How to Improve Productivity in Blogging

productivity in blogging

Productivity improvement is one step ahead of succeeding in blogging.   But it’s not very easy to be productive. However, I’m gonna teach you how to be a productive blogger.   Productivity = more or better output at a certain period of time. So to be productive in blogging, your main target is to write …

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Now is The Time to Give Some Time to Your Family

now is the time

Hi dear readers, I wanna inform you one important thing in this post. This is all about time.   Since the beginning of my online writing career, I’ve been struggling to manage my time properly. I planned a lot to end with a nice schedule that will keep enough time for my work and my …

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Ways to Stop Procrastination in Writing Blog Posts

ways to stop procrastination

Procrastination is our great enemy.   Procrastinating kills our success. So we should stop procrastinating at any cost. In this post, I’ll try to tell you how you can stop procrastination in blogging.   Stop Procrastination You should know why do we actually procrastinate for doing anything. If you can figure out the reason, you’ll …

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Improve Your Blogging Career from the Biography of Steve Jobs

biography of steve jobs

The genius man Steve Jobs is no more, but his motivational speech may change your life!


In fact, I’ve boosted my life from a shabby state with my hard work. The commencement speech of Steve Jobs that he delivered at Stanford University in 2005 has motivated me a lot. I think that everybody should learn many things from his short speech.


Hit the video & enjoy it –


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Biography of Steve Jobs!

Yes, actually Steve’s speech was all about his life history & in his short speech, he introduced 3 parts of his life.


He dropped out of University and couldn’t complete his graduation. He thanked his drop out because he would think that he couldn’t do the great job that he did if he hadn’t dropped out from his college education.


Steve came through a miserable life, but he never lost his hope & but he always worked with his passion.


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Steve always did what he would love. So you people want to do something great, then you must do those things that attract you. Otherwise, you couldn’t enjoy your work & that’s most likely to fail in your work.


Finding out the things that you love to do is not easy. So you’ll have to keep exploring until you find your sweet job. Never settle yourself until you get what you love.


In his speech, Steve also shared his amazing story how he had recovered from incurable pancreatic cancer. That was totally unbelievable.


Steve Jobs’ life wasn’t very smooth after he got much popularity as he was fired from his own company, Apple when he was just 30. However, he would consider all the negative things as positive. Yes, he could create another great animation company Pixar that he would think was possible because of his firing from Apple.


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Finally, he didn’t have to wait for long to join with Apple again as Apple bought another company of Steve.


So Steve can be considered as one of the great heroes who must inspire any entrepreneur whether it’s blogging or any other business.


So don’t become depressed and go ahead to be successful.