What is Domain Authority (DA) and Its Huge Importance

What is domain authority – have any idea?


When we go for submitting a guest post or buying an old domain, we often check the blog’s (for guest posting or buying the domain) domain authority.


A few years back, a blogger also asked me about the domain authority (DA) of one of my blogs.

domain authority

This was the time when I understood that DA is an important factor for checking a blog’s quality. In fact, I had to research a lot to find out the original strength of DA.


Now, I’m completely aware of this important factor and I also wanna let my readers know about it well. As a result, this is the post that has been dedicated to teaching the matter.


Yes, in this blog post, I’ll let you know everything about what is domain authority, how to check and increase it so that you can leverage the information for the betterment of your blog.


What is domain authority?

First of all, I wanna let you know about the secret of the picture that I’ve used in this post. The picture tells how DA works for a blog. So, how does the DA of a blog work?


Well, now I’m elaborating it. You see that there are a man and a woman in the picture. You’ll have to consider the man as a lower DA blog than the woman as the higher one.


Are you curious about the picture? I used the picture to show you how domain authority works! Yes, usually a site having more DA can defeat its rival like the image shown above.


So, what do you mean by the authority of a domain? The term was introduced by Moz to show how capable a domain is when it comes to ranking with different keywords on SERPs.


DA is shown in number and it’s scaled between 0 and 100. The more the DA of a domain, the better the ranking capability it has.


Domain authority is a mixture of so many factors that help a domain rank in search engine results. Some of the crucial factors of considering DA are the following –

  • Number of total links
  • Root domain’s links
  • MozRank
  • MozTrust etc


There are many free tools which allow you to check your site’s DA. Know that DA takes some time to update, so you should check your site’s DA time to time, not on a daily basis.


So, why is DA important? Well, there are several reasons why you should look at a domain’s DA. They are –

  • By seeing the DA of a site, you can check its ranking capability. Also, it discloses the number of healthy links of a site. So, you can easily determine whether you should write a guest post on a site or not.
  • Not only is that you can check your own site’s progress over time just by monitoring the DA.
  • At the time of writing on keywords, you can also check the competitors’ sites’ DA because of analyzing how easy it will be to rank the keywords.


When it comes to the authority of the root domain, then it’s called domain authority, but when it’s the authority of a single web page of a site, then it’s named as page authority (PA). For this reason, when somebody shows the performance of his/her blog, they just disclose the scores of DA and PA.


Different web pages of a site may have different page authority scores. In the past, domain authority and page authority are considered to be a great ranking score, but it’s now declining over time. The reason is that many bloggers are intending to increase their blogs’ DA and PA just by working wrongfully.


For this reason, you can even experience that a web page with 1 PA score is ranking on the first page of search engines.


So, a blog having higher DA will likely to defeat other lower DA blogs though you can’t consider this thing as a universally true matter. But most of the time the impact of DA becomes proven.


So, from the elaboration of the picture, what have you learned about the domain authority? I hope that you’ve already learned much about it.


However, domain authority is introduced by Moz as a matter of blog ranking score. How strong a blog is with its different keywords when it comes to ranking them on SERPs is measured with the DA score of the blog.


The DA of a blog is given in number which comes between 0 (Zero) and 100 (Hundred). So, a blog having a DA of 80 is likely to rank better than a blog that has a DA of less than 80 such as 70 or like this.



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Today’s blog post will be on domain authority. I’ll simply try to focus on what is domain authority and how to increase domain authority. So, I hope that you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of domain authority which is shortly known as DA.


How to check domain authority?

Now that after learning the importance of high domain authority, you may wanna check your popular sites’ DA.But how will you do that? Well, it’s very simple and now, I’m showing that to you.


To check the domain authority of any site, there are many online tools available. You can use any of the tools to check a site’s DA and PA both.


Here, I’ll show you how to check the domain authority of a site using MOZ Backlink Checker.


So, let’s see how to do it –

Step 1. First of all, you’ll need to visit the web page of the backlink checker by clicking on this link.


Step 2. Landing the site, you’ll see the following backlink checker box –

moz backlink checker

This is the box where you’ll have to leave the link of the required site or web page for checking its DA.


To do so, first, you’ll have to visit the site that you wanna check for DA score.


Suppose that you wanna check the DA of Problogger.net. Then, visit the site first of all and then copy the URL of it.

copy the url


Step 3. Now paste the Problogger’s link in the box in this way –

paste the url


Step 4. After that hit the “Search” button and wait a few seconds. Within the period, you’ll see the backlink checking report along with the DA and the PA of the site.

da and pa of problogger

So, you can follow the above way to find out any site’s DA. Note that the DA is an ever-changing score. So, today’s DA of a site may not be the same of tomorrow’s.


Blog properly and ethically, then you’ll see that the DA of your site’s increasing day by day. Your target should be to increase the DA, not decrease.


Final words for DA!

DA is a combination of several algorithms which tells whether a site is capable of ranking on SERPs easily or not. If the DA of your blog is higher than the past, then this means that your blog is doing well. The opposite thing may happen when you see that your blog’s DA is decreasing.


This will clearly disclose that you’re losing the past performance of your blog. Though both the DA and the PA don’t matter a lot, you should still pay heed to them as to know whether your blog is going well or not.


Furthermore, your main concern should be to craft killer content for your blog which is helpful to online communities which will eventually show you success in blogging, thus the increase of its DA.

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