10 Weird Websites that You Should Never Miss to Check

The internet is full of weird websites and I’ve picked some of them in this blog post.


Being a full-time blogger, I always search for those types of sites that deal with the topics of blogging.


So I love to read Smartblogger, Copyblogger, Problogger etc.


But a few days back, I landed a weird website which made me too much interested in exploring more of this type of site.


Then, I found a lot of other similar websites which took my complete attention. After experiencing a lot of weird things, I planned to write a post on these kinds of sites.


So today’s post will be dedicated to introducing you to 10 sites that are full of weirdness.


What are weird websites?

First of all, I should let you know what do weird websites mean. This type of website is the site where you should expect to see something different than those of usual sites.


So, here I’ve included those sites that are way too different from other common ones that you usually see on the internet.


Most of the sites will puzzle you for sure because they’re not the typical ones. But why should you visit these types of sites? The reason is that the common sites often don’t provide much fun to its audience.


On the other hand, the weird sites deal with so much fun that you can’t expect to see on other usual sites.


1. FallingFalling.com

I’ve positioned this site at the top of weird websites’ list because it has too much weirdness in it. By visiting the site, you’ll see that there are some different shapes in different colors are continuously falling.


There’s a subtle sound comes from the site which gives more sauce to the dazzling falling windows. The never-ending fall of different shapes will make you think that everything is moving. Nothing is stable at all.


So, when you feel bored and want something different, visiting this site will surely give you some difference. A few days back when I was a bit bored with my day to day tasks, I launched this site. You couldn’t believe that the site completely recharged me with its unending falling shapes.


My eyes were dazzled with so many different colors. It was really a moment that I enjoyed on the site.


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2. This is Why I’m Broke

Do you believe that Amazon has tons of weird things in it? If you don’t find any, then you should visit the affiliate site of Amazon called This is Why I’m Broke.


This weird website picks all the peculiar stuff from Amazon in it. Browsing the site will show you all the amazing things that will make you buy them. So, being broke isn’t an unusual thing if you regularly browse this particular site.


I’ve tested the site and found that almost all the things are quite funny and they easily make the visitors click the buy buttons.


The name of the site suits in this regard because the visitors of the site might be broke soon because of buying so many things from the site. But what’s the reason behind this?


The reason is that all the products on the site are really cool and you can lose your control at the time of buying them.


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3. Patience is a Virtue

Everybody knows that patience is one of the great virtues. I hope that you also know the thing! Yes, patience is a virtue which can be disclosed again on this site.


In fact, visiting the site is a test of patience. When I first visited the site, I was almost leaving it because it was really doing too much late for loading the site.


By the way, I was lucky because when I wanted to hit the back button, the site loaded that time. So, I could actually explore all the great things about the site.


It made me understand that I would get to know about the site’s great features because of waiting till it’s loading. This is our life. If we can be patient, we can achieve so many great things.


I encourage you to do the same thing. I mean when you’ll visit the site, please don’t lose your patience. You’ll see that you’re gonna be rewarded from the site.


Cool things need time to come in hand, remember. So, from now on, start practicing the virtue of patience because it’s the virtue that nothing can defeat it.


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4. FlightRadar24.com

This site is the most informational weird website. The reason for this is showing real-time flights of different airlines all over the world.


You can search different airlines from the search box shown on the site so that you can come to know all of the real-time flights of them.


The highly productive site also has mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. So, you can download the app of the site on your respective Android or iOS device and then use it comfortably on that.


The site is scattered with so many planes which indicate different flights. A few days back,  I got a great benefit using the site. It was when one of my brothers visited Thailand for a vacation trip.


As on board the plane, my brother’s mobile was switched off, I couldn’t communicate with him for long. Then I visited this site and could track the flight of his plane.


The interesting thing is that when I first landed the homepage of this site, I thought that it wouldn’t be so much interesting. I’m lucky because I tried the site for the second time without thinking much to get. It was the magical moment when I discovered that the site really contains so much fun in it.


The multi-featured site has so many more things that you can explore just by visiting it. I hope that you’ll enjoy the site very much.


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5. Snap Bubbles

This site is all about snapping bubbles. You can snap as many bubbles as you want on this one of the greatest weird sites.


On this site, you’ll be engaged to play the game with great pleasure. To play the game on the site, you’ll need to have installed the latest flash player on your browser.


So, install the latest flash player on your browser and start playing the game. I hope that you’ll enjoy the game very much. Do let me know how many bubbles you’ve snapped.


One thing that I warn you is that please limit the time for your playing because the game is too much addicted and you can spend your valuable time on it.


So, when you’ll come to play this game, don’t forget to leave it when you feel that you need to work for your living or studying.


The fascinating game will surely marvel you.


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6. Tiii Me

Oh! I don’t have much time to explore this site though I’ve figured out that this is truly a site full of weirdness. I wanna let the task of exploring this site to you.


Do you mind exploring this site and let me know what the site is all about? Let me know by leaving a comment in this blog post. Thanks in advance.


7. Vector Park

Do you wanna play with a head? If you have the desire to play with a head, then please just visit this site and you’ll be welcomed with a head.


This is the head that can be controlled by you. You can play with the head as per your wish. So, visit the site and start playing with the head.


8. Tilt

You always any site with its right positioning. I mean that all the website owners keep their sites look perfect.


But how about seeing a site tilted? Well, you can do so by just tilting any site. If you want to do this, you won’t have to learn rocket science.


Visit this site and drop your required site’s URL. Then you’ll see that the site has come up with a tilted screen.


9. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is the site where you could explore tons of music and sounds. You can listen to a lot of different sounds.


So, if you desire to listen to different types of sound, then visiting this site is a good decision.


10. The Beatles Never Broke Up

The previous site is for music and this one is for stories. Yes, you can enter into the world of great stories just by visiting the site.


This site is really a place of stories. So, all story lovers! Please manage time and visit the site.


So this is the list of weird websites. I know that working online is a matter of boredom from time to time. So, exploring these sites will surely make you feel light. You could easily remove your monotonous day to day life with these nice sites.

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