This is the post where you’ll be introduced to a lot of cute Tumblr themes. So, keep reading…


Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging platforms where millions of people share their life-related things. This is a great community-based platform where one can easily find out his/her like-minded people, bloggers, and their blogs.

free tumblr themes

There were some reasons to choose Tumblr as to open my free blog and the availability of thousands of nice Tumblr themes is one of the main reasons.


In fact, when I used to see some popular blogs, I was fascinated by the layout of the blogs. Since WordPress has tons of different types of themes, I wanted a platform where I would get the same facility.


So, I opened a Tumblr blog and after that, I entered into the world of cute Tumblr themes.


One thing to add here is that the more people are becoming interested in Tumblr, a few of them are actually paying heed to use eye-catching Tumblr themes on their blogs.


This is because many of us even don’t know that they can change their blog’s screens with their desired free Tumblr themes.


From that time to now, I’ve been using a lot of Tumblr themes and now I’ll give a list of nice themes that you can check to use in your Tumblr blog too.


Cute Tumblr Themes

Now, I’ll show a long list of cute Tumblr themes which will meet your need for the themes for Tumblr. Most of these are the minimalist Tumblr themes, so you can use any of them without much thinking.


One important thing that I wanna show you before introducing the themes. The thing is that how to find the themes on Tumblr?


How to find the themes on Tumblr?

To find out your desired Tumblr theme, first of all, visit this link.


You’ll see the following top bar once you visit the given link –

search tumblr themes

You can see that on the top bar, there are some options to browse your required theme (s).


The first option is “Categories” which can sift your themes according to different categories. Then, the next option is searching different themes on a popular basis.


And the right side of the bar, there’s the search icon which is the ultimate option for the exact search of your themes.


Click on the search icon and then you’ll see a popup text “Search”. Write your required theme’s name on the text and hit the search icon.


You’ll see a new web page with the theme if it’s available in the theme directory. So, this way, you can easily find out your chosen theme from Tumblr.


I’m showing you how to search any theme by doing a theme search now.


Suppose that I need to search a theme named “Pation”. To do this, I’ll visit following the link and write the name in the search box like this –

tumblr theme search

After that, I could find the theme by clicking on the search icon (search icon).


The themes that I’ve mentioned in this post are all available in the theme directory, so you’ll just have to write the exact name in the search box and hit the search icon the same way that I just showed you a few seconds back.



This is truly a fabulous Tumblr theme which comes with many rectangular shapes in 3 columns side by side. In addition, you can make the number of columns 2 too as per your requirement.


Though the name of this theme is Square, the image preview is rectangular in shape. You can change the number of columns as per your choice which I’ve already mentioned.


Overall, this Tumblr theme is very neat and clean one because there’s a lot of open space available here and there in the theme.

square tumblr theme


This is a premium theme for your Tumblr blog that’s fully customizable one. You can add your favorite logo and favicon to this theme. Not only is that, the theme supports Google font which is beneficial for a blog for many reasons.


You’ll see a lot of photos on this theme and all of them have the unlimited scrolling facility.

yeezy theme


This is another nice Tumblr theme that you can customize as per your wish. This theme supports all six types of Tumblr posts. It has a beautiful color palette which must attract any of your blog’s visitors. You have the full control over changing the fonts of the theme which supports Google fonts.

sugar theme


This is a premium theme that’s very cheap though the look of the theme is quite marvelous. You can have an awesome feeling with the theme.


The name of this theme can tell you the main theme of it. Yes, it’s a suitable one for writing blog posts. Single or multiple writers can showcase their work alone or together to dazzle their audience.



The cleanliness of this theme will marvel any of its viewers. So, if you wanna be lost in a complete neat and clean environment, then you could hardly find any other option better than this.


look at the theme and see that how much space is available from the border lines. Also, the space between two posts is quite decent.



Who doesn’t wanna see a cluster of photos arranged together? If you’re not another type of person, then you must love this theme.


Why is the look of this theme totally different from other ones? The reason is that there’s no space between two photos position side by side as well as up and down.


Pop Gallery Lite

The name of the theme tells a lot of the things about its look, I guess. Yes, the artistic look of this theme must dazzle your eyes.


The round shaped featured images of this theme are too awesome to look at them. It’s completely a responsive theme for any Tumblr blog, so you won’t have to worry about browsing your blog whether it’s from a PC or from a mobile phone.


In fact, this is a multifunctional theme that can show different multimedia such as images and videos in a fashionable way. So, no need to hesitate to use this theme for your Tumblr blog.

cute tumblr theme pop gallery lite


This is a column-based, cleanly designed theme that everybody should love to use on his/her Tumblr blog. So, you can give it a try.


Note that there are two themes having the same name available on the collection of Tumblr themes. One is free and the other one is premium. You can see that I’m talking about the premium one here.


In fact, the free one isn’t that good to mention here.



Wow! Marvelous. What a theme this is! I was astonished to see the outlook of this theme and you’ll be the same, I bet.


One exciting thing about the theme is that it shows different photos in different sizes. The anomalies in the size of different photos are really cool to see.


Also, the photos are arranged on a neat and clean background which gives a great look to the theme.



Calidor is a nice theme that can attract any of its users. I liked the simplicity of the theme and hope that you’ll love it too.


Another reason of loving the theme is that its posts and sides bars are separate from each other. They are arranged in a box type layout which is very attractive to me.


There’s an option for changing the background image of the theme by which you can set your preferable image as the background. Finally, I can say that this theme is similar to many WordPress themes.



It’s a fabulous theme though I didn’t use it personally. In fact, the look and the features of this theme made me a fan of this. I’m intending to use it on my blog in the future for sure.


The theme is perfect both for image and text type posts. There are multiple options for choosing some fonts so that you can meet your requirement when it comes to choosing a perfect font.


The front images are shown in different sizes which bring extra fashion to the theme without any doubt.



On a white background, the features images are scattered. What a nice look of the theme is. I like the beautiful layout of the theme very much.


This theme is perfect for a photo blog. The photos are shown in a popup window and you can pin them with just a click. So, the theme must make its users love it within a very short time.



The aesthetic look of this theme is regardless to say because everyone will love its beautiful layout. Being a premium theme, you’ll always find the premium features in this theme which are nonetheless to say.


In a word, I can say that this theme is a bit different from many other alternatives. The layout is cartoonish and the font seems very informal. So, there’s no reason for hating this theme.



This free Tumblr cute theme is outshining many other themes just with its simplicity, so if your need is to beautify your blog with a simple theme, then you must love it very much.


This is a perfect theme for a text-based blog, so if your main target is to showcase tons of images on your blog, then this theme won’t a good work for you. Other than that, you could reliably use it without having any confusion.



If you wanna showcase yourself as the author of your Tumblr blog, then this theme is a good choice for doing this. Yes, your picture is always on the left side of the theme in a round frame.


Note that there are two themes in the same name and this is the first one which comes after you search it on the directory of Tumblr themes.


The other one isn’t that good, so make sure that you have chosen the right theme for your blog. As said before, this theme will help you showcase yourself as the author of your blog. So, if you wanna focus you more than your content of your blog, then this is a perfect one for you.



Sharp is a simple and cheap theme for any Tumblr blog and you can showcase your nice work throughout the middle laid posts.


Yes, there are ample spaces on both the sides – left and right – of the theme that makes it a nice looking one without raising the chance of argument in this regard.


There’s the room for changing the default color of the theme which makes this a very customizable theme. The header image of the theme is also changeable. So, you can set any image in the header section as per your choice.


Having the facility of choosing and using different Google fonts and adding a lot of social media icons have made the theme a super one.



Wanna show your posts in an exciting way on your blog? Then, you could get this theme as one of the perfect ones, I bet.


Indy has two variants – one is free and the other one is paid. I’m talking about the free version here as it’s more than enough to make you happy when your blog wears this skin.


The layout of this theme is a bit different because the pages are saved on the left side of the layout unlike the top or the bottom of most common themes.


One thing to add here is that the main page of this theme is almost like the posts’ page of because the posts are arranged in the way as done on the blog.


Since’s theme is a WordPress theme, this Tumblr theme resembles a WordPress theme in many ways.



If you wanna attract your blog’s readers with a welcoming image that’s on your blog, then this is a nice choice for you. I hope that you’ll enjoy using the theme on your blog.


Sometimes, you may like a layout of a big image covers the whole first page of your blog. If your need is that, you can use this theme because you’ll get a big image that will welcome your visitors.


You can choose the welcoming image as per your choice. So, no need to worry about the set image if you don’t like that.


Oliver Twist

Have you ever gone to a jungle where there are a few trees and many open spaces? If you have, then you can compare that jungle’s view to the layout of Oliver Twist.


The cleanliness of this theme will attract you no matter what sort of likeness you have. So, trying this theme isn’t a waste of time for sure.

oliver twist

Easy Reader 2

Easy Readers 2 gives enough space on the both sides of the posts. So, it looks very neat and clean and I always like clean themes. I think that most of you’re the lover of cleanliness! If so, don’t wait, go and get the theme right now.

easy reader 2

White Shade Theme

If you wanna have a feel of difference in your blog’s theme, then this is one of the perfect choices. Why do I say this? The reason is that it’s totally different from many other typical Tumblr themes.


The fonts and the layout of the theme have made it much of an informal one.

white shade theme


I’m a lover of clean design and you can guess that this theme is another holder of cleanliness. This theme will surely engage you with its simplicity and the clean design.


Though the theme is very simple, you can still change the color and the fonts of it. It supports Google fonts which beneficial to ranking a blog on top of SERPs.


I always love Google fonts as to have a lot of SEO benefits to my blog. What’s more? Yes, you can add a lot of social icons to the theme without having any problem.



The name of this theme tells a lot about it. Yes, you could showcase different images clearly on this theme. There’s a small space between two images which brings a great look to the theme.


The theme isn’t free though the price is very cheap comparing to the design and performance of it. Also, you can set the photos’ arrangements in different orders. So, customize the theme as per your wish.



This theme allows you to show your posts in a long and tall featured image. The right side remains clear which adds another clean beauty to the theme.


The post of the theme takes a very small space and this is a great sign of difference. Your blog’s visitors must get a different feel on your blog if it wears Austere Tumblr theme in it.



This theme comes with a unique design which must give any of your readers the feel of aestheticism. The posts’ pages come up with different sized photos and you can experience the similar layout throughout the theme.


The default color is very cool though you can change that to any of your preferred ones as it has the option for changing colors.



This theme is almost like the theme of WordPress. The similarity with WordPress themes has made it one of the most preferred themes for Tumblr blogs.


The name of this theme is Minimal and yes, this is a minimalist theme which outshines with its simplicity. The posts are shown on the left side and the author and other pages are kept rolling on the right side of the theme.


There’s enough open space to the theme in all the sides which makes the theme another neat and clean one. So, I over confident that many of you’ll love this free theme for your Tumblr blogs.



The theme has the top image setting option which is a common trend of many WordPress themes too. The featured images of the posts come with big in size.



This is a perfect theme for blogging as the simple blogging layout made it one of kind blogging theme. Having this theme, you must feel like you’re a blogger.



Another nice theme for your Tumblr blog and you must love it because of its great design. So, you can decide to use it without having any confusion.



Wow! What a nice Tumblr theme this is. You can’t imagine the beauty of this theme because it’s too good to look at. Hope that you’ll check it yourself.


Your blog’s visitors will be welcomed with a cluster of photos if it wears this theme. Also, the sizes of different images are different which brings another great attraction to the theme.



This theme has different columns and the left column shows bigger images than the other columns. More or less, this is a newspaper style theme. So, you can easily engage many of your blog’s visitors with your content if this theme is the companion of your blog.


It gives a perfect look to the theme and I hope that any Tumblr blog owner must love it.


Tuscan Leather

The featured images or images are shown in different tiles with different sizes which can easily make your blog look perfectly designed. The professional looking theme can take your blog to the next level without causing any issue with it.


So, I can say that this is a pretty theme that must attract you and your blog’s visitors. So, having the theme is a good idea to any of you who’s running a Tumblr blog and thinking of there should be some changes to the layout of the blog.


The Minimalist

It’s marvelous. Yes, it’s. You can’t deny the artistic beauty of this theme because it’s totally different from other themes in terms of the design.


The preview image shown below proves my claim because you could hardly see a few themes that come up with a big and round shaped image on the homepage.

the minimalist

Other Basic

You can only say amazing things about this theme because it’s very neatly coded and for this reason, the theme will give you a feel of aestheticism from all aspects of its design.


There’s a huge space on both the sides of the theme which is totally empty. This is called cleanliness and you must love the design.

other basic


This is a premium theme, but it doesn’t cost much. So, anyone can try this theme because of its nice layout and affordable price.


As said earlier for another theme that the pages are arranged on the left side which is similar to this theme. There’s a different colored band on the left side of the theme which contains the pages and other informational content. On the right side of the theme, there are the posts which come up with different sized photos.



A nicely designed theme is always loveable to mass people and this theme is surely a loving one to many Tumblr blog users because of its sleek and clean design. So, trying the theme won’t be a matter of disappointment for sure.



I like this theme because the main portion does move on another one. I mean this theme is boxed one, so if your need is to have a box type theme, then this is a great choice for you.



The name of this theme completely matches with this theme’s design. You can feel a nice ambiance if your blog wears this skin.



This is a neatly designed theme for Tumblr blog. I think that anyone will like this theme because of its simple design.



Kiss is a marvelous theme and I think that the name resembles a lot about this theme. The reason might be that if you see this theme, then you’ll feel a great desire of kissing it. LOL!



No matter what – you must love this theme. If not, it’ll be very hard to find out a nice theme for you, at least right now.



The great design of this theme will really take you to the colorful empire of this theme. So, you’ll surely be lost in the world of euphoria.



This is a theme where you can see different photos in different frames. The look of this theme is a bit different than other ones.



Phase is a greatly designed theme though the cost is very low. You can have it only spending $9 from your pocket. So, why not try this cute Tumblr theme for your blog?


Go Big

The top image is very big and you can showcase your favorite pic there. Under the top bar, there are different frames of similar sizes to hold different pictures.



This is not a theme of StudioPress for WordPress, it’s for Tumblr. By the way, you can feel the Genesis-like layout in this theme for Tumblr.



This is another theme for Tumblr blog. You should start loving it because of its sleek layout.



When I was exploring the themes of Tumblr, I was being fascinated by the look of the themes. The reason is that most of the themes, both free and paid, are gorgeously designed though the outlook of the themes is awesome and simple.


Inspire Well

As you can see that I’ve  brought many themes of Style Hatch in this list of Tumblr themes. The reason is that the brand puts great efforts to make exciting themes for Tumblr blogs.


And this time, it’s all the same. They have made another nice theme called Inspire Well. I guess you’ll like it.

inspire well

Ultimate PRO

This theme claims that it has more than 300 options and not only is that, the theme is a nicely designed one. So, the look of the theme and the features will surely make any of its users happy.



Another theme that comes with a lot of white spaces and that’s why I like this theme very much. The simple design of this theme will not only dazzle your eyes but also pass the desire of using it for your blog.



The name of this theme maybe because of remembering your memories. Yes, you can go for the entry of your memories and become nostalgic at any time exploring it.


Other Things

This premium theme comes up with an exciting design, so there’s no reason to, unlike this theme.

other things


Having a lot of white spaces in a theme is always the matter of my likeness. In this theme, you’ll see that there are many white portions which will surely express the feel of simplicity and cleanliness.



Precise is a perfect theme for displaying your blog’s content in a nice way. So, if you need a sleek theme, then this is a great option for you.



This is another sleekly designed theme that must marvel any of your blog’s visitors. The reason is that it’s totally different and a bit cartoonish.



Bella is a nice looking theme which must satisfy you because the layout of this theme is totally ubiquitous.



What does the theme mean by its name? Does it mean that it’ll make your feeling clean and clear? Then the theme of this theme is totally perfect.



I don’t know why the name of this theme is November, but I know that it’s a greatly designed one that is loveable to anyone, I bet.



This is a premium theme which costs about half of a hundred dollars. The developer has chosen the name of the theme like this – Allure – maybe because of alluring its audience by showing dazzling images on different pages throughout the theme.


Yes, the theme is a nicely designed one and good for photo blog run on Tumblr.



This is a simple theme with having the pages on the right side of it. The posts are shown one by one on the right side, so which you post page you land, you can see the author and other pages directly from that by looking at the left side.


The Default Network 3.1

This theme is featured under the video themes category of Tumblr theme directory. So, you can easily understand that you can showcase your cool videos using this theme perfectly.


Yes, the responsive layout of this theme will surely adapt your videos to any sized screens. So, don’t worry if you use this theme on your Tumblr blog.


I’m a big fan of this theme and truth be told, if I had a video blog of mine, then I would have used this theme on that blog for sure.



You must like this theme because the design of this theme is really eye-catching. It’s common to say that if the images are arranged without giving any space between them, then the look becomes stunning.


In the case of this theme, the same thing is true. This is not a free theme though you can get it by bringing out little cash from your wallet.



This theme is preferable for mostly the travel blogs. So, if you own a travel blog, then this theme is a nice choice for you.


This is box type theme and for this reason, there are a lot of free spaces on all the sides of it. I like this kind of layout very much.


There’s also the room for changing the background image of the theme, so you can set an image of one of your visited places that you like very much in the background.



Fabulous, marvelous, awesome – what other nice words you can remember are all suitable for this nicely looking theme. Didn’t believe my words, then check the theme yourself.


This magazine style theme shows a lot of photos in different sizes. You can see from the default preview of the theme is that the top image is the biggest one. So, the top one is the featured post and under that, there are some smaller images.


And on the right side of the theme, there are a lot of small images.



If you wanna have something different in your theme, then choosing this one will surely satisfy you.



This theme shows different featured images in many long columns. So, the name of this theme is really matching with its design.



Isn’t the name enough to make you understand about this theme? Well, this theme is a simple one for anyone who’s the lover of simplicity.



This is a colorful theme for any Tumblr blog. You’ll love the multi-colored theme on your blog as the layout is very stunning.


Catching Elephant

This is another great theme for Tumblr blogs. The author info is kept on the left and the posts are shown on the right side of this awesome Tumblr theme.


Other Line

This theme must rule the world of themes because of its simple and sleek design. So, if you wanna have a simple them on your Tumblr blog that’ll dazzle your visitors, then this theme is a good choice for you.



The top bar can hold a wide picture and under that, you can arrange a lot of different featured images. This is the greatness of this theme and you can feel like you’re in a nicely designed blog if you use this theme.



Very, modern, and sleek – Fable is a great theme that must entertain you from different angles.



You can arrange different photos side by side on this theme. The look becomes very nice when you do so.



The only word that I can say about this theme is SIMPLE. The theme is built on simplicity and for this reason, any minimalist theme lover will love this theme.


Purple Yacht

Wow! What a fabulous theme this is! Yes, you’ll see different photos without making them congested on this theme.


18 Hours

Another cool theme for your Tumblr blog, so you can give it a try without keeping any confusion.


Quite Big

I feel like this blog makes me remember Quora because the design and the color of the theme are similar to the website of Quora.

quite big


The secret sauce of this theme to be a unique one is its unique layout. Yes, with this theme, you’ll have a unique feel.



Totally amazing and totally different! Yes, this is a theme that comes with a unique design, so I hope that you’ll love its unique layout.


Otlet’s Shelf

Are you an author or do you showcase eBooks on your blog? If so, then this is the perfect theme for your blog. Yes, you can showcase different books in a nice way using this theme. So, it’s worth trying it.


Dual XL

Different tiles images will surely attract you and your audience because this theme comes up with a layout like this.

dual xl

Pop Gallery Lite

This theme has a bit different layout than many other Tumblr themes. So, you can have a feel of difference in this theme.



This is a mixture of simplicity and aestheticism. There are a few themes that are like this one. So, this must be a talk of the town in the world of cute Tumblr themes.


Method Dark

The theme, Method Dark, is a great product of the theme developer. I wanna thank them for their great work producing such a nice theme.



This is a multiple slide sliding theme and you can set your preferable slides at your fingertip using the awesome feature of slide setting.


Not only is that the theme’s layout is fabulous and for this, there’s no reason to dislike the theme.



This theme comes with small images that are different in sizes. The small images are really too good to look at them. So, if you use this cute Tumblr theme, then you could be a happy user lot sooner with your blog.


This theme is totally different from many other Tumblr themes. The reason is that the featured images of the posts are scattered throughout the blog.



This is a simple theme with a gorgeous layout. So, another cheap theme that holds both the aesthetic and simple looks.


National Park

Do you love green? If so, then you should love this theme as the name reveals a lot about the look of this theme.

national park


Author is an awesome theme that’s both aesthetic and simple. So, to get the mix feelings of aestheticism and simplicity, this is one of the best Tumblr themes.



Responsive, clean, hot…..what’s more? Yes, if you add up many more adjectives to the row in the previous line, I guess all of them will be appropriate for the theme, Revera.


You’ll be surprised to know that the theme supports Facebook commenting which is good for better engagement. The scaling header text not only helps the theme become a responsive one but also gives ease to the readers when they read a blog having this theme.


Seven Pro

The word – Pro – attached to the name of this theme is well done. The reason is that this is really a professional theme which is professional both in performance and in look.


That’s the reason for setting the price of the theme much higher than other premium themes.



Watching different photos of different sizes is a great experience and this theme can give that experience with its perfect layout. Sometimes, the photos come up keeping the left side empty whereas other times, there are photos in 2 columns.



The big images of your posts must engage your readers. Yes, this theme comes with an exciting layout that’s enough to attract any of your readers.



It’s a premium theme with a lot of exciting features. So, you have no reason to unlike this theme.


California Roll

The featured photos are shown without leaving any space between them. The clean theme also shows the photos in different orders.



The neat and clean theme Wave, is perfect for those who wanna have a minimal them on their blogs. The blog posts arrangements are too great to attract anyone.


Black Coffee

This is a fully responsive Tumblr theme that’s compatible with all the devices. So, you won’t have to worry whether the theme will work on a PC or on a tablet PC.


Apart from that, the theme is very fast, so you shouldn’t experience the slow loading of different web pages if the Tumblr blog uses Black Coffee in it.


The header image of this theme is also changeable, so you can use your own photo in the background if you wish to do so.


Also, the theme supports setting a video on the header. To do so, you’ll have to upload your video to YouTube and then copy the link of the YouTube video.s


Finally, paste the link into the link posting box of the theme and enjoy the video on your blog’s header.


Note that Google fonts and Google ads are also compatible with the theme. So, this is great news to the user of this theme.


Little Leather Notebook

If you wanna wander away in your old days, then this theme is a great one to do so. Why?


Because this theme comes up with the layout of a notebook and you know that it was very common to see that people were making notes in their notebooks and reading them when they needed.


You’ll get a notebook reading feeling by landing a blog worn this theme. This boxed style theme has a wide background with a lot of free spaces. This has made this a great theme for reading any content comfortably.


Atlantic Noir

This is another theme from Style Hatch. As you can see that I’ve already discussed several themes of Style Hatch and it has solid reasons.


The theme developer, Style Hatch, is continuously producing awesome themes for the Tumblr users. So, when it comes to the theme of this developer, I don’t hesitate to bring that in this list of cute Tumblr themes.


Atlantic Noir is a clean theme and the code of this theme is also clean. So, the clean after clean built of the theme made it a perfect one for any Tumblr blog. I hope you’ll like this theme too.



There are two themes available in the same name in Tumblr theme directory. One is free and the other one is paid. Here, I’m discussing the paid theme because it’s much better than the free one.


This is another theme that shows the images without keeping any space between them. You can choose the layout of the theme as there are multiple layouts available for it.


The view of a cluster of photos attached to one another is a great feeling and your eyes should be soothed with that. As the cost of the theme isn’t that much, you can try it if you wish. I recommend the theme if your blog is a photo-based one.


So, these are the simple and cute Tumblr themes that can turn your average blog a nice looking one without worrying you anymore.

101 Cute Tumblr Themes to Beautify Your Tumblog
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