What are Long-tail Keywords [Why You Need Them for Blogging]

After hearing about long-tail keywords, my first question was what are long-tail keywords. Later on, I could learn about them well and now is the time to let you know what I learned.

what are long-tail keywords

So, What are Long-tail Keywords?

Have any idea of what is a long-tail keyword?


A long-tail keyword is such a keyword that has at least 3 words in it. That means if a keyword is made of two words, then it won’t be considered as a long-tail keyword.


So, this kind of keyword can be three to more worded. Here are some keywords which aren’t long-tail ones –

AdSense alternatives

Pro blogging

Web hosting

Grammarly checker etc


This is because they have fewer than three words in them.


On the other hand, here are some examples of long-tail keywords –

How to come up with a blog name

The ultimate guide to SEO

What are LSI keywords etc


Long-tail keywords are those keywords that have more than 3 words in them. How to learn SEO is a long-tail keyword because it contains fours words in it.


The keyword ‘how to learn SEO’ has 4 words in it –

  1. How
  2. To
  3. Learn
  4. SEO


On the other hand, SEO training isn’t a long-tail keyword because it has only two words in it. Usually, some bloggers only target long-tail keywords which I see as a wrong practice. I’ve also mentioned this point in the “SEO mistakes” article that you shouldn’t only target long-tail keywords.


Rather you should use both long-tail and its short versions. Let me clarify this matter to you. Suppose that a keyword is like this – “How to learn SEO”. Then one of the short versions of the keyword is as follows –

  • Learn SEO


So, you should also focus on this short form of the main long-tail keyword because then your blog will be eligible for ranking with both the long and the short keywords.


Also, you should use LSI keywords. Using LSI keywords has a great impact on ranking with multiple keywords with a single post. To show the importance of using both long and short tail keywords, I’ve already shown you the use and the importance of LSI keywords.

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