How to Use Grammarly in Word and Outlook [A to Z Guide]

Do you know that Grammarly is adaptable to your MS Word documents?


Yes, when you write something in Microsoft Word document, you can take the help of Grammarly to proofread and correct your writing mistakes.


Use Grammarly in Word

Now I’ll show you the process, so keep reading.

The basic setup

To use Grammarly, first of all, you’ll have to create an account in it. You’ll have your profile once you’re signed up for an account.


You can find out your profile after logging into Grammarly. So the first thing in order to use Grammarly is to sign up for an account.


Therefore, visit Grammarly now and create an account there (hit the banner below which will take you to Grammarly’s site) –

visit grammarly

Use Grammarly in Word and Outlook

Many of you are reluctant to use any other grammar checker with MS Word. The reason is that you may think that Microsoft Word is well enough to detect all sorts of grammatical and spelling related flaws.


But in reality, it’s over expectation to get the top-notch grammatical correction service from Microsoft. Yes, you read it right. MS Office can’t detect many types of flaws in your writing. As a result, it’s likely to see several mistakes in a piece of writing even though it’s been checked with Microsoft Word.


Another reluctance of not using any other tool for checking grammar is that it’s a bit inconvenient to take your writing to another tool and then correct it further. After the correction, you’ll again need to correct the main document according to the corrected one.


To avoid all this reluctance, you can use Grammarly with your MS Office. So cheer up now.


Yes, the tool provides the extension for MS Office which can be used side by side while writing on MS Word.


Now, I’ll show you how to use it.


To do this, visit Grammarly and log in to your account.


After that, you’ll have to follow the “Apps” tab that’s found on the dashboard of Grammarly.


Click on the “Apps” tab. Under the “Grammarly for Chrome“, you’ll see the Grammarly for Microsoft Office tab.

grammarly for microsoft office

This is the option that you’ll need to opt-in for using Grammarly with MS Office. Tap on the “Install” button. It’ll download the add-ons on your PC.

grammarly for ms word dowloading

Open the file and then install it on your PC. From then, you can start using it with MS Office.


The good news is that it’ll automatically integrate with your Outlook account which means you’ll be able to correct your writing flaws in Outlook too.


To learn more about Grammarly Word, read this post: Grammarly for Word review.


Use Grammarly directly from its site

After having a Grammarly account, you can now sign into it. So, log in and the “My Grammarly” option will come by default on your Grammarly Dashboard.


If you see that you’re on a page other than the My Grammarly, then you can land the page simply by hitting the My Grammarly tab.


At this stage, you can see some saved docs on the right side of the panel. The docs are good to analyze how the tool works. So, if you’re a new user of Grammarly, then you should open a doc or two to learn the text checking process of the nice tool.


So, hit the “Demo document” and you’ll be taken to the checking panel with the doc. You’ll see that some red lines are appearing in some words. Seeing these lines, you can determine that those underlined words have some flaws in them.


Reaching to every underlined word will open up the suggested correction. Go for the suggestions and correct the flaws one by one.


So, you can see how easy it’s to use the tool.


There’s also the search box in the My Grammarly section from which you can explore your saved docs if you have already done some.


Using the Upload button, you can either start typing new text or uploading old doc on Grammarly.


To type on the tool, hit the “New” button and start writing your text. You’ll see that the tool is automatically detecting the flaws that you make in your writing.


Note that in the writing panel of the tool, you can also paste your required text to check it further for different types of errors.


So, copy the text that you need to check and paste that in the writing panel. That’s it. The tool will start detecting flaws in the text.


Now, learn how to upload a file on Grammarly for checking. To do this, click on “Upload” button and then a file explorer will open for browsing the file.


Browse the file and then select it from your PC’s storage. After that hit the “Open” button on the file explorer. It’ll upload the file on Grammarly. The uploading of files may take more or less time depending on the size of the file and the speed of the internet.


Once the uploading is complete, you can see your doc on Grammarly with the detection of its flaws. Correct all your text’s flaws according to the tool’s suggestions. This way, you can come up with an error-free document.


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So this is the guide to using Grammarly in MS Word and Outlook. Hope you’ll enjoy using the tool.

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