What is Grammarly (Learn All About Grammarly App)

Many of my blog’s readers ask me about Grammarly on a regular basis when I recommend them using the tool for making their content error-free.


I thought that almost all of you know about it, but I see that there are so many people who still don’t know about the great tool, Grammarly.


So, in this post, I’ll introduce you with this amazing tool in case you don’t know about it.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the best grammar checker. Not only is that it’s also a plagiarism checker.


The grammar checker is free to use, but it has also the premium version which comes with limitless facilities to make your writing correct.


Good news is that the premium version is very cheap if you buy it on an annual basis.

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If you use Grammarly, you can avoid grammatical, spelling, and so many other types of errors that you usually make at the time of your writing. There are many ways you can use the tool like you can use the tool directly from its site or on your browser (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) or directly on Windows 10.


What’s more?


Yes, you can use it with MS Office too. You should know that MS Word isn’t so powerful and accurate in identifying different mistakes of your writing. So using a robust grammar checker tool like Grammarly with MS Word can ensure you that your writing will be flawless and clear.


Grammarly is an app for connecting people in a better way. If we want to connect people we need to write correctly without mistakes.


This tool automatically detects any grammar fault, wrong spelling, weak word and also helps to choose the effective word for expressing the meaning more accurately. It’s being used by millions of people because of its 100%
correct and effective functionality for every type of business purpose.


After installing this app Grammarly has editor section where you can put your text or message to find out any kind of spelling mistakes and most importantly grammatical mistakes.


Then Grammarly app will detect potential fault and mistake of your text or message. It will also detect wordiness, style, punctuation and even plagiarism. Grammarly not only detects mistakes but also suggests you why and how this
mistakes will affect your text or message.


It’s a sure solution for any kind of content which will provide boosting for creating a better marketing opportunity for any business.



For free users, Grammarly has free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox which will help them to correct critical fault while writing any document or text through a browser.


The tool has enough strong algorithms to provide service in any sector of online writing including facebook, twitter, linkdIn, Tumblr.


So Grammarly users can fix their mistakes with a single click of a mouse. This app will improve your skill beyond your imagination. Grammarly app users will  also be able to enjoy some  fun stuff especially suitable
for social media post.


In the paid method, the tool will offer a user more than 400 types of check and extensions which will provide a mistake-free document for any writing process. It’s Called Grammarly Premium. It will correct grammatical errors and provides an innovative vocabulary for creating a more effective document.

Why Use Grammarly?

Its products are being used by millions of writers through worldwide. It is providing an effective professional service for users business and career opportunity. Over 600 leading universities and
corporations have started using Grammarly products.


Because Grammarly is a global face for every type of professional writers and which are working for documentation purpose. Because the tool gives instant expert and professional solutions for their problem of any document or assignment and increases their credibility of writing in various fields. For a student, Grammarly works like Sun rays to reach their goals and improve their writing skills while they submit any essays, assignments or any
kind of writing of their own creation. It’s a torch of light which gives them the power to find any glitch and fault of their document and instant solution which always bring the smile on their face. It’s also a powerful tool for a job candidate.

So the usefulness of Grammarly has no limit because in this fastest world you need to solve your problem within a moment. That is why 
it is a perfect solution for us and you.


My experience with the tool

Here are two stories with Grammarly that will show you how effective the tool is for online writing.


I got the tool very much helpful at every stage of my online writing career. Being a freelance writer, a client and a blogger, I’ve been getting help from Grammarly since the beginning of my career.


The first experience that I shared in the initial part of this post happened when I was a freelance writer.


Now, I’ll share the experience when I started hiring freelance writers for my freelance writing projects. Yes, at one time of my freelance writing career, I had to hire some freelance writers whose job was to provide me blog posts every now and then.


I hired a couple of writers both online and offline. That means I used some of the freelancing marketplaces to hire workers remotely and advertised in local newspapers to get workers in my office.


At first, I was concerned about grammatical flaws in the writing of my hired writers. Initially, I was using my own eyes and brain to detect errors in the posts written by the writers.


Later on, it became almost impossible to check every piece of writing line by line by myself. That was the time when I felt the real need for a decent tool that can replace my task of checking grammar and other types of flaws in my docs.


Soon after that, I started using Grammarly as it was the most recommended tool that I had learned from many renowned blogs.


Every day, Grammarly was helping me by detecting and correcting many types of errors from the writing that my writers were delivering. After checking with Grammarly, I used to deliver the docs to my clients.


The more my clients were praising my work, the more I was becoming grateful to it. Also, Grammarly made my checking very convenient because I just needed to use the tool to check both the grammar and the plagiarism.


This way, I could cut the cost of using Copyscape for detecting plagiarism in my writing that the hired freelance writers were providing.


It was going well until I took the decision that I would stop freelance writing and start blogging for full-time.


In fact, being a full-time blogger, I couldn’t stop using the tool. Truth be told, the use of the tool has become more than before because you know that I use the tool on my WordPress dashboard.


One important part is that when I first started blogging on WordPress, I ignored the tool as I thought that it would be enough to check my writing with the built-in checking feature of WordPress. But later on, I found that WP can’t correct things well.


So, It’s still one of my favorite friends now. In a word, you can see that my ultimate experience with the tool is awesome.


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The necessity of of the tool!

Now is the time to show you the necessity of using this nice tool even though you have already seen many things regarding the essence of using it.


In a word, I can say that you need a decent tool to check your writing every time you craft one. And Grammarly is a decent tool for sure when it comes to checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism in any text

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