Top 7 Freelancing Platforms to Buy Different Services

Top 7 Freelancing Platforms to buy different services

Modern life is so much easy that you can’t imagine!


Suppose that you need some technical support for your business like creating your own website or your brand logo or designing your business card and something like this, but you don’t have any personal technical staffs in your office.


In this situation, you are worried thinking about that who will help me to finish my task!


No matter what since you have the internet in your hand.


So, what can internet do for you?


Well, you can accomplish the task just by hiring a freelancer remotely because there are so many reliable marketplaces available where from you can find a lot of skilled freelancers who are ready to give their best to fulfill your demands.


Nowadays most companies are hiring freelancers for different services from different freelancing platforms. Most companies are doing this because hiring freelancers rather than hiring permanent workers in offices have a big difference.


By the way, this post isn’t about showing you the benefits of hiring freelancers, here  I will discuss top 7 freelancing platforms where you can buy different services without any hassle.


Top 7 freelancing  platforms

There are a lot of freelancing platform available in the world but most of them are not popular and that’s why I will explain about top 7 platforms one by one in this article.


So I will request you before you start reading this article, please take a cup of coffee in your hand.


Hope you will get a clear idea about every marketplace that’ll be discussed here.



Elance was established in 1999 by Beerud Sheth and Srini Anumolu. After that Odesk was founded in 2003 by Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis.


Upwork was formed 18 months later when Elance and Odesk announce their merger on December 18, 2013. Stratis Karamanlakis is the founder of Upwork. Upwork is the world largest and best freelancing marketplace where you can find any types of freelancer with dashing skills.


Almost 1.5 millions of freelancers are available here in Upwork marketplace with different kinds of skills. So this will be a great option for you if you are looking to hire a freelancer for long-term projects.


And you can easily rely on them because of the strict terms and conditions of Upwork. They don’t have any options to cheat on you.


If any seller tries to do this with you, then you have the option to report to their customer support. The customer support team of Upwork takes an immediate initiative against him/her.


In addition, they will return your money. So you don’t have any worries about your money.


There has also another option. Suppose that you hired a freelancer and after sometimes later you realized that his/her work is not perfect, then you can cancel the project if you want.


So I think that this is a dependable place that you can use while looking for skilled freelancers.



Fiverr takes the 2nd place to rest of all the freelancing platforms. Fiverr is founded on 1 February 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman.


Now it’s much popular all over the world by its quality service and low price. The service anyone sells here is called GIG.


Basically, a gig starts only at $5 and if anyone wants more then they can offer extras as well. Recently they added a new option which is known as Fiverr Pro that means you can get pro level worker from here for premium work.


The pro gigs start from $100-$10,000. The interesting things are Apples Logo Designer ………. is also available with his pro gig.


So now you can easily realize that which types of quality is available here and also the support of Fiverr teams is incredible.


There has no option for a seller to do bad things with you. If you face any problems like this then you can easily contact their support staffs and they will ban the seller profile if you’re on the right side.


So, to hire quality freelancers for your projects, visit Fiverr now.


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Freelancer is also a great marketplace. It’s established in 2009. The headquarter of is situated in Australia.


Robert Matthew Barrie is an Australian technology entrepreneur who is the founder of this marketplace. The system of is great.


There has a lot of expert freelancers who can ensure the quality of their finished tasks. You can directly hire a freelancer from submitting a project and at the same time, you can arrange a contest where a lot of sellers can participate.


This is really an innovative idea of the platform because you have the option to choose the best from a lot of ideas. Also, their support is superb, so you can easily trust them.


Envato Market

Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung founded Envato in Sydney in 2006.


Envato is a marketplace where you can buy any kind of design, website themes and many other things for your business need.


It’s really an awesome marketplace which we can be called a shopping mall because they have different types of categories where you can easily find out your quality freelancers very quickly.


In addition, every seller will give you extra support after completing your purchase. So you can choose this marketplace without having any confusion.



99designs is the marketplace where you can find brilliant designers. A huge number of designers are available here for participating in your contest.


This is the marketplace which allows contest only. Suppose that you arrange a contest for your brand identity creation and add your brief with it in the platform with a content.


Soon after that, you’ll see hundreds of talented freelancers have participated in the contest.



People Per Hour is a great freelancing platform. It is founded in 2007 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou from the United Kingdom. People Per Hour is also nice and comfortable platform to work with.


The services of their workers are just outstanding. They ensure your quality of work as well. Most of them are very responsive. If you feel any problem with your project, then you can easily get better support from them.



Guru is another good freelancing marketplace. It was founded in Pittsburgh in 1998. Inder Guglani is the founder of this platform. It is a very reliable marketplace that you can easily trust on.


You can easily hire a freelancer directly from this marketplace and you can handle a great deal with the seller.


Finally, Guru is an awesome marketplace and you should have no doubt about it.


So if you need any work for your company, then you can try any of the freelancing platforms. I hope you will be satisfied with their services.

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