What is WordPress and Why It’s the Best Blogging Platform

Wow! WordPress.


We, bloggers, love this word very much.


Because most of us use WordPress as our blogging CMS.


But do you know what WordPress is?


I didn’t know anything about WordPress before starting my first blog though I know a lot about it now.


I can still remember that I was afraid of WordPress thinking that it might need coding.


However, I came to know that WordPress is the easiest CMS to operate out there in the planet.


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In this post, I’ll tell you a lot of things about WordPress.


I’ll also share with you why it’s the best blogging platform.


So let’s start learning about all this.


What is WordPress?

So what exactly is WordPress?


Yes, it’s a CMS (Content Management System) which is the most popular platform for blogging. So you’ll see that most bloggers choose WordPress for blogging.


The ease of blogging on WordPress made it so popular. You don’t have to learn anything about coding if you blog on WordPress.


I’m afraid of coding, so I chose WordPress for all of my blogs. There are thousands of free and paid themes which can design your blog as per your desire. Also, there are many plugins for WordPress that can automatically perform different tasks on the platform.


So if you’re intending to start a blog, then WordPress is the best option for you. Or if you’re blogging on other platforms, then you should switch to WordPress as early as possible.


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Starting a blog on WordPress is a matter of only a few minutes (Really!). You’ll just have to purchase a hosting plan (you’ll get the domain FREE) and then install WordPress using Softaculous or MOJO Marketplace.


Softaculous or MOJO is a one-click installer that can install WordPress within a minute. And you’ll get your domain free with most hosting packages. So you won’t have to separately buy your blog’s domain. It’s a money saving option.


One thing to add here is that you may have some confusions regarding WordPress.com and WordPress.org! In fact, I was also confused when I started blogging.


Later on, I could differentiate both the things through a thorough research on it.


And now I want to make you clear about this.


WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com is WordPress’s own hosting platform where they offer free and paid websites opening facilities. You can create free websites on WordPress.com where an extra WordPress.com will be attached to each of the free websites.


That means you’ll get a subdomain if you want to start your blog for free.


On the other hand, you can remove the WordPress.com extension by opting into their paid plans. The paid plans are also hosted on WordPress.com.


Now, come to the version WordPress.org. Yes, we’re talking about this as the best blogging platform. The main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is the hosting.


The .com extension comes with the own hosting of WordPress whereas the WordPress.org is a CMS that can be installed on any third party hosting package.


You’ll get the full control of your website if it’s hosting on a hosting other than WordPress.com because at that time, you’ll have different options.


From the above discussion, I think that you’re now clear about both the versions of WordPress.


Why WordPress for Blogging?

Now I’ll share with you why WordPress is the best platform for blogging. You have already found some reasons and now I’m coming up with more and elaborating the previous ones.


#1. It’s very easy to use

The first reason to use WordPress CMS is that it’s quite easy to use. You won’t need to learn rocket science in order to operate the CMS.


The operation of WordPress is as easy as Facebook. Yes, the way you use Facebook is almost similar to WordPress. That means if you blog using WordPress, this will be too much fun because of its easiness.


#2. No coding required

Another reason to use WordPress is that it doesn’t require the knowledge of coding. Yes, it’s true that knowing about some coding related things is good, but if you don’t know how to code, then no need to be worried about it.


You can use WordPress without coding.


#3. Free

WordPress is an open-source CMS, so you don’t need to pay for using it. You can have the CMS totally for free. So if you just buy a hosting pack from a good hosting company, then you can run your website.


#4. Regular updates

Since it’s open-sourced, a lot of developers from all around the world are working to make it even better. That’s why you see recurring updates to develop or to secure your website.


#5. Thousands of themes are available

When it comes to using WordPress, you get a low of themes. There are tons of free and premium WordPress themes available and you can pick one from the giant list.


In this sense, you can give a look at your blog in different ways.


#6. A lot of plugins are found

Using WordPress has another great benefit. This is the wide range of plugins’ availability.


So what plugins can do for your blog?


Well, plugins can customize your blog as per your wish. The WordPress comes with some lackings and plugins complete them.


If you don’t like a native function of WordPress, then you can change it with a similar plugin that you think is better.


#7. Contagiousness

This reason might seem a bit funny but is true. Yeah when you start blogging, you tend to use WordPress because you see that other bloggers are using WordPress.


So these are some of the reasons to use WordPress. I believe that many of you have already found way more reasons to use the platform.


Learn the cheap way to start a blog and how to use WordPress?


From the link above, you can learn the easy process of creating a WordPress blog.


So start a blog of your own and enjoy blogging.


Good luck.

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