Why Should You Start a Blog This Year

You wanna start a blog, so it’s a good idea to know what exactly a blog is.


In this post, I’m gonna talk about blog definition as well as its benefits.


What is a blog?

A blog is a site where the content is written in the reverse chronological order. So you’ll usually see the latest post at the top of a blog unless it has a statical home page.


If a site has a statical home page, then you can see the blog section of the site where the latest posts are on the first page if there’s no sticky post there on the site.

what's a blog

Most bloggers maintain an editorial calendar to publish their blog posts on their blogs. Some bloggers publish their blog posts daily, some weekly & others bi-weekly. It’s always good to frequently publish posts on a blog.


Another characteristic of a blog is that it contains informal writing. That means bloggers usually write casual language on their blogs. This informal writing often connects with conversational writing. This is to connect with the readers.


Why should you start a blog?

Now, the question comes – why should you start a blog? Well, there are many reasons for starting it. Here are some of the solid reasons to start your blog –

  • A blog can be a huge money-making channel.
  • It gives a blogger great pleasure.
  • Blogging improves our writing.
  • We can connect with other people from all over the world.
  • It opens the opportunity to work from home.
  • A growing blog makes any business website more visible to SERPs.


Here’s a post that’ll let you know how my first blog helped me –

The story of my first failed blog and $1600 freelancing project!


Well, you can do so many things with your blog. It can actually open many doors of making a huge amount of money with it. Many bloggers are making even six figure income with their blogs. So you can always have the chance to monetize your blog and make a decent amount of money.


Learn: Can you make money from a blog?


Having a blog means you’re gonna be a writer whose writings may be read by thousands of readers from all over the world. So isn’t it a great reason to have a blog of your own? If you’re already a blogger and hardly people read your blog, then you must read the following post –

Why nobody reads my blog?


Also, I’ve discovered that writing for my blogs is gradually improving my writing skills. I’ve learned the online writing best practices, SEO and so many things for making my writing better.


Connecting with people is always a fun and blogging can make this true. I can meet many people and many of them live thousands of miles away from me. I work alone on my blog, but I can feel that I’m with thousands of other people as blogging has connected me with other like-minded people.


In addition, blogging has given me the opportunity to work from home and you should know that there are many benefits of working from home. To know more about it, you can read the following blog post –

18 Amazing benefits of working from home!


And, another reason to open a blog can be to make your business site more visible to search engine results.


So, now is the time to learn how to start a blog. Learn how to do it and start a blog of your own soon.

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