Small SEO Tools Review: A Tool for Many SEO Services

Small SEO Tools is a tool that provides several SEO services. It’s one of the free online SEO tools that’s very popular among the people those who wanna check different aspects of SEO using a tool.


In this review, I’m gonna talk about Small SEO Tools.


So let’s check it out.


Small SEO Tools Review

The tool is a beast when it comes to providing SEO services for free.


Yes, SmallSEOTools has already arranged over 100 types of tools on their site. They’re continuously bringing more and more SEO services to their platform.


All of their tools are quite handy when it comes checking your content’s SEO from different factors.

Benefits of SmallSEOTools

The first benefit of the tool is that you can check so many SEO related things staying on one platform. Because of the wide collections of tools on the same site, you can check grammar, plagiarism, SEO score, screen resolution, backlink analysis, Alexa rank, DA, PA, keyword research etc just by using one tool.


The good news is that you don’t need to pay a single penny at times of using the services because they are totally free.



Though the tool is widely known as a plagiarism checker, it serves many other key tools too.


Here are some of the popular tools of Small SEO Tools:

Plagiarism Checker

Small SEO Tools has become popular by offering this feature. It was welcomed warmly by freelance writing clients. Many clients depend on this tool when it comes to checking the originality of their content written by their freelancers.


Article Rewriter

I don’t recommend you use this tool because this just spins the content written by others. This tool can produce a new version of your given content.


Like other article spinners, this one works the same way.


Keyword Position Checker

To check your content’s performance, you need to check its positioning on SERPs.


But how will you do it? Manually?


No the manual process is quite hectic and Google Search Console might not always show you the most updated search ranking positions of your content.


Don’t worry because Small SEO Tools has a keyword position checker tool in it that can solve this problem.


Grammar Checker

To check your content for grammatical mistakes, you can also use this tool because of having a nice grammar checker. Though the checker is that powerful, you can still use it to check your content.


Domain Authority Checker

You may also need to check your or your competitor’s blog’s domain authority. The domain authority checker tool of Small SEO Tools will surely help you to do this.


Google PR Checker

This tool can check the page rank of your blog or an individual web page. Just drop the URL of a web page and find its PR.


Image Compression Tool

Optimizing your images for lower size is important to make your web pages speedy enough. The image compression tool can handle this task well.


Page Authority Checker

Checking the page authority of your web page has a high demand, so the tool didn’t miss to add this feature too.


Spell Checker

Your content might have some spelling mistakes due to speedy typing or for any other reason. Don’t worry because Small SEO Tools has a spell checker tool to solve this issue.


Backlink Checker

Checking the backlinks of your website might be a regular task if you want to do so, you don’t have to leave this tool because of having this crucial feature in it.


Alexa Rank Checker

To check your website’s Alexa rank, you don’t need to visit because you can do this staying on Small SEO Tools because of having this nice feature.


Domain Age Checker

From time to time, you may need to check the age of your competitors’ websites. This time, you don’t have to take the help of another SEO tool.


The domain age checker tool of Small SEO Tools is enough to provide you with this service.


Website SEO Score Checker

If you want to check how well you’ve tweaked your content for SEO, then you can do that without leaving this tool. Yes, the website SEO score checker is too good to help you regarding this.


You can check your content’s search engine optimization by getting a detailed score using this tool.


Keyword Density Checker

Though the maintenance of keyword density in your content isn’t that important in recent SEO practices, you can still check the density to avoid overstuffing with keywords.


To do this, the keyword density checker is there to help you.


Website Page Size Checker

Checking the size of your web pages is quite important to make sure that they are light in weight.


And doing this has been much easier because of having this cool tool.


Word Count Checker

You may check the length of a piece of content. No matter what, you can perform the task by using word count checker tool of Small SEO Tools.


Mozrank Checker

Often times, you need to find out the Mozrank of a website. To do this, the Mozrank checker is there with this tool.


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How to use Small SEO Tools?

Now, I’ll show you the easy process of using Small SEO Tools for two different purposes. Yes, I’ll show you how to check grammar and plagiarism with the tool because these two features are very important.


Plagiarism section

By the way, the plagiarism checking section is much better than many other tools of the same type. In fact, SmallSEOTools is renowned for offering different types of options from the same site. Amazing thing is that all the services are free of cost.


So, it’s an amazing free online plagiarism checker.


Now, let’s see how the tool works? Here are the easy steps of using this tool –

Visit the site of SmallSEOTools (Click Here).


Now, you have to click on this button –

smallseotools plagiarism checker

This will open the plagiarism checking option.


After landing the page, you’ll see a big blank box which is for dropping your text to be checked for plagiarism. So, copy your text and then paste that into the box.


There’s an option for confirming that you’re not a robot. You’ll have to click on the option and then there’ll be check mark which will confirm that you’re a real human.


Then you need to hit the following button –

button for plagiarism check

It’ll start analyzing your text for plagiarism detection. You’ll see that the tool is automatically scoring your text between 0 and 100. A score above 95 is quite okay to accept.

uniqueness score

This was the score given in percentage as I’ve tested a short text.

This mark is given to every portion of checking. So, when you’ll see the red mark which means that plagiarism detected, you can track and then okay that.


Also, you can download the report for further use too. To do so, you’ll need to follow this button –

download report

Grammar section

When you land the homepage of SmallSEOTools, you’ll see a lot of different options there. After the first couple of buttons, you’ll see the “Grammar Checker” button.

free grammar checker

Hit this button and it will take you to a new page. The page will show you a big blank box which is for dropping your text for checking its grammar.


Now, you have two ways to leave your text for further check. The most common method is to copy and paste your text into the box.


On the other hand, you can write on the blank box. If it’s pre-written doc, then you should just copy that from the source and then paste that in the box.


If you need to write a fresh post, then you can directly start writing on the dashboard of the box.


Once you have dropped your text, now is the time to hit the following button –

i'm not a robot

After the confirmation that you’re a human, the button will turn like this –


Once the confirmation is done, this is the time to choose any of the three given buttons. Yes, there are three buttons available just under the confirmation box which are like this –

check grammar

You’ll need to hit the first button if you want to check the grammar of your text for free. The “Deep Grammar Check” button is for paid grammar check which is actually an affiliate link of Grammarly.


And the “Start New Search” button will prompt for another search.


One thing to add here is that if you wanna intend to check with the premium option, then you should directly visit Grammarly.


Finally, I can say only good things about SmallSEOTools because of its awesomeness.


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SmallSEOTools is a great tool for anyone who wants to check his/her content according to different SEO angles.


In addition, the tool can be used totally for free.


Moreover, Small SEO Tools has been improving its features and performance on a regular basis.


Considering all the factors, this tool is very good in quality. I think you’ll be happy to use it.

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