What are LSI Keywords in SEO (And 4 Reasons for Using Them on Your Blog Posts)

Have any idea about what are LSI keywords?


Keywords, keywords, and keywords!!!


Online writing, mainly for blogging is related to keywords. Yes, every time you go for writing a new blog post on your blog, you tend to write it on a target keyword. Then you try to write your post within the peripheral of the target keyword.


So the importance of keywords for SEO is undeniable. But what are LSI keywords, do you have any idea on that?


Have you ever heard the name of latent semantic indexing keywords or LSI keywords?


I think it’s very usual to hear this name! And now I’ll you what are latent semantic indexing keywords.


In fact, when I first came to know the term ‘LSI Keywords’, I became very tensed thinking that it would need much learning to know about the thing.


By the way, after learning about LSI keywords, I can say that the thing is very easy to understand and utilize. You just need a little learning about it and after that, you could find and use LSI keywords in your blog posts.


And this is the post which will teach you what are LSI keywords. Yes, I’ll be with you to talk everything about LSI keyword in today’s blog post. Just read on and learn….


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What are LSI Keywords?

Let’s start with an example word. Suppose that the word is ‘SEO’. Now if I say SEO checklist, then this will be an LSI keyword of SEO.


Similarly, SEO checklist for beginners will be another LSI keyword of both SEO & SEO checklist.


So LSI keywords are actually the synonymous keywords of a keyword.


So ‘How to make a blog’ is an LSI keyword of ‘How to create a blog’ because both of them are synonymous.


I hope that you’re now clear about LSI keywords.


LSI means –

L – Latent

S – Semantic

I – Indexing


LSI = Latent Semantic Indexing. 

LSI keywords are the secondary keywords that are synonymous with the main targeted keyword of a blog post. Suppose that you’ve selected a keyword ‘how to make money online’ as the main keyword for your next blog post.


Now a synonymous word is ‘how to earn money online’ or ‘earn money online’ or ‘making money online’. These are synonymous with the main keyword, so all of them are the LSI keywords of the main keyword. Each one is an LSI keyword of the main keyword.


As for example, we can use this blog post too. The main keyword of this blog post is what are LSI keywords. I’ve also added some LSI keywords such as LSI keyword, LSI keywords, find LSI keywords, LSI keywords tool etc.


I hope that you have learned about the term well. If you still have any confusion, feel free to ask that making a comment.


Now, I’ll tell you the benefits of using LSI keywords in a blog post. I’ll also share an experience of mine regarding this to you in this post too.


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The benefits of LSI keywords are the following –

  • Using LSI keywords make blog posts naturally written. So, how this happens? As an LSI keyword is the synonymous word of the main keyword of a blog post, you can replace the main keyword with an LSI keyword easily. This reduces the keyword density of the main keyword in the blog post which is better for the formation of any post.


  • LSI keywords often rank a post with multiple keywords. Suppose that you have used a keyword like “how to start a blog” in one of your blog posts. Now, if you can rank the keyword of SERPs, then you’ll surely receive traffic from the keyword. After that, if you use some LSI keywords like “start a blog”, “starting a blog” of the main keyword, then you can also those LSI keywords on top of SERPs.


  • Using LSI keywords can drive more organic traffic to your blog. As you have already seen that using LSI keywords can rank more keywords and ranking more and more keywords on top of SERPs means that your blog will ultimately receive more traffic.


  • Finally, you can make more money just by using some LSI keywords in your blog posts. As the LSI keywords bring traffic to your blog, you can convert more from the extra traffic. So, using more and more LSI keywords means that you could make more money off your blog soon.


So, these are the top benefits of using LSI keywords and for these reasons, you should use them on your content.


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Why Most Pro Bloggers Use LSI Keywords?

Using LSI keywords has a number of solid reasons and now I’ll tell you about all the reasons in this part of the blog post.


#1. First of all,

we tend to use LSI keywords when we need to fill up posts’ tags. Yes, it’s recommended using 3 tags in a post. If you use the main keyword as one of the tags, then you’ll still need 2 keywords to complete the process.


Using 2 LSI keywords will solve the problem, so this is one of the reasons for using some LSI keywords without knowing the importance of these types of keywords. Before knowing about LSI keywords, I didn’t write tags for better ranking. It was just to fill up the tag section of my posts.


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#2. The second reason

for using these keywords is very important. To make a post naturally written, we need to use some LSI keywords. Otherwise, our posts will seem like over-stuffed with the main keywords. A post overstuffed with keywords often gets the penalty by major search engines and the post having so many of the same keywords become craps.


So, using LSI keywords will work fine for better SEO.


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#3. The third reason

for doing so is for getting more organic traffic by offering multiple keywords to search engines. Suppose that one of your blog posts has ranked on the first page of Google with a keyword ‘how to start a blog‘. You get traffic with this ranked keyword. Now if you wanna have more organic traffic to the same post, then using some keywords like ‘start a blog’, ‘starting a blog’ etc may fulfill your desire.


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