Top 10 Weirdest Websites

11. Pixel Thoughts

Meditation is too good to soothe our mind. This helps us to have great stability in our life. But, the irony is that we hardly find time for meditation as our life is full of work.


As we’re jam-packed with so many monotonous tasks on a regular basis, meditation will work fine for sure. Why I’m talking too much about meditation?


Well, the reason is that there’s a website named Pixel Thought which offers a short meditation of only 60 seconds. You may think that what great thing will do with this little meditation?


In fact, the impact of the short meditation is so big that you can’t imagine it right now. After doing it for a couple of days, you could really find out the great value of it.


So, I encourage you to check this site right now so that you can be habituated with a great habit of meditation.


12. Super Cook

I don’t know how will you consider this site, but to learn cooking in a fun way, there’s no alternative to this site. There are tons of recipes available on this site which will surely make you a great cook sooner or later.


Trying different cuisine is an interesting thing to many of us and using this site will do the best for the food lovers who wanna taste their own cooked foods.


So, trying the site won’t disappoint you as you’re a great fascination to be a good cook.


13. R33B

Do you know that a toad can hypnotize you and take control over you? If you’re skeptical about it, then try this site where you’ll be faced by a toad.


I call the toad a naughty one because it dazzles its watchers. I don’t wanna disclose much about the hidden secret of the site. You should visit the site and explore more of it right now.


Make sure that you’re taking some time to be hypnotized with the naughty toad.


14. Thinga

This site is truly an eye-catching one. Before visiting the site, I couldn’t imagine that it would have so many dazzling things loaded with it.


You will see a lot of interesting things which will make your time enjoyable. The site is loaded with gif, videos and images and most of which are irresistible.


I suggest you make some time for browsing this site because it has full of fun things around it.


15. Endless Horse

Who can tell that a simple thing can turn to be a matter of great weirdness sometimes? Yes, I’m talking about the site, Endless Horse, where a horse plays the magic.

endless horse

The horse isn’t even a real one. It’s sketched with different marks and the real weirdness takes part in the 4 legs of it.


It’s our human nature that we always wanna see the end of a thing. The same thing will happen with this horse. You’ll want to see the end of the legs of the horse, but you could never do that.


Sounds funny right? Yes, it’s. I again say that you can never see the end of the legs. The reason is that there’s no end of the legs. The unending legs will dazzle you until you stop trying to see the end of the legs.


This the main theme of the site is that you can never see the legs’ ends. So, why will just hear my words? You had better try this yourself. I’m damn sure that you’ll also find it very much interesting.


16. Ninja Flex

 Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Flex, Ninja, Flex, Ninja, Ninja, Ninja, Ninja.


This is the peculiar sound that will be made every time you push them. So, this is another site will take you to the ultimate weirdness.


You’ll try to hear different sounds, but you’ll be perplexed with the same sound again and again.


17. Zombie Passions

If you’re a zombie lover, then this place will amaze you a lot. The main theme of the site is zombies. You can connect with other zombie lovers on this platform.


This is really a weird site where people of different interests get together here.


18. Unlimited Anomalies

In this world, we can see some anomalies in different places. If you wanna see more of some kinds of anomalies almost all the time, then this is the site for you.


This site is loaded with lots of fun, so why not try it now?


19. The Quiet Place Project

This place is totally calm and quiet. You won’t hear any noise on the site. But the best part lies in this place is that you can read tons of messages from different people from all over the world.


In the present noisy world, we often find out a serene place. I think that you’re also searching for one! Thi site could be a perfect one for you.


20. Rhett and Lick

Have you ever thought that your PC screen can be licked by someone? If not, then break your belief today. Yes, on this site, you’ll get two people who’re waiting for you to lick your PC screen with their tongues.


So, to see this weird moment and act, don’t wait. Just visit the site and let your PC screen be licked by those two people. 

This site deals with a lot of fun by showing weird pictures. So, you could make your time interesting staying on the site.

This is a nice site for showing people’s old photos taken at recent times. So, you’ll see that people have snapped their old photos again with a new click.

Do you want something and wanna get that thing? Then go to this site and explore many of your wanted things.

You’ll see the minuscules of Facebook faces on this site. By clicking on dots, you could see faces in zoomed format. So, have a try.

On this site, you can explore tons of photos by following the directions on the site.

How will it feel like seeing some zombies are dancing in front of your eyes? Really weird, right? Yes, you can experience this weirdness on this site.


31. Dog Vision

Do you know how a dog sees you? If you ever wanna learn the vision of dog’s seeing you, then you shouldn’t miss this site.


Visit the site and upload a photo of you. Then you’ll see how a dog sees that image of you.


32. Tickld

Watching weird pictures is a great way of having a lot of fun. But how will you find funny and peculiar pictures?


Don’t worry as Tickld can bring hundreds of weird pictures to you. The only thing that you’ll have to do is to visit the site. The rest of the thing will be done by the site. 

I like jelly and went to eat some from the site as it offers a delicious jelly bar. But I the jelly trembled me as when touched it, it started vibrating. Every time I did it, it just did the same. So, it was an awesome experience that I had on the site.

Do you love to listen to different types of sounds? Then this site is suitable for you. You can listen to hundreds of sounds as per your wish. So, trying the site won’t make you unhappy.

Listen to different stories and you know who doesn’t wanna love to listen to stories? 

This site is very educational. You can learn so many things from the site. There are many categories on the site where from you could learn in-depth knowledge about doing things properly.

What’s going on in the world? How much do you know? Expand your knowledge by visiting this site which will give you ample pleasure for sure.

I don’t wanna say anything about this site, so you had better visit the site and explore many things about the site.

This site is decorated with so many creepy things. So, if you love weirdness, then the site is a perfect place for you. 

Text in different designs and formats as per your wish. This will give you a great feeling of being an artist. 

Go and disclose news. No limit, do as much as you can. 

Be proactive and this site will make you proactive, I bet.

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