write this number of words on a daily basis. As a freelance writer, he knows that he’ll have to write more and more words to make a decent amount of money from his profession.


But the only problem is the inability to write tons of words. Everyday he thinks that he’ll write a few thousands of words for this clients, but the end result comes to near about 500 words. Sometimes, he passes his day without writing a single word on MS Word.



So, how to write more?


Yes, the above story is mine and this was the initial stage of my freelance writing career. I would need a couple of hours to write a mere 500-word blog post. This was just the writing time and if you count the research time, then it was another couple of hours.


So, in total, I used to spend 4 – 5 hours to write a single piece of post that merely contained 500 words. Truth be told, when I started my freelance writing career, my plan was to write around 5000 words which would equivalent to 10, 500-word blog posts. This was my target because I wanted to make around $1500 – $3000 per month from my freelance writing career.


By the way. the starting point was very enjoyable even though I could only craft 500 words daily. I wasn’t counting my daily income for the first couple of months or so. But at one time, I started thinking that how to write more words so that writing 5000 words on a daily basis wouldn’t be a problem to me, thus making $2000 plus would be much easier.


Many a time I used to think this and almost every time, I failed to craft so many words. So, I was going deep into frustration. What the heck I was doing! So how one can write 5000 words daily became the main subject of interest to me at that time.


As a matter of fact, I started researching on the subject and found that so many superhumans were able to write 5 – 10 thousands of words daily. So, what are their secrets? How do they do it possible? I read that different people apply different techniques to make this possible.


Then I also tried to apply some of their techniques for writing more words, but I wasn’t successful. There were tons of reasons behind the failure which I’ll elaborate in this post too.


But now, know that I currently write more than 10,000 words daily. You’ll be amazed to know that I even wrote 18,000 words in a single day too. How am I doing this? Well, this is the main theme of this article and I hope that you could learn so many things on how to write so many words. Once you learn all the techniques, you could also dare to write more and more words in coming days.


What I write daily?

I have a couple of blogs where I write daily. I either publish some new posts or update the old content of my blog. One thing to add here is that now I don’t write for any client. This is because I wanna give my full attention and work to my own blogs.


As I always wanna write in-depth articles, I need to write over 10K words daily. Sometimes I write 4 articles of at least 2500 words each or 5000-word 2 articles or it’s not uncommon to see that some of my articles are of over 10,000 words.


So, my daily target is to write more than 10,000 words on a regular basis. This is how I’m achieving my goal.


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Why I write so many words?

There are so many reasons why target so many words to write. The first reason is to set a nice number. 10 attracts me a lot which I don’t know why. When I used to play football, that time I chose the jersey that had 10 number in it.

Likewise this, I like the football players who wear the 10 marked jersey.


Here’s one of the most important reasons behind this –

I have found that in-depth posts rank on top of SERPs. So, it was always in my dream to write as many words as I can on a daily basis and then take my blog to a greatly ranking one.


So, why I wanna rank so well? There are some specific reasons for that. Every blogger wants to rank his/her posts well on SERPs. And you know that ranking well and getting traffic to a blog pave the path of making solid income with a blog.


If my blog receives tons of traffic, I could make a huge amount of money with it. Though blogging is my passion, it’s my profession too. So, I bring my bread and butter to my table using my blog.


Also, two of my favorite cars are now Toyota Lexus and Prado which I’m intending to buy within a few years. A luxurious apartment will also be followed by my decent income level.


So, everything is dependent on the income of my blogs. This is the reason why I’m so strict in writing more and more words on my blogs.


Time needed!

Let me tell you the total time that I need to craft these words daily. What do you think how much time I need to write over 10,000 words?


5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours? Well, now I’m clarifying the total number of hours that I need to give to complete my daily task of writing 10K words.


Let me show you a math here –

I usually write 30 – 40 words per minute. So, I need around 60 minutes or 1 hour to write 1800 – 2400 words. So, at an average, I can write 2000 words per hour. This means I’ll need approximately 5 hours to write 10K words.


Writing isn’t the only thing that I need to do. I also need to give time for researching. In fact, I can research so fast that it takes only a few hours to research for a 10K-word post.


Also, my research work starts from the previous night when I throw my body into my bed. I see that bedtime is the best time for creative thinking. So, I always take notes before my sleeping so that I don’t forget my ideas.


So, researching and writing hardly take 7 – 8 hours. The final work is editing. I use Grammarly which detects most of my writing flaws, so I need to spend a little time to edit my work which is around 1 – 2 hours.


Now here comes the total time that I need to write 10K words. It’s around 10 hours to produce 10K words.


What other bloggers are doing?

I see that most bloggers fail because of their laziness. They pass most of their time on social media platforms chatting with friends.

YouTube video

When it comes to publishing new blog posts on their blogs, they prove that they’re very lazy. Most bloggers can hit the publish button on their WordPress dashboard once a week. A few of the bloggers can write on a daily basis. Most of the time, these bloggers see the success in blogging.


So, writing more and more content on your blog can help you take your blog to the next level.


What are the secrets?

Now is the time to show you how I write over 10K words daily. So, you won’t have to wait anymore. Let’s move into the secret part of this blog.


It’s just a math

This si true, this is just another math out of your text books and I have already shown how the math is. In case you wanna learn that math again, let me say it again.


I write 30 – 40 words per minute, so the WPM is 30/40. I can craft on an average 2000 words per hour. So, in 5 hours, I can reach to 10K words. This is a pretty easy math that anyone can do.


The problem is our brain. We always think that 10 words are so many words that one can never write per day. So, your brain teaches you that it’s a foolish decision to target writing these number of words in a day.


If you can analyze the real thing, then you could see that writing 10K words will need only 33 word per minute which seems quite easy, huh!


Hmm! Now you come to the point. It’s quite easy if you can program your brain like this way. Don’t be afraid of thinking that 10K words are so many words that you can never accomplish in a day. Always say that yes, I can write 10K words.


To me, I always think that I can write 12K words so that I can comfortably come up with over 10K words. So, always dream big which will make you target big. This will make you a highly productive writer.


I have a target

This point has also been discussed a bit. The foremost stimulation to write so many words on a daily basis has some basic grounds. I wanna make at least $100K with my blogs so that I can fulfill my desires.


To do so, I need more and more content so that I can attract tons of traffic to my blogs. And you know that tons of traffic will eventually earn you so much money that you desire.


So, this is the ultimate stimulation for targeting so many words to write per day. This is like a game where I need to reach the final level. So, I can be with great motivation almost all the time.


Losing motivation during any type of work guarantees you to fail in that. So, it’s you who need to keep you always motivated so that the outcome becomes the fullest.


As I have a great target, I love to achieve this in the day in and the day out. I never make myself bored with accomplishing my task. I know what work will fulfill my target and I just do that work properly. This is that easy, no big deal. I hope that you can also simplify your life just by analyzing everything.


I talk less and work more

One significant thing that I could discover is that if you talk more, then your work will be less. So, if you can talk less, then you can work more. If your job is speaking, then talking is your work. But to all the other professions, excessive talking is just a waste of time.


Talking drains your energy like any other work which most people can’t realize. But problem is that we love to talk. So, what can we do now? Well, you can limit your talk. Then you’ll see that you can do more work.


Being a blogger, I now talk less to write more. I can invest more time for learning which can eventually help me produce so many words. That’s the way of being productive.


To do so, you’ll have to figure out some people who talk excessively and unnecessarily on useless topics. You should make a list of these types of people who just beat around the bush. Then try to avoid these people so that you can be productive not only in writing but also in any field of work in your life.


You should take care of your energy. Why will you waste it for doing an unnecessary thing like talking? So, be wise and utilize your energy properly which will bring the ultimate success.


I take nutritious food

Many people can’t realize that writing needs huge energy to use and you can get energy by eating the foods that have great nutritional value.


So, start taking those foods that will be a great source of energy for your body. Then use the energy for writing your articles. You’ll always be energetic to write your day to day posts.


I also give food to my brain

Not only is your body, you’ll also need to give food to your brain. So, how will you do this? Well, learn my techniques. Your brain’s foods are those that give huge energy to it. I always allow some time for refreshing my brain.


You can also read, see and listen to those things that make your brain strong. All these are beneficial to your mental health.


I go through a thorough research

You can only write thousands of words if you know on the subject that you’re writing. You’ll run short of words if your research remains incomplete. So, I always research well so that I can get thousands of words for writing my blog posts.


I actually start my research from the previous night so that I can also develop thinking regarding this. This is one of the important fundamentals of writing in-depth articles on a regular basis.


I can remember that I wasn’t able to write even a 500-word post when my research work was poor. Yes, at one time, I didn’t pay much time for researching my work, so I eventually end up with slim content.


Never be hasty

A hasty mind always crafts poor things. So, first of all, you should be calm and quiet so that you can concentrate on anything. Your research work can be fantabulous if you don’t be hasty.


So, it’s better not to be hasty. Always try to have peace in mind which will help you be calm.


Write down all the sub-headings before writing

This is an effective step of going ahead with your research for your articles. Yes, I can’t write well if I see that there are no sub-heading in my writing platform.


So, now I always arrange my posts with the sub-headings before writing them. This action helps me to have a clear map of my articles so that I can assess what to write next.


Right now while I’m writing this epic article, I don’t struggle to write the next sub-headings and thoughts because I have already written them in the post.


What I’m doing now is follow the sub-heading and add flesh to the bones. Yes, I consider the sub-headings as the structure of my articles. When I elaborate each of the sub-headings, it’s like adding flesh to those bones which will come up with a complete body.


I Write only on one topic

I started this post with my initial experience of freelance writing. Now you should first learn why I stopped freelance writing!


Yes, I stopped writing for my clients even I was making a decent amount of money from them. There were a couple problems that were making frustrated when I was a freelance writer. But what are the problems?


Well, learn them here –

Different clients used to come up with different niches. So, I had to research on different topics. It took so much time to complete my research work prior to writing.


Initially, it was going well as I was seeing dollars coming in my pocket. But suddenly, I started thinking that I was being paid one time for my hard work. If I had written so many articles for my own blogs, then those would have been solely mine in my blogs and I could have made continuous money with those.


Not only is that, I can decide on which topic I’ll write my next article. Now I write only one a topic so that I don’t have to be diversified while in researching.


With little effort with my brain, I can research a lot of things. So, this is actually a beneficial thing to me.


I follow a correction-free writing in the first draft

When we write something, it’s very common see that we’re doing some sorts of mistakes. Some people try to correct everything at the time of writing their articles. This is a bad habit which kills a lot of your time. So, you should write whatever you can in the first draft and then you should correct everything just after crafting the first draft.


I count every minute, not every hour

Dividing things into smaller parts has great benefit. This helps accomplish the smaller parts very well, thus you can ultimately catch the whole thing well.


This is like making a long-term plan and then divide it into short-term ones. After that, accomplishing the short-term plans one by one means you’re reaching your ultimate goal.


The same way, when I count minutes instead of hours, I can concentrate on the task that I need to complete in a minute. This way, I can complete my task for every hour. This helps me to worry much about my complete goal.


I cut off from the outer world by all means when I write

Writing is a matter that needs the deepest concentration in it. So, one needs to be fully concentrated while writing a piece of anything. I know this and for this reason, I always cut off myself from everything before I start writing.


So, first I turn off my internet connection

But how do I do it?


Well, the first distraction that is done by the internet connection. Yes, when there’s an internet connection, you’ll tend to browse different things. I have experienced that browsing so many things unnecessarily wasted a lot of time of mine. So, when you start writing, you should switch off your internet connection. This will save a lot of time which you can’t imagine right now.


You may worry about using WordPress if the internet connection isn’t on! You can write on MS Word and then transfer the text to your WP writing panel. Writing directly on WP is good, but that time, you’ll need internet access in order to saving draft. But that time, chances are there that you’re searching for so many things which will eventually kill your time.


I shut up my door

I see that when I don’t shut up the door of my working room, I get a lot of distractions. This is because I tend to talk to my family members if the door is open.


By doing this, I can give the full attention in my work.


Cell phone goes to the Aeroplane mode

Your mobile phone is another bothering thing if you don’t switch it off at the time of writing. When I get any phone call at the time of writing, I need to stop writing at that time. Sometimes, I see that after talking off topic to a person on the phone, I lose my attention.


I tell my family members that I’m in the writing mode

It’s good to let your family members know that you’re gonna write so that nobody should disturb you during the time. You’ll see that by telling this, you can save a lot of time of yours.


I pretend to be dumb

Some family members may be too kid to hear anything. I have one. I have my 4-year old son who tries to interact with me most of the time as he doesn’t know when I work.


So, I just pretend to be a dumb person when my son calls me at the time of writing. I know it’s very hard to do this, but seeing that if I listen to him during my work, it kills a lot of time of mine.


I write on interesting topics

This is one of the important parts of writing fast and better. If the topic that you’re writing isn’t interesting, then you’ll struggle to write anything.


So, it’s pretty important to choose an interesting topic for your blogging. If you can do this well, you can improve a lot.


I often reward myself

It’s good to reward you time to time when you’re working. To do this, I go to take water and snacks after a certain period of time. I also walk for a while when I feel bored during my writing. This is very good for refreshing me. So, you should also do the same.


I made my writing as my passion

Writing is my passion, so I don’t think that I’m working when I write. So, unless you can make blogging as your passion, you’ll have to struggle a lot to do things fast.


I look at the screen

Earlier, I used to look at the keyboard of my laptop while writing. Now I don’t do this. I look at the laptop’s screen when I write. This helps me to write faster.


I’m not an SEO lover

Those who are die-hard SEO lovers waste a lot of time implementing SEO in their writing. I believe that if you can write in-depth articles well, then search engines will show you the preference for ranking on top of SERPs.


I often tell stories to my readers

Storytelling is a good way of writing things comfortably. Also, people love to read stories. So, you can have two-way benefits of telling stories time to time in your articles.


You can make up even 500 words just by telling a single story. So, if you can write some of the relevant and persuasive stories in your writing, then you can write so many words without thinking much.


I visualize myself to my readers

Blogging becomes better when you can visualize yourself to your readers. You need to be present with your writing which gives the best blogging experience. So, try to bring you in your writing.


I simply try to do this. I don’t mind telling about myself and my experiences in my blog posts. This way, I can show a real image of myself in front of my readers.


I write novel-style writing

I try to elaborate every little thing in my writing what novelists try to do in their writings. This is a great way of writing more and more words. Your readers will also get to know the things in more details.


I always compare my work

This is very common to see that people often get bored with their professions. So, when I feel tired with my work, I just simply see others professions. Then I try to analyze their hard work and dedication for the work which eventually makes me satisfied that I’m doing a great work.


This is an artistic work which not everybody can do well. I love my profession even though it’s not formally accepted in our society. By the way, if you can make a decent amount of money, get tons of flexibility and be happy, then who the hell is there to bother you?


Finally, it’s my strong determination

Nothing good can be done without strong determination. So, I’m always determined to write over 10,000 words and the strong determination helps me to craft so many words on a daily basis.


What can you do now?

So, now it’s your turn to write more and more words for your blog. Following my techniques will surely help you achieve your goal of writing tons of words.


Choosing a nice place for blogging is important and then you should implement all the other techniques. You’ll see that you can write faster gradually.


I hope that you can also write many words daily. First of all, pay heed to your requirement of writing and then set your goal that way. I’m not forcing you to write 10K words daily. I say that if you need to write more, you should follow my techniques.


Do you know any other technique that I have missed out in this article? If you know, please let me know in the comment section. I’ll happily add that to my list of techniques. Wish you all the best.


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