How Most Bloggers Are Wasting Their Time! A Mind Changing Post

I can recall that almost nine months and a half back, I told one of my brothers that I would accomplish 300 posts on my blog in the next year.

I was so confident at that time that I could tell my brother about it so boldly.


Later on, last week, I sat for calculating my actual accomplishment.


It just shocked me!


Yes, I wrote only 50 blog posts where it was supposed to be written more than 250 posts during the time.


Then, I started analyzing what was wrong with me for that I couldn’t achieve my goal.


I started finding a lot of clues which actually stopped me touching my milestone.


I’m lucky because I could figure out the problems and took some necessary actions to overcome them.


Therefore, I could write 31 posts last week! Amazing, right?


And, you’re also lucky because I’m gonna tell you the time wasting things that I had done during the time and will also let you know how to stop wasting time.


In fact, more or less, most bloggers waste their valuable times doing some unnecessary things without even noticing them.


So, read on and learn about everything clearly.


This will help you avoid all sorts of distractions and for that, you could be a productive blogger.


How I was wasting my time!

First of all, one thing to mention here is that I was with my laptop almost all the time even though I wasn’t doing anything valuable.


This was the trap of analytics


Yes, I was engaged in monitoring different analytics almost all the time. After switching on my laptop, my first task was to hit the icon of my blog from the bookmark bar of the Chrome browser. Then, I would see the traffic stats with the help of a traffic analytics plugin that’s installed on my blog.


I wouldn’t do it once, I would do it hundreds of times on a daily basis. It was okay to check the traffic stats of my site just once a day, but checking the traffic stats was like taking drugs (I don’t have any personal experience about how it feels like being a drug addicted, but I can realize it by observing other drug addicted people!).


You won’t believe that while writing this post, I was about to check my traffic stats. I didn’t do it because I knew the trap of doing this.


So, you can see that most of my time was wasting for checking my blog’s traffic stats. It’s not the end.


Google Search Console is another tool that made me desperate to check it several times where I could see that keywords positioning of my blog.


I must blame my email inbox too. It was in the first place of my Chrome’s bookmark, so I would check my inbox in every 10 – 15 minutes.


All these analytics are related to my blogs. Now, come with social media analytics. It wasn’t uncommon that I was on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora etc to check the number of likes and comments.


Everyday, I woke up with great enthusiasm, but when I would sit for working using my laptop, everything was changing. At night, I would go to sleep with the great depression. It was the, as usual, schedule during that time.


Then, at one point in time, I started thinking about it that I’ve already told you.


So, what actions did I take to overcome this great problem?


Well, now is the time to let you know all about the necessary actions that I had taken to stop wasting any further time.

  1. I removed all the analytical tools from my browser’s bookmark bar.
  2. I set a specific time for monitoring my analytics. Let’s say 30 minutes is enough for doing all this.
  3. I was determined not to visit all the social media channels more than once per day.

At first, it was very tough to maintain all these things, but slowly, I could adapt to the system.


Wrap up

So, the time wasting things are –

  • Checking different analytics several times
  • Checking the inbox several times
  • Checking social media engagements several times

And, the solution is here –

  • Limit the frequency (daily once is the best) of checking different stats

So, you see that you can take control of this problem and be a proactive blogger within a few days.


So, why not take the actions ASAP?


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