What is Google Adsense and How Does it Work (Updated)

I hope that you’ve already come to know about AdSense because I’ve already written some posts on the matter.


In case you missed those posts, here are the links again –

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What is an AdSense Account?

The smooth money making opportunity with Google AdSense has made it very popular among bloggers. So more & more bloggers are keen to know about AdSense.


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So I’m gonna tell you what is an AdSense account.

To make money with Google’s AdSense, you’ll need to verify yourself & your blog with Google. Once you’re approved, you can have an account on AdSense. This is AdSense account.


So to operate your AdSense ads, you need an account. This account is called AdSense account.


You can create an account on AdSense & after the approval, you can use it.



In this blog post, I’ll talk more about it. So simply, AdSense is the ad network of Google. Advertisers pay Google for showing their ads & Google pays publishers for putting those ads on their blogs.


Now I’ll discuss about how to work with AdSense. To know this, you’ll have to know about how does AdSense work.


So I’m gonna tell you how Google AdSense works.


How does Google AdSense work?

The process is very simple. If you need to use AdSense, the first thing that you’ll have to do is to sign up with it. Once you get approved, you’ll get an AdSense account.


You can then use the account to operate your AdSense ads on your blog. As you’ve already known that many advertisers from all over the world pay Google for advertising their ads.


Google keeps a portion from the ads & it pays the rest of the earning to the publishers of those ads. To publish AdSense ads, Google provides ads code. Putting the codes on your blog, you could start showing ads there.


When a visitor of your blog clicks on an ad that is displayed on your blog, you’ll get paid from Google AdSense. You’ll get paid depending on the CPC (Cost Per Click) of an ad.


The higher the CPC, the higher the PPC (Pay Per Click). PPC is the payment that you get for per click. So this is the easy-to-use way for working with Google AdSense.


Here are the simple steps –


  1. Start a blog.
  2. Write quality posts.
  3. Have some traffic.
  4. Follow AdSense guidelines.
  5. Apply for AdSense.
  6. Get approved.
  7. Put ads on your blog.
  8. Get clicks on those ads.
  9. Get paid.



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