WebHostingUK (WHUK) Review ~ A Robust UK Web Hosting

Webhosting UK review is gonna be an in-depth review of the hosting company.


WebHosting UK is the UK focused web hosting company that has dozens of different exciting hosting packs. This is the WebHosting UK review, so you can expect to know almost everything about the hosting company.

webhostinguk review

Let’s start exploring the features, performance, pros, cons etc of hosting company.


WebHostingUK Review

WebHosting UK is a UK based web hosting company that has a ton of exciting hosting services. The web hosting is also known as the WHUK. So, I may name the company in its short-term as WHUK and I hope that you will recognize the term.

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Features and benefits

Here are the features of WHUK –

Discount. WebHosting UK doesn’t focus on the discount on its hosting packs. As a result, there’s no obvious discount on any of the hosting packs of WebHosting UK.


Guaranteed uptime. The hosting company gives the usual 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Storage and bandwidth. The storage comes with a limitation though you can use as much data as you need for the transferring purpose.


Free domain. The cPanel hosting and the WordPress hosting packs of WebHostingUK provide a free domain.


The number of domain hosting. You can host as many websites as you want on any of the hosting packs of WebHosting UK.


Domain registration. The web hosting company has a separate domain registration section where from you can register your required domain name (s). Using the same section, you can transfer a domain from another domain registrar to WHUK.


MySQL databases. All the hosting packs of WHUK has an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


The number of email accounts. The email accounts of the hosting packs are also unlimited.


Control panel. WebHostingUK provides cPanel with all of its hosting packs. If you go to the Windows server, then there’s the Plesk available for the hosting packs.


Website builder. If you wanna design your website amazingly, then you can do so by using the website builder of WebHostingUK. Yes, the company provides a free drag & drop website builder that can build your site without the need for any coding.


1-Click installer. The hosting company provides the 1 Click Apps which can install any of your required scripts within a few minutes.


Security and backups. WebHostingUK has a complete security pack including the SSL certificates, site scanner, SpamExperts, and the backup solutions. All these are quite effective in making your site a secured one.


Support. WHUK has several support features. The support of the hosting company has the direct calling and the live chatting options.


Money-back guarantee. There’s a 30-day  money back guarantee available in the web hosting packs of WebHosting UK.

 whuk money back guarantee

Hosting plans and pricing

In this part, I’ll discuss the hosting plans of WebHosting UK. Here are the hosting plans –

  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Email hosting

Note that all the hosting packs are varied according to the server and the control panel. This means that you’ll see the Plesk variant of a cPanel hosting pack, I mean there are both the Linux and the Windows servers available in WHUK.


Here are the different WordPress hosting packs –

wordpress hosting packs

So, there are 4 hosting packs available in WordPress.


There are 4 cloud hosting packs available in WHUK –

cloud hosting packs

Also, there are 4 different VPS hosting packs –

vps hosting packs

And the 3 reseller packs of WHUK –

reseller hosting packs

Some of the dedicated hosting packs of the hosting company are here –

dedicated hosting packs


In this part, I’ll show the performance testing of this web hosting company. Testing the speed is an effective way of knowing the performance of a hosting company.


To show you the speed test, I’ll use the PICKUPHOST speed testing tool. Here, you can see the following settings in order to have the speed testing result –

whuk as the host

And here’s the speed testing result –

speed of whuk

The speed is quite amazing since it’s considered as a turbo speed.


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Pros and cons


  • Very speedy server
  • cPanel provided
  • Wide range of hosting plans


  • Expensive shared hosting packs


Verdict and your decision

Now is the time to let you know the final verdict of this post that means you’ll know the rating of WebHosting UK.


WebHosting UK gets2 types of rating based on your location. Yes, if you’re in the UK, then the web hosting company should get a 4-star rating whereas if your location is anywhere other than the UK, then the hosting company will lose one of its points.


That means if you live in a place other than the UK, then the hosting company isn’t recommended for you.

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