Weirdest Websites

34. Haneke

OMG! What a dazzling site this is! Yes, you should only visit this site if you wanna dazzle your eyes. Please explore the site yourself and see what happens exactly by visiting there.


35. Map Crunch

How about simulating to move from place to place? This site will let you experience this. You can visit different places by entering into this site.


So, to simulate your feet as per your wish, there won’t be any better site than this.


56. The Faces of Facebook

Can you imagine the number of Facebook users? If you consider every user a dot, then you’ll have to see a cluster of dots on a page.


This site has made an impression of like this. So, you’ll see a lot of dots on the screen of the site. Tapping on any of the dots will open up a Facebook profile.


Who knows that clicking on the dots randomly will show you up your desired Facebook profiles whom you can make friendship?


37. Heyyeyaaeyaaeyaeyaa

How about listening to music sung by a muscle man? Yes, this site is like this. You could hear different music from a muscle man who’s always there to make you happy with his pleasant voice.


38. Anasomnia

This site is for showing you weirdness. The best decision you can take today is by visiting the site. This will let you know about the site’s funny things.


39. Keep Inspiring

Stay motivated all the time and this site is solely for that. You can make yourself keep inspiring just by visiting this site.


40. Clever Bot

How about chatting with a clever bot? If you think that you’re passing through your life with loneliness, then this bot can offer you a nice life.


It may sound weird, but you can remove your loneliness by chatting with someone whether that someone is a human or a bot.


This is a fun way of making yourself cheered up.


41. Dear Photograph


On this site, you’ll see that many people are snapping their old photos at current times. This makes a great feeling which you can’t realize without seeing the actual scenario of the site.


So, first of all, visit the site without making any delay and then explore the real weirdness.


42. Corn Dog On Corn Dog

Food plus music makes our moment awesome. This site is for that. You could enjoy food with pleasant music. So, why wait for time?


43. Explore Everest


You can simulate the Mount Everest by staying on this site. There are great views that can be experienced from this awesome site.


So, if you have a strong desire to visit the Mount Everest, but can’t find the way out, then just go to this site and fulfill your desire right now.

44. Lame Book

There are a lot of photos with comments. You can explore a very different aspect on this site. So, better you try it yourself and find out the secret sauce of one of the weirdest websites.


45. Zombo Weird Websites

Don’t say that this site is a total waste of time. I think that it can puzzle you by making the same sound again and again. It works on our mind because you wanna listen to new things, but ultimately, you’ll be presented the same thing again and again.


46. Zoom Quilt

This is a never-ending zooming trap where you could never see the ending unless you die. You’ll think that this is the last step that you’ll have to do to place the end, but ultimately, you could never do it.


I had to learn the secret of the site after spending almost ten minutes! Yes, this was really a mind-blowing site where I wanted to reach to the end point, but it was a complete failure.


I couldn’t (in fact, nobody couldn’t) reach the end.


47. Eel Slap

Being the youngest son of my family, I could never slap any of my brothers. But I was slapped many times by some of my brothers.

eel slap

So, it made me an impression that if I had become an elder brother, then I could have slapped my younger ones as the mean of punishment.


By the way, this site, Eel Slap, has given me the room for slapping a person. Yes, I can simulate my weird desire by slapping the face presented on this site.


Not only is this, I can slap the man with an eel. So, the site takes me in a complete weirdness. I feel very happy when I hit the man with the eel. The only thing that I need to do is to move my mouse cursor.


So, if you wanna slap someone else, then you should be on the site right now. You’ll be given an eel with which you can start slapping the man.


Suppose that you wanna beat someone, but you don’t have the power, then this site is the best place for making your dream true.


48. Procatinator Weird Website

Have you ever heard music singing by a cat? If not, then the time has come now. Yes, you can listen to pleasant songs sung by a cat right now. To do so, you’ll just have to visit this site.


You’ll find a friendly cat who’ll soon be your friend.


49. Pointer Pointer

Who doesn’t wanna explore tons of photos? Everybody wants to do so and this site is truly for that. But there’s no short-cut way of doing so. You’ll have to go through a fun way to explore more and more photos.


So, why not try the site and explore what’s inside it right now?


50. The Zombie Dance

Imagine a world where many zombies are dancing in front of your eyes. How will you feel the scene? If you don’t wanna imagine the feelings, you can feel it really just by visiting the site.

zombie dance

Don’t be afraid of the site because the zombies will only give you entertainment. They won’t come to eat you. So, don’t worry.

What do you think by reading the name of this site? Endless horse! Peculiar name, right? Yes, it’s. You’ll see that a horse is written with some marks, but you could never see the end of the horse. Why? Well, the horse came with unending legs in the site. So, don’t make some pain with your fingers by pulling down and down the screen to see the end of the horse’s legs. 

First of all, visit the site and then let me know what it’s all about. I’m eager to know about the site, really! Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Ninja, Ninja, Ninja. This is truly a weird website that will speak the names when you touch them. So you can try the site and have a different feel. This is one of the funny websites. 

Don’t know why your kid cries? Then learn things from this site.


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No sound, just read messages of different people from different parts of the world. This is the awesomeness of this site. 

How about someone licking your PC’s screen? Yes, you’ll see that two people are licking your PC or laptop’s screen with great enthusiasm. 

Have some weird talk! Yes, I couldn’t understand what the site is all about. So, I hope that you’ll visit the site and let me know about it in a comment. 

It’s all about playing with a head. You can do so many things with the head. So, it will have an amazing journey on the site. 

How will you feel when you see the site is tilted? To know it, visit this site and then get the exact feeling of tilting a site. 

Hey zombie lovers, why are you guys? Yep, you have a great place to explore right now. This is the site where all zombie lovers will get much pleasure. So, try it now. 

If you wanna make some of your time interesting, then this site will obviously deal something for you. So, go and visit it now.

The world is full of anomalies, so why not make some sites that will prove this? This is the site where you could enjoy some of your time. So, spare some time there.

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