How to Use SlideShare to Bring Huge Traffic to Your Blog

SlideShare is the best slide sharing platforms that everybody of you knows.


Here’s a review of SlideShare that you can read in order to learn about its overall greatness.


By the way, in this post, I’ll talk about only the traffic generation scope of this awesome slide sharing site.


So, how to get Tons of SlideShare Traffic?

Now, I’ll share you with the ways through which you can generate traffic to your site using SlideShare.


To do this, you’ll have to follow the steps below –

Step 1. Register for an account

The first thing that you’ll have to do is to create an account on SlideShare. So, if you don’t have a SlideShare account, then you’ll have to create one.


Since SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, you can have access to SlideShare using your LinkedIn account’s credentials too.


Step 2. Create presentations

After creating an account on SlideShare, now you need to create presentations. Create niche related presentations using MS PowerPoint or Prezi or Google Slide etc.


Make sure that you create good presentations to publish on your SlideShare account.


Step 3. Add your website’s link to the presentations

When you create your presentations, you must add your website’s link to relevant slides.


Yes, this is the awesomeness of slide presentations since you can attach any web link to them.


All the slide creating tools have this feature in common that they allow you to add links to slides that you create.


If you use MS PowerPoint, you can easily add your web link to any of your desired slides.


Here are a few steps to doing so –

  1. Open MS PowerPoint and start creating slides.
  2. After creating some slides, you should add your website’s link. You shouldn’t add links to the first couple of slides because this practice is prohibited on most slide sharing sites.
  3. You can add a link to your desired slide by hitting the Insert button which will show some more buttons.
  4. Click on the Hyperlink button after marking a text on your slide.
  5. This will open a box where you’ll have to drop your web link in the Address box.
  6. Finally, hit the OK button. That’s it, your link has been added to your slide presentation.

So, following the above steps, you can add as many links to your slides as you want.


Step 4. Publish the presentations

Once you complete your presentation now is the time to publish that on SlideShare. To do this, follow these steps –

  1. Log in to your SlideShare account.
  2. Hit the Upload button shown on top of the site (just beside your profile picture).
  3. Click on the Select files to upload button. You’ll be taken to file explorer box to select your file.
  4. Select your designed slide presentation from the respective location. It’ll start loading.
  5. Then, set the title, the description and some other required fields to complete the slides’ settings.
  6. Lastly, hit the Publish button to make it live on SlideShare.


Step 5. Share the presentations

After publishing your presentation, you can share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


So, share it on all the social media channels.


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