What Does SEO Stand For? Have a Clear Idea About SEO

You know that I teach how to be a smart ontrepreneur. To be a smart ontrepreneur, you need to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website so that you can convert many of them.

What does seo mean

The best place to get traffic is search engines. Yes, you can drive thousands of targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to your website.


Here comes the necessity of SEO.


So, what does SEO mean? Have any idea?


Well, if you don’t know exactly what SEO is, then spend your time on this content to learn the subject matter entirely.


I’ve discussed SEO in this post without keeping anything secret.


What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO is an acronym. This is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.

S – Search

E – Engine

O – Optimization


So, the expanded form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That means SEO is involved in optimizing your content with different search engines. Though it’s recommended that you practice SEO in such a way that it matches with all the major search engines, most people are happy to optimize their content for Google only. This is because Google has the largest market share when it comes to counting web searchers.


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When we need to have some information, we’re likely to land on a search engine and search for a topic. Then, the search engine shows different results on its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). From the result pages, we often click on the content that’s on the first page.


Suppose that you need to learn about a new smartphone which might be iPhone 8 (let’s guess it). The best way to learn about it is typing the topic on Google and then check different content, right?


So, you may search with any of the following keywords –

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 review

iPhone 8 specifications etc


You’ll surely get a lot of content and from them, the top 10 content will be on the first page of Google. From there, you may check one or more of them and learn about the gadget well.


Now, ask yourself one question that’s how will Google determine whether this or that content is better than other ones.


Thousands of new and new content is being created and published on the internet on a daily basis. For this, if you search a topic on Google or on any other search engine, then there’s a lot of content that’s relevant to the topic.


So, how will the search engine determine which content to bring to you so that you can be satisfied with it?


It’s all about different ranking factors that count over 200.


Google along with other search engines ranks posts on top of their search results by judging many factors. All the search engines try to show up the best results on top of their SERPs. To do so, all the search engines use some algorithms. Some of the algorithms are known and some are unknown. Some are secret, some are disclosed. Some are easily known, some can be known by practicing.


Now, to make the long story short, I’ve to say that SEO is for optimizing your content according to the ranking factors of a specific search engine.


In short, if you can boost the ranking of one of your content by implementing a thing, then this thing can be part of SEO.


So, SEO is a widely practiced thing to learn more and more of its secret. Good SEO determines how well your posts are optimized for search engines.


SEO is updated over time, so today’s best SEO practices might be obsolete tomorrow. For this reason, it’s important to keep an eye on the updates of SEO according to the algorithm updates of different search engines.


SEO experts are always trying to reveal the secrets of lesser-known SEO techniques. This needs recurring practice. Suppose that, you have ranked one of your posts by taking some of the ethical techniques. Now, these techniques will be considered as some of the proven SEO techniques for the recent time.


Because of the huge demand for SEO (since one can drive a lot of traffic to his/her site from search engines just by implementing proper SEO), more and more people are learning it and hiring SEO professionals to improve the rankings of their content so that they can bring and convert tons of traffic.


As a result, the number of both the clients as well as the professionals of SEO is increasing dramatically.


Wrap up

We’re at the ending part of this topic now. Here, I’ll try my best to briefly explain the topic again, so you can be clearer about it.


People use search engines to find their necessary information and relevant products. Search engines determine some factors to bring the top content on the first page for every keyword (the term that you use on a search engine to find information).


Learn a few more things related to keyword –

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We need to learn about the factors and implement them in order to rank our content. Learning about the ranking factors and implementing them for the sake of ranking our content are combinedly called SEO.


If you can rank your content on top of SERPs, then you can monetize it from different ways. So, the ranking of your content is very important to make money on the internet.


You can also rank your posts on the first page of a search engine, let’s say Google, by advertising with AdWords, but this is very costly.


On the other hand, utilizing the power of SEO, you can rank your posts in a cost-effective way. So, SEO is a well sought-after method to drive traffic to any website.


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So, what is SEO? I believe that you know it very well now!

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