WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Review: Is it a Good Tool

You’re here to read WhiteSmoke review to learn about the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the tool.


You could also come to learn about WhiteSmoke cost because you may be interested in using WhiteSmoke Premium.


Who doesn’t know that WhiteSmoke grammar checker is very good when it comes to checking grammar?


In case you don’t know much about the tool, today is the time to learn about it now because I’m gonna discuss the tool in details in this post.

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WhiteSmoke Review

If you wanna name a few grammar checkers, then you’re bound to utter the name of WhiteSmoke.


This is because the tool is very powerful at times of checking any piece of writing. You’ll see that the tool has different types of exciting and robust features that can make your writing good to great in no time.


The slogan of the writing tools is enough to get its motto. It reads Just write which implies that your task is to write and the rest of the proofreading and correcting tasks are on the shoulder of the tool.


Benefits of WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a multifaceted tool for correcting your text in different ways. For this, you can expect to get limitless benefits using the tool.


Like Ginger, you can also use this tool on varieties of platforms. There are the web, desktop, and mobile versions available for this tool. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the tool will work for you or not.


You can check all the products of WhiteSmoke from the site of the tool. Click on the tab “Products” and it will take you to the products’ page. Note that the desktop version of this tool is premium, so you’ll need to pay in order to use it on your PC.


The tool is smart enough to correct your writing from different grammatical errors. Not only is that the grammar checker is powerful enough to shape up your text with the actual punctuation.


It’s quite common to see that writing comes with some spelling flaws. It’s WhiteSmoke that can easily detect all the misspelled words in your writing and suggest you correct them.


All these benefits imply that the tool takes care of grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and lot of other things of your writing. So, you could easily come up with a neat and clean writing if you use this tool.


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WhiteSmoke’s Features

There are tutorials which are in video format so that you can get to know your errors easily. WhiteSmoke is integrated with MS Word as well as Outlook.

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Thinking about using the tool on Mac? Yes, you can do so as the tool supports Mac OS along with Windows. Not only that, you can use the tool on any browser you want because of its wide range of browser compatibility.


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Pros and Cons


  • The tool highlights wrong sentences and words and suggests correction
  • It supports varieties of platforms
  • You can convert your content to other languages
  • It counts your typed word, sentence, and paragraphs
  • It has a plagiarism checker with it



  • It’s not a complete grammar tool
  • You can’t use the tool offline, so it needs an internet connection to use
  • It’s not a downloadable tool
  • The tool can’t automatically correct your content


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WhiteSmoke Price

WhiteSmoke mainly offers two types of version – one is the Web and the other one is Premium. The Web is only for online writing and Premium is for both the web and the desktop solutions.


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The pricing of the tool is as follows –

The web version costs only $9.95 per month and you can pay this amount on a monthly basis. There are two different discounted prices available for the quarter and the annual purchase of the web version which are $24.95 and $79.95 only respectively.


And there’s the best offer comes with one-time purchase which costs only $159.95. This system of buying for the lifetime is very good because in this case, you won’t have to pay on a recurring basis.


On the other hand, the premium version for Windows comes up with different pricing which is as follows –

  • Monthly ($14.95 only)
  • Quarterly ($39.95 only)
  • Yearly ($119.95 only)
  • One-time ($299.95 only)

So, here you’ll also get a huge discount on bulk purchases.


As you have already known that this awesome tool has its mobile apps for iOS and Android, it has a straight pricing of $30 only. The app is compatible with all the iOS and Android-operated mobile phones and tablet PCs.


The mobile app of WhiteSmoke has given its users more room for using the tool while they’re on the go. Really, the tool can be your companion even when you’re out of your desk.


To learn about the tool well, there are also tutorials available on the site of the tool. You can get them by visiting the “Demo” and the “Video” buttons on the site.


So, seeing the demo and the videos, you can easily learn about perfectly.



I would like to share my experience with all users regarding this tool. Whitesmoke is one of the best tools in grammatical software. It provides you with grammar, spelling, plagiarism suggestions etc. Many other tools can’t do these things.


So, using the tool can make your writing very easy for your daily life.



There’s no need to tell you the punctuation checking power of WhiteSmoke. The only problem that you find is that you’ll need to buy it. I don’t know whether the tool offers a free version or not at the time of writing this short review as per your request. If so, then that will be a great benefit to its users. I hope that the tool gets better and better over time.

– Sujan Patel


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Wrap Up

In the end of the tool’s review, it’s clear that the tool will improve your writing by sifting all odds from it. So it’s worth it.

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