What is Namecheap: A Brief Discussion About Namecheap

In this post, I’ll talk about what is Namecheap. Due to the huge popularity of the company, many of you are very much interested in it.


So, What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a reliable domain registrar (read: Namecheap domain registration) and web hosting company based in Phoenix, Arizona. This domain registrar company is ICANN accredited, so you can register your domain on Namecheap without any hesitation.

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Namecheap has already passed a long way which is counted to more than 17 years as Richard Kirkendall established the company in 2000.

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Namecheap shared hosting review

Namecheap WordPress hosting review


The company has already become the top domain registrar in several years. Not only is that the web hosting service of Namecheap is also very popular among a vast majority of website owners.


One notable thing about the company is that it provides different domain registration and web hosting services at a cheap price. But you can never underestimate the quality of the services of Namecheap.


So, you should never feel unsecured at the time of buying your domain or hosting pack from Namecheap. Namecheap provides almost all types of domain extensions. The company also provides different types of hosting packs too.


The shared hosting of Namecheap is one of the lowest priced web hosting in the current time. The initial shared hosting of Namecheap is called the Value pack which costs less than the price of a typical domain.


What does it mean?


Well, the Namecheap Value Pack costs only $9.88 per year. On the other hand, you know that the price of a top domain costs around $10.


So, you can see that the service of Namecheap is really very cheap.


To learn more about Namecheap, read the Namecheap review now.


And finally, I can recommend you Namecheap when it comes to hosting your site. This is because I myself run one of my blogs on one of its hosting packs and I’m quite satisfied with its services.


So, if you wanna buy your domain name (s) or host your blog or do the both, then you can use Namecheap.


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