What Does Freelance Mean? An In-Depth Discussion

Do you have any ideas about what does freelance mean or what freelancing is?


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What does Freelance Mean?

To let you know well about this, I took the help of an online dictionary.


Yes, I went to Google and searched for the term freelance.


Here’s the screenshot:

Freelance meaning

So you can see that the word freelance can be four types of parts of speech such as an adjective, an adverb, a noun, and a verb.


When it precedes a noun as an adjective, it modifies the noun. As for example, we call a writer who freelances his/her writing as a freelance writer, a freelance graphic designer who freelances his/her designing skills, a freelance web developer when someone freelances web development skills etc.


When it’s used as an adverb, it modifies the verb. We can say he works freelance from his house.


It can also be used as a noun.


And you can use the word freelance as a verb such as she freelances her writing.


Freelancing is a type of work where there is no long-term contract between the employer and the employee. Those who do these types of work are called freelancers.


A freelancer works independently on a part-time or a full-time basis. Over a couple of years, the number of freelancers and freelancing jobs has grown up enormously. The employers in freelancing jobs are often called clients.


Still, there is no educational background required for most of the cases, but having good degrees must get some extra value on the freelancing platform.


Skill is the key to success in freelancing career. You will need to have at least some sorts of skills in any of the freelancing fields.


In some cases, the lack of communicative English causes a barrier to some of the freelancers. This is because freelancing can be done living anywhere in the world. A client from a native English country may hire a freelance from a non-native English speaking country.


So try to develop English skills if your mother tongue isn’t English.


In addition, native English speakers should develop their English writing skills because many of them do silly mistakes when it comes to writing English.


Benefits of Freelancing!

Freelancing has a two-way benefit.


How is that?


Well, through freelancing, both the freelancer and the client get benefits.


If you freelance your skills, you can generate income through it.


On the other hand, your client also gets benefits in different ways. Yes, s/he can minimize the cost of the work. Often times, it costs more to produce a thing if it’s gone through in-office production.


In addition, s/he can just spend money when it’s needed. If someone hires a person for some work on a monthly basis, then s/he needs to pay the person whether the work is needed or not.


Job Offerings

Nowadays, a wide range of jobs is being offered on freelancing websites. No matter which background you have, you must find a profession there in freelancing platforms.


Here are some top freelancing skills:

  • SEO
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Social Media Marketing

You see that most of the skills are related to online work, so you can predict the demand for the skills.


Yes, all the skills have a high demand because the number of websites is being increased rapidly.


Top Freelancing Platforms

There are a number of reliable freelancing websites out there to offer you great jobs.


Here’s a list of top freelancing platforms where you can find your desired jobs by showcasing your talented skills:

If you’re a client, you can also land these platforms to hire skilled freelancers.


How to Start Freelancing?

To start your freelancing career, you have to sign up on your interested freelancing sites. Every site of freelancing starts with a welcoming page of a sign-up form. You must fill up the form with your real name, photo (please follow the photo shooting guidelines) and other information that is asked there.


Never use any fake info and open multiple accounts. You will be given a user profile once you have completed sign up. After signing up, give some time to read their user policy thoroughly, it will detract you from any types of rules’ violation within the site. In the skills section of your profile, choose your preferred skills’ tags. If not matched, suggest your own or try with altering the tags.


Bidding for Jobs

Applying for jobs on freelancing sites is called bid. Freelancers need to bid for a job to get that. It’s not 100% guaranteed that you will be hired for a job, but you have to try. Some sites limit freelancers to apply up to 30 jobs monthly in free plans while other sites give more freedom like as many as you can. Clients analyze freelancers’ job applications and as upon their choice, they choose one or more freelancers from there for their jobs. Jobs are offered in either hourly or fixed basis. For this, you have to set an hourly rate for most of the sites.


Some Exception

There are some sites like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour offer somewhat different styles from the others. In Fiverr, you can offer service (Gigs) that you wanna do for clients and the fixed rate is $5. Once you have earned $5 from an accomplished task, you will be given $4 and the $1 is for Fiverr. On the other hand, there is no fixed rate in PeoplePerHour and the job submission style is almost similar to Fiverr. Clients land at these sites and choose from the offered jobs. You don’t need to bid here.



Sometimes a freelancer’s set price may not be liked by a client or vice versa, that time it goes through a negotiation of price by both of the parties.


Some Tips for the Beginners
  1. Choose a photo that looks professional.
  2. Give as many tests as you can on related subjects. Try to get good marks and once you have done well, disclose it on your profile.
  3. Add some of your previous samples of work in your portfolio section. Make sure that the samples are attractive.
  4. Read the job offer well before applying for it.
  5. Never miss writing the catchphrase on top of your application that is set by some of the clients.
  6. Write good job applications.
  7. Never set your hourly price too low or too high.
  8. Have confidence.


Scams or True

Many people say that making money online is a scam, never hear from them and work only for the verified sites. Given sites in this article are all verified and thus these are trustworthy. Many freelancers are earning a lot while a few are getting out oDropoutop out freelancers are those who don’t have good skills and perseverance.


Remember, starting something is difficult and once you have started, things go along with your way. There are some sites which come and go within a short time. So avoid those sites.


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