How a Single Wallpaper of My Laptop Made Me a Super Hardworking Blogger

Do you believe that an image can change your attitude?


If not, then find out two images – one that you love to see and the other one that you always hate to see.


Now, look at the lovable picture that you have brought just now and keep looking at it for a few minutes.


What’s your honest opinion?


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Do you feel good by watching the image that you love so much?


There’s no reason to say NO.

refreshing image

Water splash is something like refreshing, right!!!

On the other hand, go to the next image that’s hatable to you and I think that there’s no need to keep looking at it for a few minutes.


Only a glance at the pic is enough to make you feel sad.

awful image

I may vomit if you show me this pic at the time of my eating

Believe me, this is true that if you want me not to eat at your home, it’s enough to show me a picture of a whole toilet, or a commode, or a toilet pan while eating.


Now, I’m confident that you have started believing that watching your favorite or hatred pictures has a great reaction in your mentality!!!


And I’m here to talk about that in this post.


If you’re like me who doesn’t wanna see toilet’s picture anymore, then the good news is that there’ll be no such image in this post again, I promise.


And you know that my promise is a promise.


By the way, come to the main story of this post which is related to my life. Yes, even a few months back, I wasn’t as hardworking for my blog as you’re seeing me now.


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Something did totally change the inspirational level of mine in the right direction.


I didn’t even know what happened in my mind, but it all happened suddenly and I’m quite happy to celebrate the change.


So, what actually happened?


I’m not wasting your time anymore by giving the intro to this post.


Here’s the story –

A few months back, after turning on my laptop, I felt unhappy to see its wallpaper.


Though it was a nice scenery of nature, I wasn’t liking it too much anymore the same way as when I had set it.


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So, I wanted to change the picture and while I was checking the pre-installed wallpapers on my laptop, a great idea gently hit in my brain.


How about setting a picture as my laptop’s wallpaper that expresses my desire?


It was because seeing my desirable things would always make me remember them. Also, it’s very exciting to see your desirable things again and again, huh!


Whatever the reason was, I was feeling good by seeing one of my desired things.


But what’s that?


No, I won’t tell you, but I’ll show you that.


Here’s the wallpaper –

toyota lexus

One of my desired things

I wasn’t noticing a matter, but it was happening to me.


What was that?


I was experiencing that something inside me has been pushing me up to blog harder, smarter, and do whatever more exciting I could do for my blog.


It’s because my intuition wants me to work harder which could offer me a lot of money and you know well that buying an expensive car needs a lot of money.


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The more I was seeing my loving car, the more I was gonna work harder.


It eventually made me a hardworking blogger.


Now, I work harder than before and this is an automatic process because I really wanna see my desired things in real around me.


So, if you wanna have a thing in your life, try to keep an image of that thing in a place beside you where you’re regular in visiting.


This way, the more eye contact you could make with your desired things, the more hardworking you’ll be for achieving those things.


So, this was the incident that helped a lot to work for my blog professionally.


Whatever work you do, you can put your loving things’ pictures within the range of your eyesight.


Hopefully, this practice won’t let you be lazy again because everybody wants to get the desired things, but often times, most of us forget what we really want.


And to solve the problem, my wise wallpaper setting theory isn’t a bad idea, right?


Now, tell me do you have any great idea that can turn you to be a hardworking blogger? If you have, please don’t keep it inside you, express it and let the whole world know about it.


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