SlideShare Review ~ Best Platform for Sharing and Exploring Slides

SlideShare is a platform that hosts hundreds of thousands of slide presentations shared by thousands of people from all over the world. review

It’s the largest presentation sharing platform which is now owned by LinkedIn.


SlideShare Review

Earlier, it was created by Rashmi Sinha back in 2006.


Millions of people visit SlideShare on a regular basis because you know how important slide presentations are for a business.


The site invented a new way of learning things.


So, now you not only read blog posts to learn things, you slide presentations to do the same thing which is really exciting.


You can consider SlideShare similar to YouTube because YouTube hosts videos where SlideShare hosts slide presentations.


The website address of SlideShare is and you can see a lot of published presentations on the homepage of the site.


If you wanna share your presentations on the platform, you’re open to doing so because it offers free presentation sharing opportunity.


To publish your presentations on the platform, you’ll have to create a free account. You can create an account there or use your LinkedIn account to sign in on the platform.


If you sign in using your LinkedIn profile, all your LinkedIn credentials will be shown on SlideShare too. This is a great way to showcase your professional LinkedIn profile throughout your presentations.


SlideShare offers the clipping system using which you can easily clip your preferred slides as per your choice. You can easily reach out to your clipped slides just by hitting the My Clipboards from your SlideShare account.


You can upload and publish as many presentations on the platform as you want as long as you don’t violate their rules and regulations.


All your presentations can be found on the My Uploads tab which is situated in your account.


The presentations of SlideShare allows users to leave comments.


So, you can share your comments under the commenting section of any presentations.


One of the notable features of the platform is that you can get all your comments under one section. Yes, My comments section is for getting all the comments that you’ve already made on other slide presentations.


And, using the Analytics button, you can check how your slide presentations are performing. The analytics of SlideShare is very smart because presents a lot of data about your published presentations.


You can come to know the total number of presentations that you’ve published on the platform from the analytics.


Also, you can track the analytics of your presentations for the period of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.


You can also check the top viewed content as well as the top viewed countries.


Not only are these, you can have the traffic sources distributed in a pie chart from the Analytics toolbar of SlideShare.

slideshare traffic source

By analyzing all these analytical reports, you can easily take necessary actions to engage a more interested audience in your presentations.


How to publish a presentation on SlideShare?

Uploading a presentation on SlideShare and then, publishing it is one of the easiest tasks of the world.


To do this, first of all, you’ll need to create your presentation.


There’s different software using which you can easily create your stunning presentations. Some of the common slide making tools are MS PowerPoint and Prezi.


Once your presentation creation is done, now is the time to upload it to SlideShare.


Visit the site of SlideShare and log in with your account’s credentials.


Then, hit the Upload button.

slideshare upload button

This button will show up all the uploading features.


Use the features and upload your presentation successfully.


After uploading the presentation, hit the Publish button to make it available for all the users of SlideShare.


The usability of SlideShare

SlideShare is a place for millions of people. So, it has a great potential to spread your work.


Make quality presentations on your niche topic and publish them on SlideShare.


You’ll see that many people are checking your work within a few hours of your publication.


If SlideShare nominates any of your presentations as the featured one, then you’ll see a surge of traffic to your site from the site of SlideShare.


So, don’t forget to link to your website in your presentations (make sure that you’re not using your link in the first 3 slides of your presentation).


Finally, I must rate it with a 5-star rating because SlideShare is the best platform for sharing and browsing slide presentations.

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