How to Write a Good SEO Blog Post That Will Blow Your Readers’ Mind

Have you ever thought about how to write a good search engine optimized blog post?

good blog post writing tips

I’m sure that you’ve!


In fact, everybody has this question while going for blogging.


So, today I’ve come up with the intention of sharing how to write a blog post online.


I hope you’ll get to know many things about this once you finish reading the post.


So read on, please.


How to write a good blog post?

To write a good blog post, you’ve to apply SEO techniques as well as copywriting techniques.


For this reason, you’ve to know and use the tactics of utilizing SEO and copywriting while writing blog posts.


Moreover, you’ll have to be careful about maintaining White Hat SEO. Otherwise, your blog posts can be penalized by major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


There are many steps to writing a good blog post.


Now, I’m gonna share with you all the steps one by one so that you can have a great idea about the matter.


Select a topic

The first thing that is you’ll have to find ideas for what to blog about.


This is a very crucial part. If you can’t find great ideas, you won’t be able to write a good blog post.


So, pay heed to find ideas for your next blog post.


You can read other blogs in your same blogging niche to get some ideas. Also, brainstorm different ideas.


I hope you’ll get ideas within a very short time. Never be hurry in finding out ideas.


You must note down all the ideas that you have. Otherwise, you’ll forget most of them.


Once you’ve found a great idea of what you can write your next blog post, go to the next step.


Make sure that you’re writing on a topic that’s related to your blog’s niche.


Find out keywords

Finding keywords is really a big factor for ranking well on SERPs. You must try your best to write good content, but you can’t deny targeting keywords at the same time.


You won’t get any value for your good posts if these are not searched and read by your readers.


So, you’ve to rely much on organic traffic (your readers those who get you by searching on search engines).


If you can target good keywords, you can find it easy to rank on SERPs.


So, selecting keywords has much value while you’re gonna write your next blog post.


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How to find good keywords?

Well, you’ve already had good ideas for your blog post. So think about some main words in your ideas. You can go for your main keyword from these main words.


Now, you’ve to research your keyword. You can use many tools (both free and paid) for researching the keyword.


The best free tool that you should use is Google Keyword Planner and one of the prominent premium keyword research tools is SEMrush.


Visit SEMrush (Click Here)


Read: How to find low competition keywords using SEMrush.


Make an irresistible headline

Once you find out some keywords for your blog post, the next step is selecting a good headline.


You’ve to create a good headline because this will attract your visitors to click on the headline. This will help you get better CTR.


You must try to include your keyword intact (as it’s) in your headline.


Get some LSI keywords

Listen, you’ll have to use your main keyword several times in order to rank the blog post well. There’s keyword density rule which is quite obsolete right now.


Earlier, 2.5% use of the main keyword was the maximum recommended level of keyword density, but I suggest you use the main keyword naturally.


Two percent keyword density means that you’ll have to use your keyword two times in every 100 words. So you’ll need to use your keyword 20 times if the blog post is 1000 worded. This is totally an absurd practice.


There’s also something to know about exact keyword density.


To write your main keyword, again and again, to meet up the required keyword density is a very bad practice because it harms the quality of writing.


Moreover, you might be penalized due to using the same keyword again and again.


So, you’ve to go to LSI keywords.


What are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords are the related keywords of your main keyword. Now the question is how will you get LSI keywords?


Yes, you can get ideas from Google’s related search. You’ve also another very easy way to find LSI keywords for your main keyword.


Here’s a site named that can be used to find LSI keywords. Visit the site and drop your main keyword and get many LSI keywords of it.


Learn how I increased 72.84% organic traffic using LSI keywords.



This is another great step to go ahead with your blog writing mission. You now have your headline, main keyword, LSI keywords.


So, now you can plan well for your blog post.


Ask a few questions like

  • What’s the problem that has been mentioned in the headline?
  • What solutions can I bring to solve the problem?
  • How many ways are there to solve the problem?
  • Ask WH (How, when, where etc) to solve the problem.

Look at this blog post of mine. You see the title is “How to write a good blog with SEO in mind“.


Here the problem is that many of my readers may be suffering from the lack of SEO as well as good writing knowledge!


So, I’ve to solve their problems.


That means these are the problems of this blog post –

  • They aren’t good at writing good blog posts.
  • They may have a lack of SEO knowledge too.

And my solution is that I can share with them my knowledge about how to write a good blog post utilizing SEO.


There are many ways to write a good blog post. I’ve answers for How, What, Where etc that I’m answering one by one.


You must write your points in a doc while planning for your blog posts. If you write all the points that you’ll write, then you could write comfortably.



You’ve your plan now, so you can research well for writing your blog post. You should learn about researching well.

research well for writing blog post

To research well, you should search with your selected headline. Now research from different good articles.


Note down the key points from all the researched articles. You can also research by watching different related videos of your topic.


You should give much time to researching.


Use eye-catching images

You should select eye-catching images for your blog post. Good images are very attractive.


So, your readers will love your blog post if this has full of good images.


But you must select relevant images. Select some pictures for your blog post that can express your subject.


Give the topmost priority to selecting the featured or the first image of your blog post.


Initial setup of your WordPress dashboard

Now come to your WordPress dashboard and go to hit the button add new in the post section. You can also go for the button +New situated on top of your WP dashboard.


When you’ll hover over your mouse’s pointer, you’ll see post, media etc. Select post so that you can start a new post on your dashboard.


You’ll get a new post window on your dashboard just after hitting the button.


When you see the new post window, you’ll have to do some initial setups for your blog post.


First, write the headline on the top box of your window. Then you’ll see the permalink is automatically created. You should edit the permalink if you don’t see that the permalink is properly written.


It’s recommended that you use the main keyword in your permalink section.


Some SEO experts, as well as Yoast SEO, say that using stop words in permalinks isn’t good. Try to make the URL of your blog post meaningful.


Now put all your keywords (main and LSI) in the posting section of your writing box.


You should use Yoast SEO plugin to write on your WP smoothly. Go to the bottom line of Yoast board and you’ll see some boxes like Edit snippet and Focus Keyword.


You’ll have to drop the main keyword in the box named Focus Keyword.


The “Edit snippet” section is for writing the meta description of your blog post.


Try to keep the main keyword in the meta description. Also, don’t forget to add a call to action in the description section because Google SERPs show meta description.


Start writing

This is the main part of your blog post writing mission. Here you should give much attention.


You should know well how to introduce a blog post. The beginning of your blog post should be with a brief introduction.


You must try to use your main keyword in the first paragraph of your blog post if this comes naturally. There are some techniques to make your blog post more attractive.


Like you can write only an interesting sentence at the beginning of your blog post to hook your readers.


Try to make that first sentence very attractive to read, so your readers get more interest in reading further.


Never write many sentences in the first line of your blog post. Try to write in plain English.


Never go for long sentences unless you really need them to write.


Try to keep 15 to 20 words at best in every sentence. You should also consider that some sentences must have more

than 20 words.


You can accept that, but these types of long sentences should be very few. If you see that there are many long sentences, then you should split them and convert into smaller ones.


Don’t go for many complex sentences. Try with more simple sentences.


It’s also common that there might be some errors while typing. Don’t edit during your typing as this will hamper the flow of your writing speed. You may even forget many sequences by correcting your typing mistakes.


So, first of all, write at a good pace.


Always give space after each full stop or comma.


At the beginning of your blog post, you should bring up the main problem that your readers want a solution. Then you should promise that you could solve the problem. Your promise will make your readers more confident about your writing.


You must use passive sentences as fewer as possible. The best approach is not using passive sentences unless you badly need them. So, use passive sentences only where necessary.


Like short sentences, your paragraph should also be short. It’s better to keep four sentences at best in your paragraph.


Some of your paragraphs may also contain fewer sentences than the recommend four sentences. Never mind writing 1-sentence paragraph if you need that.


List articles are very good for reading, so you can try writing list articles. To write a list blog post, you need to make many points.


You should use bullets and numbers to write key points. Bullets and numbers are very easy to read and follow. These also get more attention.


You’ll have to use header tags (hl, h2, h3 etc).


Remember that the headline of WordPress blog post is h1 itself. So you must not use h1 again in your blog post.


So you should use heading tags appropriately. If you need to write many headings, then you can do so by making them bold.


Also, remember to use your main keyword in one of the headings so it gets much priority.


You must use all the other LSI keywords naturally by not overstuffing them.


Try to create sentences using keywords that your readers get some natural feel by reading them.


Always try to write long blog posts with valuable in-depth information. So, you can expect to solve the problem well by analyzing everything well.


Keep your promise by solving the problem.


Make some words bold and italic.


Writing a blog post should have a common goal and that’s benefiting your readers.


You must also have some other interests for writing your blog posts. Monetizing is one of the other interests.


As you may have known that affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to monetize your blog, you should use a strong call to action along with your affiliate links to persuade your readers to take some actions.


So, use actionable words from time to time in your blog post.


After you finish writing, this is not the end of your mission. You have to do some more things to polish your content.


Read the next steps to learning that.


Attach images, screenshots, and videos

Now it’s time to attach some images to your post. Use eye-catching pictures and required screenshots where necessary.


You may also use video links from YouTube, Vimeo etc.


Always keep in mind that you must not use anything that’s irrelevant to your topic. So bring more and more relevant photos and videos and attach them to your post.


You must not upload videos directly to your blog post as this will take much storage and make your blog slow.


Also, you should optimize your pictures well to use on your blog.


Write the alt tag of your pictures using keywords. The first image’s alt tag should be with the main keyword and the rest of the images alt tag can be written with LSI keywords.


Never use the main keyword for writing more than one alt tag of your images.


Attach links

Attaching relevant links to your blog post is very important for SEO. Search engines determine this factor very importantly.


You already know that online writing is all about linking from one post to another.


There are basically three types of links – internal links, outbound links, and backlinks.


You can use two types of links such as the internal and the outbound as per your wish.


The third type of link, backlink, depends much on your blog’s popularity. You should also try to get more and more quality backlinks which will be discussed in another blog post.


Internal linking is related to linking between your blog’s blog posts. If you link one of your blog posts to another one, then you’re interlinking that post with another. Try to link relevant blog posts to your blog.


On the other hand, if you link to blog posts on other blogs or domains, then you are going for an outbound link. You should always be careful in choosing outbound links as linking to authority blogs has good SEO value.


Know that your outbound link is considered as the backlink of that blog post which you’re linking.


So, the outbound link is just the opposite of the backlink.


Revealed! How to rank a blog post without building any backlink?


Proofread and correct

You’re now at the last part of the list of tips for writing a good blog post.


At the end of your writing, go for a thorough proofreading. Correct all your spelling as well as grammatical mistakes if there’s any.


You can check your written article with Grammarly, ProWritingAid etc, but always make sure that you have the ability to edit your content yourself.


You can also get someone to proofread your writing, so you can come to know about all your corrections.


These are the guidelines on how to write a good blog post. You should follow these things strictly in order to have a good blog post that will also be SEO friendly.


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