Where to Start Affiliate Marketing [Just 5 Steps to Follow]

Doing affiliate marketing is amazing and for this, many of you wanna start it sooner or later.

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But many of you actually don’t know where to start affiliate marketing.


Therefore, I’m creating this content for you.


So, what will you get in this post?


Well, you’ll learn all the things that are necessary to start affiliate marketing.


So, treat this content as the starter guide to affiliate marketing.


Where to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Here are the simple steps to starting affiliate marketing –

#1. Find out a suitable niche

The first step is to pick a preferable niche for you. Niche selection is very important because if you select a wrong niche, then you’ll suffer for the entire affiliate marketing journey.


If you don’t know how to select a suitable niche for affiliate marketing, then click here to learn about it.


In the linked post, you’ll see that I’ve emphasized much on your passion.


Yes, if you can go through your passion while working, you can achieve a lot of success for sure.


So, to start affiliate marketing, you need to focus on selecting a nice niche for you.


#2. Create a website on the niche

Now that you’ve selected your niche for affiliate marketing, you need to create a site on it.


Don’t worry about creating a website because it’s super easy and you don’t need to learn to code in order to do it.


Here’s an in-depth guide that can teach you how to create a website for affiliate marketing.


If you’re really on a tight budget, then you can also follow this guide to create a website.


One amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start it. You can create a site for affiliate marketing just for between$20 and $100.


#3. Create content for the website

So, you’ve created a website for affiliate marketing, right?


Now is the time to start creating content for the website.


To create decent content, you’ll have to follow both SEO and blog post writing rules.


Here are some posts you can read to create amazing content for your site –

How to effectively improve your writing?

Follow these 351 words and never struggle to get people read your blog!

What to blog about?

The ultimate guide to SEO

How to target suitable keywords for ranking your posts?

Shorten these 3 things to make your blog posts easy to read!


#4. Generate traffic to the site

Remember! You can do nothing with your content if that’s not read by the targeted audience.


So, you need to promote your content in order to bring traffic to your site. The more you can promote, the more visitors you can expect to drive to your site.


To promote your content and bring traffic to your website, you’ll need to learn and apply almost all the internet marketing hacks.


Yes, you need to learn content marketing to promote your content, email marketing to communicate with your targeted audience, search engine optimization to drive organic traffic, search engine marketing to generate paid traffic, social media marketing to drive traffic from social media channels and so on.


#5. Convert the traffic (as much as you can)

This is the final stage of affiliate marketing (in fact, any business) and it has a lot of fun if you can do it properly.


Why it’s full of fun?


Because it’s the stage when you can make a lot of profit from affiliate marketing.


To convert your traffic, you need to use affiliate links in your content. You’ll get different affiliate links by registering for different products.


Here’s a post that can teach you how to apply for affiliate marketing programs.


So, have the affiliate links of your desired products and add them to your relevant content.


When the targeted traffic will land your site and find relevant as well as valuable content on it, many of them will buy their required products through your affiliate links.


Voila! You’re making affiliate commissions.


So, these are the simple stages to start affiliate marketing. Follow all the steps one-by-one in order to start and carry on the journey of affiliate marketing smoothly.

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