5 WhiteSmoke Alternative to Ensure Unique & Flawless Content

You know that WhiteSmoke is a powerful content checker which I’ve already shown in Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke comparison post.


By the way, today I’m here to bring some of the alternatives to WhiteSmoke so that you can have an option to choose a tool from a variety of alternatives.


5 WhiteSmoke Alternative

So, let’s explore the alternatives right now:


The benefits of using Grammarly punctuation checker is so many. You can be confident to have a near about error-free writing if it’s checked with the tool.


Grammarly’s digital eyes always work to detect different kinds of flaws from writing. It can work in real time if you use the extension of the tool. This makes your proofreading work much easier because you can come to know your flaws at times of doing them.


Another cool benefit of Grammarly is that it can be used on different platforms such as WordPress, MS Word, browsers etc. This wide range of usability of the tool has attracted many of its users for sure.


Using the punctuation marks properly in your writing may be a nightmare for many of you. Don’t worry since Grammarly takes care of your punctuation usage. It can suggest you the right types of punctuation marks in the right places of your content. From the suggestions, you could definitely enhance the ability of your punctuation marks’ usage.


Grammarly can also correct your misspelled words that you craft due to speedy typing and not knowing the spelling of them.


This isn’t all! The tool can work as a plagiarism checker too. Yes, Grammarly is equipped with the plagiarism checking feature which is available in the premium plan of the tool. The availability of this feature has made it an all-in-one tool which is just awesome. For this, you won’t have to use a plagiarism checker separately which may associate with an extra cost.


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The regular error detection of Grammarly surely improves our knowledge of English grammar. In fact, I can fine-tune my writing skills a lot just by following the suggestions of the tool.


So, the ultimate benefit of Grammarly is that you can have error-free content and at the same time, you can enhance your English knowledge.



Ginger is considered as one of the nicest grammar checkers in the world. So, you can try this tool without having any confusion. The tool is perfect when it detects different kinds of grammatical and other types of problems from any text.


One exciting feature of the tool is that it’s usable on varieties of platforms, so you won’t have to struggle if you wanna check your text on your PC or mobile platforms. All the ways, you have the options for checking your text.


So, you can use the tool without thinking about anything.


Who doesn’t know that there’s an important role in writing flawless content? I believe that everybody knows this matter and for this reason, most of them wanna write flawless content for their blogs, emails, and anything they craft.


However, I realized the importance of error-free content when I started writing for my first ever blog. I’m an affiliate marketer, so I started writing different blog posts for promoting different affiliate products to make money affiliate marketing. This was the time, my readers denied my content just by simply saying that it was full of errors.


I was lucky because Ginger was there to correct my content within the shortest possible time which made me able to sell some of my affiliate products.

– Alessandro


Virtual Writing Tutor

To check whether there is an error in your text or not, you can use Virtual Writing Tutor. The awesomeness of this tool appears at the time of using this tool. Why am I saying this? The reason is that it can detect varieties of flaws from any piece of writing and then suggest you for correcting them.


You’ll just have to follow the suggestions wisely and then your writing will be flawless. So, isn’t the tool enough to correct your writing with seeming ease?


The name of this tool has made a great sense about it. Virtual Writing Tutor is trually a virtual tutor for us those who’re struggling to make our content neat and clean.

– Alejandro


Garretson Checker

Gregory’s Writing Site comes up with this awesome tool named Garretson Checker. This is another tool that I had to pick up for considering as one of the WhiteSmoke’s alternatives.


This tool does the job of checking and correcting different kinds of grammatical errors from your writing. So, you can happily start using the tool and make your writing near about error-free.


I didn’t know that a tool can serve this great way. It was a fabulous service that I get from Garretson Checker and I hope that you’ll feel the same.

– Ramit Azad


Language Tool

Language Tool is an open-source software that runs online for checking different kinds of errors from any piece of writing. Since the software is open-source, there’s always an on-going improvement in the tool done by many developers from all over the world.

language tool

So you can expect fast upgradations of this tool on a regular basis because there are many hands stretching forward to improve it.


Also, the good part of this tool is that it’s completely free. So, you can use it without paying a penny. Since Grammarly is also free, it has its premium plan too. In this regard, you won’t have to worry about paying any fee for Language Tool.


You can choose different languages in this tool, so English is not the only language that you can check with it. Not only is that there’s also the room for choosing American or British English as per your requirement. This is a crucial part when it comes to checking a writing from the different hemisphere of people.


By landing the site of Language Tool, you’ll see a box with a bunch of previously written text. This text is actually for 2 purposes – one is to let you know how the tool detects different errors in a writing and the other one is you can learn how to use the tool.


The use of the tool is super easy and you can do so just by copying your required text and pasting that in the box. So, first of all, remove all the lines from the tool and completely clean it. Then, copy and paste your writing that you wanna check for flaws in the blank box.


Finally, hit the “Check Text” button and wait for the grammar and punctuation checking report. See the report and correct all your flaws according to the tool’s suggestions.


So, using this tool is that easy.


100% recommended tool, nothing to say.

– Akihiko


Hemingway Editor

Hemingway App is a reliable tool when it comes to making your writing flawless. It comes up with a pre-set text on the homepage of the site. The pre-set text is enough to showcase you how the tool works for detecting different types of errors in a text.

hemingway app

The checking is very reliable and it comes with a report with different gradings. You’ll see that the tool is very meticulous in checking your writing.


Hemingway App will surely get an A+ for making any piece of writing flawless.

– Isabella

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