Read This Post If You’re Tearing Your Hair Out Finding Blog Post Ideas

Blogging has become a very popular method of making money. Not only is that this is also a type of passion for many of you.


However, we often face trouble in finding the ideas for writing blog posts on our blogs. I think that you’ve already faced this problem, right?


So in this blog post, I wanna let you know what to blog about.


I’ll try my best to give you a guideline through which you should overcome your problems within the shortest possible time.


So manage some time and start reading the complete post.


What to blog about?

Now, I’ll be telling you what you can do to get ideas to write your blog posts.


Here are the ways –

Product reviews

One of the easiest ways to start writing on something is writing product reviews.


The reason is that it just needs to inspect a product and then you can start writing. It’s very likely that a product has some features and benefits that you can elaborate to make thorough blog posts.


Tip: Try to find out some products within your blogging niche. This will help you find ideas as well as make money. If you review some affiliate products, then chances are high that you can make money through your affiliate links.


Some review post examples are here –

Grammarly review ~ in-depth review of Grammarly free and paid versions

Yoast SEO review ~ the best SEO plugin for WordPress



If reviews can be written, why not comparisons?


Yes, you can bring two products and try to show the similarities and the differences between them. This will surely help you craft a nice blog post.


If you look at my blog, you’ll find a lot of comparison posts.


Here’s an example of this kind of post –

Grammarly vs Hemingway App: a great fight between the two writing editing tools


List posts

List posts are a combination of several products or ways. Writing this kind of thing needs a little effort, but has a great value.


Yes, list products are very effective in selling affiliate products.


In addition, if you talk about some ways in your list posts, then these seem very attractive to your audience.


Another great benefit of writing list posts is that it requires very little effort to craft them. So, if you write a few hundred words for each of the products or ways of a list post, then you could easily craft a long-form post.


Here are some examples of list posts –

10+ Online plagiarism checker tools for copy detection!

10+ blog name generator tools for naming your blog


Guide writing

You can also plan for writing an in-depth guide on a topic. Guide becomes very in-depth and needs much time to complete it.


So, if you start writing a guide on any topic, then you could cover it by writing a couple or even dozens of posts.


Here’s an example of this kind of post –

The ultimate guide to SEO


Secret sharing

Suppose that you have learned a secret about something. Now, you can share that in one of your posts.


So, it’s a good idea to share your secret sauce with the world.


Many of you wanna keep the secret hidden which is very bad because today’s secret will be revealed tomorrow. So, why won’t you be the first to share your secret?


Look at the post below, it’s a kind of secret sharing post –

How a single wallpaper of my laptop made me a super hardworking blogger?


Interviews/round-up posts

Taking interviews is very effective in writing a quick post. Also, you don’t need to write almost half of an interview because the interviewed person completes the rest of the interview.


Taking interview has also many other benefits such as engaging with other bloggers and getting traffic to your blog are some of those benefits.


You can see here that I’ve already published some interviews on my blog –

Meet one of the digital nomads, Ryan Biddulph

Interview with Istiak Rayhan, an established blogger


Analysis/case study

Your real-life case study can give you much inspiration to write your next blog post. So, check whether you can analyze anything within your blogging niche.


Here’s a case study type post –

How Abdul Samad Essani ranked his post on the first page of Google!


Travel experience

If you have visited a place, you can share the experience that you had in that place with your audience.


Ryan from Blogging From Paradise can be a great inspiration for sharing your travel experience with your audience.


Guest blogging

You can also allow guest posts on your blog from other bloggers. Then, you can publish posts written by others on your blog without much effort. You won’t even have to brainstorm for writing a blog post if it’s a guest post.


The cool part of accepting guest posts is that you’ll be getting awesome blog post ideas on a regular basis.


Income reports, traffic, and other achievements

These things often get much attention and thus you can go for writing on your income, traffic or other achievements that you have experienced in your life.


Look at Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income blog –

income report of pat

Snapped from Smart Passive Income


Yes, he made $258,737.45 from his blog last month. Isn’t it very much inspiring? Really it’s.


So, you can also share your monthly income or traffic stats or anything else that you think will attract and inspire your readers.


Success or failure

You can also share your success or failure so that your readers can come to know what things can make them successful.


Blogging means you’re always educating your audience in a fun making way.


So, never feel shy to share the stories of your failure. The same way, be confident to share your success stories with your audience.


Who knows a single success or failure story of you may change the entire life of any of your readers!


Comment answering post

You can bring some of the top comments on your blog and then make a blog post on that.


This practice will attract more of your readers to leave their valuable comments on your blog.


The simple reason is that if they see that you’re highlighting your blog commenters by writing some blog posts, then many of them will start participating in blog commenting in the hope of getting featured in some of your posts.


I’ve never written this kind of post yet, but I’m planning to do this in the coming days because I see much value in it.


Popular posts of the year

Pick some of the top posts of the previous year and make a list of those posts in a blog post.


If you’re running short of ideas to write your next blog posts, then this can save your writer’s block for sure.


Check all the posts that you published in the last year and try to assess the best ones.


When your assessment is complete, now start writing a blog post combining all the awesome posts from the last year.


This is a good approach when you hit or end a year.


Writing this kind of post is super easy because you can just mention the stats of the posts that you’ve included in the new post.


You’ll see that you’ve come up with a long post in this way.


Recipes (if it’s a food blog)

If you can cook something special, you shouldn’t keep this secret.


Let your audience know the recipe too.


So, check what recipes are in your list and start writing blog posts on the recipes one by one.


Soon, your cooking blog will be filled with a lot of awesome recipes.


And following your marvelous recipes, your audience could cook delicious food.


Future planning

You can write about your future goal or dream so that your readers can come to know what for you’re working.


Keeping your own plans private is bad indeed, Why?


The reason is that if you keep your plans hidden, then chances are there you may forget about the plans sooner or later.


If you let others know about your future plans, then you could remember them from time to time as all of those are written on your blog.


I’m sharing one of these things here. If you visit the about us page of this blog, you’ll see the following dreams of mine –

future plans

Seeing these future plans from time to time, I can be stick to what I’m doing.


Life lessons

Other than success or failure, you can share any of the life lessons that you think will attract and educate your readers.


Being a blogger, through trial and error, I’ve learned what things can succeed or ruin your blog and I’m continuously writing my life lessons to let you know what paths of blogging you should and shouldn’t take so that you can follow the right paths and avoid the wrong ones.


Story sharing

We all love to read stories, so you can also go for this sort of writing.


All of us have many stories in our lives. Some of the stories are too good to engage your audience.


Try to find out those types of stories from your life that you think can attract your readers.


Here’s a storytelling post of mine –

The story of my first failed blog and $1600 freelancing project ~ nothing is valueless!



You can write on frequently asked questions on a topic so that your audience can learn about it well.


If your blog is on blogging, then you can write a post or a page on FAQs about Blogging where you can add a lot of things regarding blogging that a newbie may ask.


Keyword research tool

Researching keywords can get you some ideas for writing your next blog posts.


Why? Because when you research a keyword on any tool, then some related keywords also come up with every research.


You can easily get effective ideas from the related keywords shown on a keyword research tool. You can’t imagine how effective this method is.


In fact, I’ve already written many posts from the suggested keywords of SEMrush and Google Keyword Tool.


Copying rivals

You can also check your competitors what they are writing. Copying them with your own ideas isn’t a bad idea.


But copying other bloggers of your same blogging niche doesn’t mean that you’ll write the same titles and posts that they wrote before, rather you take ideas from them and start writing your blog posts with your style making the titles and posts unique.


From search engines

You should check the suggestions presented by different search engines. This can lead you to explore fine ideas for writing your blog posts.


You can find some great suggestions from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


If you start writing a keyword, then it automatically fills the rest with some probable suggestions.


Here’s an example –

blog post ideas on Google

When I typed “how to write a blog post”, I found the drop-down suggestions for other keywords too.


So, from the suggested keywords, anyone can have better ideas for writing new blog posts.


Not only is that Google shows suggestions at the bottom of every search page too which is like this –

keyword suggestions on google

These are the suggestions for the same query. All these keyword suggestions are very effective in finding new blog post ideas.


Popular topics

You know that there are some popular or trending topics remain at any time. Writing on the trending topics is also a good idea.


Suppose that this is the time of the US election and yours one is a political blog, then you can have a lot of ideas on the topic of the election.


In the same way, you can have many topic ideas to write your next blog posts at the time of World Cup Football if your blog is in the sports niche talking much about football.


From news aggregators

You can reach to news aggregators and check what’s trending now. Then, you can find out some ideas for writing the next blog posts.


Since news aggregators collect posts from different sites, it’s very likely to get awesome ideas from these types of sites.


Using question answer community

Landing some QA sites can get you some nice ideas for sure. It’s quite common to see that many bloggers spend time on Quora, a popular QA platform, and check the latest questions on a regular basis.


This practice easily gives them new ideas to write blog posts.


In fact, taking help to get ideas from QA sites can let us know the demanding topics well because people ask those questions that are demandable to them.



How to type of blog posts are everywhere and you can easily find thousands of ideas starting with “how to”. Here’s a how-to post of this blog –

How to get more and more Facebook likes?



Giving some exciting tips can always be the talk of the town.


So, if you have some valuable tips for your audience, spread that in your blog posts.


Last year, when I was hit by a great writer’s block, I became dumbfound thinking what to do next to beat it.


Later on, I found some ways which are actually some great tips.


Now, I’m intending to write a post on how to cure your writer’s block.


Social media

Browsing on a social media timeline can give you some exciting ideas for blogging for sure.


Being a blogger, I’ve got a strong connection with a lot of other bloggers.


So, it’s not uncommon to see more and more new posts on my timeline on a daily basis.


Sometimes, I can brainstorm a new idea by seeing the latest post shared by another blogger on my timeline.


History or biography

Write on an event that took place in the past.


Also, you have the freedom to write a biography of any renowned person.


Here’s a biography post in video format –

Change your life from the biography of Steve Jobs


Recycle old posts

Rewriting some of your old posts can give you the chance to write again on your blog.


To do so, find out some of the previously written posts which became famous when you published them.


Now, make a list of those types of old posts. After that, check them one by one and rewrite in the light of recent time and ideas.


You’ll see that you can write even better posts than the old ones.


So, these are the ways of getting ideas to write your blog posts.


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