Wondershare PDFelement Review ~ A Great PDF Creator

Nowadays we often need a PDF converter for making our text or doc file as a portable document format.


Last year, during my thesis of MSc, I needed a PDF creator for making the Doc file of my thesis paper to PDF file. This was because I needed that PDF file to publish in a journal.


That time, I searched in Google for a PDF converter. The search engine gave me a large number of PDF converters’ list.


I became very frustrated because I couldn’t understand which was the suitable and reliable PDF maker among those PDF converters.


After suffering a lot of hassle, I discovered a reliable PDF converter.


It was Wondershare PDFelement and this post is all about reviewing the converter.


Wondershare PDFelement Review

Now I am gonna show you its feature and other information.


Features of  Wondershare PDFelement

I’ll be showing all the features part by part so that you can understand them easily.


1. Platforms

Wondershare PDFelement is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. If your PC runs on the Windows operating system, then you can easily use this PDF creator on it.


On the other hand, no need to be worried about using the tool if you are a Mac user because you can operate this tool with a great comfort on this operating system too.


In addition, you can use it in iOS mobile or tablet devices.


2. Language

This pdf converter tool is available in nine (9) different languages.


The available languages are as follows:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Portuguese

So if your language isn’t English, then you can still find the tool usable.


You just need to ensure that your language is one from the list.

3. Reverse functionality

It can convert a doc or text file into PDF file. Also, it can transform pdf to text again. For this you can, again and again, edit if you need.


You can add, cut, paste, and edit the text of different formats in PDF.


Not only is that you can turn images into PDF with your text using this tool.


4. Special options

Wondershare PDFelement gives you some unique opportunities. You can add or edit header and footer.


It allows customizing or adding a digital signature to you.


Even, you can add some new pages in a complete pdf file.

5. Other attractive options

It is an easy-to-use PDF creator, so you can make PDF from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also turn back to MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel from PDF file.


This tool can combine multiple files into a single PDF file. Also, you can split a large file into small files using this converter.


So using the PDF converter means that you’re going through a lot of comforts while creating and editing your required PDF files.


6. OCR tool

Optical Character Recognition is known as OCR.


This system is available only in some software and Wondershare PDFelement is one of the lists. By using this tool, you can make a clear PDF page of text and images that are editable.


Even you can make Epub format from it. OCR tool of this software supports 20 languages.


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Pros of Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement has some significant merits those separate it from other converters.


Now I am going to focus on those sides of it.


Unique editing features

This tool has some unique options like merge, split and OCR. It has many PDF templets.


Safety function or encryption option

Safety is a great concern to every piece of software and in this regard, Wondershare PDFelement is great.


For preventing unauthorized access, it has an encryption system. You can encrypt your file with a strong password. This helps you protect your documents from stealing and doing other bad things with them.


In addition, you can add a digital signature to the pdf file. These functions ensure your files’ safety.


Language option

You have already learned that this PDF maker supports up to 9 languages. It is a multi-language supported tool among all converter.


This wide range of languages availability has made this tool a great fit for people from all around the world.


Its other remarkable option is the OCR. OCR tool recognizes over 20 Languages.


User-friendly User Interface design

Its UI design is very simple. For this, its use is very easy for a beginner and also an advanced user.

You can get all types of tutorial of using this software in Wondershare PDFelement’s website.

If you want to learn appropriate use of this converter you can watch those tutorials.


Amazing Converting options

It is not only a PDF maker but also a converter and also an inverse converter.


It converts Pdf from a different format like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and vice versa.


Other options

You can easily share your pdf file from this tool. In addition, you can print here using the print option of this software.


Trial version

Trail version is available in this pdf converter. It is a nice conversion tool. You can use it some features free.


A beginner can use it who has no knowledge about creating pdf.


But for using special features you will need perching this software.

Cons of Wondershare PDFelement

Everything of the universe has demerits with merits.


It has a little problem. That’s not strictly observable.


If you use it by purchasing you will get all features of this software without OCR.


For using OCR you will need the paid version of this tools.  Then you can purchase OCR plug-in especially.



Wondershare PDFelement is one of the top PDF converter tools that’s reliable and dependable.


The user of this pdf converting tools is satisfied to use it.


They delivered positive opinions about this software.


Both users of Windows and Macs get same efficiency and options. This tool has a great option for digital signature encryption and password lock.


That helps to save pdf file safely.


If you want to use its trial version, you will get many advantages.


But you won’t able to use some special features like OCR.


It has another attractive and unique property. That is clear and simple UI.


For this simplicity and smart UI design, it has become very popular in short time.


It works faster than other conversion tools.


The Wondershare website has a lot of videos and tutorials about the proper utilization of this tool.


Although it has some limitations, yet it has too many advantages.


You can purchase and use Wondershare PDFelenent with a great pleaser.


It may be very comfortable for you.


Visit Wondershare PDFelement website for knowing more about it.

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