What is the Best Domain Registrar? [This Post Will Reveal it]

Nowadays a website is very important to both people and organizations to promote their businesses.


To make websites you can use different methods but that’s another thing.


First, you have to choose or select your website’s domain name. It’s a doorway to the online world.


Because it’s like a unique address that let people know where you live or where to find you. It helps them drive towards your site.


So, what is a domain name?


Domain name is a unique name that identifies your blog or website so internet users can access it easily.


Now you know the domain name and why it is needed to start your blog or website.


Make sure you select a friendly domain name that perfectly presents your business or you.


After name selection, you have to register it. For registration, you need to purchase a domain name for your website from domain name registrars.


Domain name registrars are the companies that manage the domain names for websites. They have been accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which has the responsibility to manage the Domain Name System.


There are hundreds of domain registrars in the online market. You have to pick the right registrar for you. Choosing the right one is very important because companies make different offers for the different needs of people.


You have to look closely several matters like pricing, domain transfer, customer support, drop catching, WHOIS registration and privacy protection before buying a domain name.


Top 10 Domain Registrars 2018 for Buying Domains

Here is the list of top 10 domain registrars:









Hover and



Some of the registrars listed above offer hosting services too.


These are the best domain registrars for their reputed service and offers. Among these, I’m giving you the top 3 registrars in my point of view.


You should check on these.


Good to know: 10+ Domain name registrar tools


3 Best Domain Registrar Companies 2018


GoDaddy is the world’s biggest and largest domain registrars. They also offer web hosting services, domain transfers, professional e-mails powered by Microsoft, web security, online marketing tools and more.


If you want to register a .com domain name for your website or blog from GoDaddy, it will cost you $12.17 for 1st year and renewal for the 2nd year $15.17.


You will not get WHOIS privacy protection with this offer, an important service that often free with other providers. You have to pay $7.99 per year for this and business protection for $14.99.


It’s expensive but GoDaddy offers hosting too so it seems good for beginners who looking for a bundled hosting and domain registration offer. Buying a domain name and hosting from same platform or registrars solves a lot of hassles.


They often run promo codes where you can register a domain for as little as $0.99.


Register domain name with GoDaddy.com here



namecheap domain registrar

With all its features included, NameCheap is cheap as the name suggests. It’s a very good choice for registering a domain name.


It offers domain transfer, new TLDs, WHOIS protection, DNS, web hosting, online marketing tool, SSL encryption and many more. Plus their site is very user-friendly and easy to use. Domain price is reasonable, only $10.98 year with free DNS service and WHOIS protection. Add small ICAAN fee $0.18. Done. No hidden cost or tax.


After the first year, you’ll have to pay $2.88 every year to keep your WHOIS protection.


Namecheap also offers PositiveSSL for just $1.99 for the first year to secure your website.


Register domain name with NameCheap.com




domain.com domain registration

Another top-level domain registrar in the market.


Along with domain names, domain.com also provide you professional e-mail and web hosting services, SSL certificate, web design, 24/7 supports its customers etc.


.com domain price is cheap. You can purchase a domain name with $9.99 for 1st year and later on the price remain same. If you want privacy protection then you have to pay another $8.99 per year.


So WHOIS protection is not available free like NameCheap for 1st year.

Domain.com’s NameSafe feature protects your website from the hackers. It prevents account ownership updates, name server updates, contact updates and the moving of domains between accounts so that your online presence will never be taken away from you.


Register domain name with Domain.com


Check the fight between Domain.com and GoDaddy!


Once you buy a domain from any of the domain registrars, the next question might be I bought a domain now what!


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