WebHostingPad Review: Pros, Cons, Features, and More

You may have heard of WebHostingPad!


This is a web hosting company that has been serving for many years.


Today, I’ll review the hosting services of this company.


WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad (WHP) is a web hosting company that started in 2005 by a tiny group of people.


Early on, the company provided only the shared hosting, but now they have VPS, WordPress, and email hosting too.


So, the company still doesn’t provide dedicated hosting for its users. The shared hosting pack of the company is one of the cheapest in the hosting industry.


As a result, you can consider this web hosting company as a cheap hosting provider. So, if your target is to choose a cheap hosting provider, then this is a perfect hosting for you for sure.


Benefits of WebHostingPad

WHP can offer you a hassle-free hosting that’s also claimed in their campaign. You can have the taste of having a site of your own by paying a few bucks.


Not only is that your need of purchasing a domain for your site isn’t also required as it comes for free for the first year of your hosting purchase.


You can also have the room for hosting multiple domains, sub-domains, park domains etc on a single hosting pack of WebHostingPad.


The opportunity of using unlimited email accounts for a hosting pack will give you a lot of pleasure. Also, there’s no need to worry about how much disk space and bandwidth your website is consuming as both the things are unlimited.


The most popular one-click installer called Softaculous can install any of your required scripts in no time. And the free website builder will do the site making job super easy.


The support team of WHP is always beside you and you can quickly contact them using the Live Chat option.


In addition to all these, there are many other benefits that you can expect to get if your site is hosted on WebHostingPad.


Features of WebHostingPad

  • Free domain. Like many other web hosting companies, WHP allows its users to have a free domain for the first year of any of the hosting plans of the company. So, you can save some dollars at the time of buying your hosting pack.


  • The number of domain and sub-domain hosting per account. Many of you wanna host a lot of sites on a single hosting pack. If this is your wish, then don’t worry as WHP’s any hosting pack is capable of hosting multiple sites.


  • The number of email account per hosting plan. If your requirement is to open many emails with your domain name, then WebHostingPad won’t disappoint you. You can create as many email accounts as you want within the same hosting plan.


  • MySQL databases. Also, you can have unlimited MySQL databases with any of your WebHostingPad hosting plans.


  • The number of FTP accounts. Using FTP accounts, you can easily manage your website’s different files. So, you should know that WHP provides an unlimited number of FTP accounts.


  • Disk Space. The storage that the web hosting company provides in any of its hosting packs is unlimited indeed. Also, the Power Plus plan of the hosting company uses the SSD database. So, a quality storage facility is expected with WHP.


  • Bandwidth. Along with the unlimited storage, your website’s bandwidth usage is also limitless. So, start receiving as much traffic as you can to your site.


  • 1-Click installer. People who read my hosting review on a regular basis know very well that I’m a big fan of Softaculous 1-Click installer. Since this website of mine is hosted on Namecheap, I’m fully comfortable in using Softaculous for installing any of my required scripts. Good news is that WHP also provides Softaculous that you can use for free from your cPanel.


  • Control panel. WHP also provides the cPanel which is the easiest thing to manage your website. So, there’s no need to worry whether WHP has the cPanel facility or not.


  • SSL certificate. The starting shared hosting plan that means the Power plan of WHP doesn’t offer any free SSL certificate though you can buy one for the hosting pack. Other than the Power plan hosting pack, all the other hosting packs allow you a free SSL certificate for the privacy protection of your site’s visitors.


  • Website builder. WHP provides Weebly website builder which is free to use. So, you can design your website as per your wish without paying a penny.


  • Backups. There’s the free backup facility with any hosting plan of WHP though, in order to have the premium backup facility, you’ll have to buy that.


  • Security. The advanced spam filter is optional to the Power plan though, in all the other hosting packs, this comes for free. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of your site if it’s hosted on WHP.


  • Site transfer. This is totally free. So, if you transfer your website from another hosting pack, then you can take the transferring process totally free of cost.


  • Support. The support team of WHP is very responsive and for this, you shouldn’t have to struggle to reach to the support staffs of this hosting company.


  • Money back guarantee. If you don’t like the hosting services of WHP within the 30 days of your purchase, then you can have the full refund. Though there are some complaints that the hosting company doesn’t refund the hosting bill once it’s been paid, you check it yourself for finding out the exact reality of these types of claims.


WebHostingPad hosting plans

Now, I’ll introduce you to the different web hosting plans of WebHostingPad. Here are the hosting plans –

Shared hosting

WHP has 2 shared hosting plans –

  • Power plan
  • Power Plan Plus

The Power plan currently costs only $1.99 per month and the Power Plan Plus sells at $4.99 per month. But to avail these cheap prices, you’ll have to buy the hosting packs at least for 4 years.


So, if you plan to buy any of the hosting packs, then the monthly prices will be almost doubled.


WordPress hosting

WebHostingPad has 3 different WordPress hosting plans and the names are as follows:

  • WP Basic
  • WP Pro
  • WP Premium


You can choose any of the hosting packs if you wanna have a great WordPress site of your own.


VPS hosting

There are 6 types of VPS hosting plans in WHP. So, you can comfortably choose from any of the 6 hosting plans. Here are the names of the VPS hosting plans –

vps hosting plans of whp

Email hosting plans

If you just wanna host emails accounts, then you can do so using WebHostingPad. Yes, there are 2 email hosting plans available in WHP.


As said before, WebHostingPad doesn’t have any dedicated hosting pack. So, you can’t expect to purchase a dedicated server hosting pack from WHP.

visit web hosting pad

Performance of WebHostingPad

In this part, I’ll show you the performance of WebHostingPad. To do this, first of all, I’m showing the recorded uptime for a couple of recent months.


Here are the uptime results –

January 2018: 99.3%

February 2018: 99%

March 2018: 99%


You can see that the uptime results are not that bad and WHP guarantees 99% of uptime.


After that, I’ve tested the speed of WHP using BitCatcha.


So, I entered the URL of WebHostingPad in the speed testing tool’s box of BiCatcha.


Then, I hit the search button which started analyzing the speed of the hosting server.


Here are the hosting details –

whp server speed 1

The result was promising as it says this –

whp server speed 2

Here are the different server response times depending on the location –

whp server speed 3

So, you should be aware of the uptime of WHP though it might be improved over time due to their constant improvement. The server response time is okay, so you can be tension-free in this sense.


Pros and cons


  • Very cheap hosting plans
  • Free domain with all the hosting packs
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, domains hosting
  • Free use of Softaculous 1-Click installer
  • Free website builder


  • Average uptime
  • No dedicated hosting pack available
  • Money back guarantee can’t be accepted sometimes



After the mammoth discussion, we have come to know that WebHostingPad is terrible when it comes to its uptime. The poor uptime can kill your website’s performance. If the company takes care of this issue, then the service quality would be much better.


Also, the unavailability of any dedicated hosting plan might be another shortcoming of this hosting company. You can easily overlook this if you’re the seeker of a shared or a VPS hosting plan.


On the other hand, there are many other hosting services of WHP which are too good to use without any doubt. Moreover, the support team of this hosting company respond promptly and is very friendly.


There are many ways you can contact their support team. Not only are those you can learn so many things from the knowledge base and the video tutorials of WHP.


So, analyzing all these things, I can rate the hosting company with a 3-star rating.


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Your decision

Now is the final part of this WebHostingPad review and this is the part solely for you. Use your own brain and analysis power to take a wise decision.


There are many better alternatives to WebHostingPad though if the main concern is a cheap hosting pack, then WHP can be your website’s hosting provider.


However, you’re gonna start your own website, so, the ultimate power of choosing a hosting pack for the site is totally yours.


Wish you all the best.

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