Why Affiliate Marketing [Learn Why Affiliate Marketing Exists]

Do you have this question – why affiliate marketing – in mind?


You’ve the full right to have this question.


If you have this question, then I’ve some proper answers as well.


Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is beneficial to both a merchant and his/her affiliate marketers.


In addition, it’s beneficial to consumers too.


Many merchants leverage affiliate marketing because it really pays well if it’s done well.


At the same time, affiliate marketers become benefited by earning commissions.


And to know about the benefits of consumers, read on.


So, affiliate marketing goes through mutual benefits.


To clarify this, I need to show you some examples.


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From a merchant’s point of view

Suppose that you’ve launched a product (let’s say A). You alone isn’t that much capable of selling more and more A.


If you leverage affiliate marketing, you can sell a lot of your products without spending almost anything because your affiliate marketers are working to sell them.


Also, you don’t have to pay them because they’re commission based. If they sell your products, only then you need to pay them. This means that there’s no need to worry about spending more and more funds for keeping affiliate marketers.


If you wanna check the effectiveness of affiliate marketing from a merchant’s point of view, then look at Jeff Bezos.


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From an affiliate marketer’s point of view

Affiliate marketers promote their preferred brands and their products. They educate their audience about the products and when they can sell their affiliate products, they get paid.


Through the promotion process, many affiliate marketers make 6 or 7 figure on a monthly basis.


This means that affiliate marketers are helping people to learn about their necessary products and in exchange for that, they can get commissions.


This way, an affiliate marketer can lead a smooth life through affiliate marketing and at the same time, s/he’s helping people to know about their required products.


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From a consumer’s point of view

When we wanna purchase a product, we need to learn about its pros and cons.


A buyer tends to know whether the product will create any value in his/her life or not.


But how can someone know about a product while s/he’s gonna buy it?


You’ll say that the company of that product will let us know about it.


Is it enough to know about a product from its manufacturer?


Never because the manufacturer of the product will always talk about the positive sides of it.


Here comes the necessity of neutral reviews and comparisons.


The reviews and comparisons of different products that you see on the internet are mostly created by affiliate marketers.


So, from the sites of affiliate marketers, buyers can know what they’re gonna get from their desired products. This upfront information helps them take a solid decision whether to buy a product or not.


So, you see that affiliate marketing is helping different groups of people and for that, the necessity of affiliate marketing is undeniable.

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