15+ Simple Tumblr Themes for Any Tumblr Blog

If you’re an owner of a Tumblr blog, then you can decorate it with a lot of themes available for your blog. In this post, I’ll share with you some simple Tumblr themes for your Tumblog.


So, let’s introduce with some minimalist Tumblr themes and pick one for your blog.


Simple Tumblr Themes

Now, I’ll start mentioning different simple themes one by one.


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The Minimalist

It’s marvelous. Yes, it’s. You can’t deny the artistic beauty of this theme because it’s totally different from other themes in terms of the design.


The preview image shown below proves my claim because you could hardly see a few themes that come up with a big and round shaped image on the homepage.

the minimalist

Other Basic

You can only say amazing things about this theme because it’s very neatly coded and for this reason, the theme will give you a feel of aestheticism from all aspects of its design.


There’s a huge space on both the sides of the theme which is totally empty. This is called cleanliness and you must love the design.

other basic


Wow! Marvelous. What a theme this is! I was astonished to see the outlook of this theme and you’ll be the same, I bet.


One exciting thing about the theme is that it shows different photos in different sizes. The anomalies in the size of different photos are really cool to see.


Also, the photos are arranged in a neat and clean background which gives a great look at the theme.



It’s a fabulous theme though I didn’t use it personally. In fact, the look and the features of this theme made me a fan of this. I’m intending to use it on my blog in the future for sure.


The theme is perfect both for image and text type posts. There are multiple options for choosing some fonts so that you can meet your requirement when it comes to choosing a perfect font.


The front images are shown in different sizes which bring extra fashion to the theme without any doubt.



On a white background, the features images are scattered. What a nice look at the theme is. I like the beautiful layout of the theme very much.


This theme is perfect for a photo blog. The photos are shown in a popup window and you can pin them with just a click. So, the theme must make its users love it within a very short time.



This free Tumblr cute theme is outshining many other themes just with its simplicity, so if your need is to beautify your blog with a simple theme, then you must love it very much.


This is a perfect theme for a text-based blog, so if your main target is to showcase tons of images on your blog, then this theme won’t a good work for you. Other than that, you could reliably use it without having any confusion.


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If you wanna attract your blog’s readers with a welcoming image that’s on your blog, then this is a nice choice for you. I hope that you’ll enjoy using the theme on your blog.


Sometimes, you may like a layout of a big image covers the whole first page of your blog. If your need is that, you can use this theme because you’ll get a big image that will welcome your visitors.


You can choose the welcoming image as per your choice. So, no need to worry about the set image if you don’t like that.


Easy Reader 2

Easy Readers 2 gives enough space on both sides of the posts. So, it looks very neat and clean and I always like clean themes. I think that most of you’re the lover of cleanliness! If so, don’t wait, go and get the theme right now.

easy reader 2

White Shade Theme

If you wanna have a feel of difference in your blog’s theme, then this is one of the perfect choices. Why do I say this? The reason is that it’s totally different from many other typical Tumblr themes.


The fonts and the layout of the theme have made it much of an informal one.

white shade theme


This theme allows you to show your posts in a long and tall featured image. The right side remains clear which adds another clean beauty to the theme.


The post of the theme takes a very small space and this is a great sign of difference. Your blog’s visitors must get a different feel on your blog if it wears Austere Tumblr theme in it.



This theme is almost like the theme of WordPress. The similarity with WordPress themes has made it one of the most preferred themes for Tumblr blogs.


The name of this theme is Minimal and yes, this is a minimalist theme which outshines with its simplicity. The posts are shown on the left side and the author and other pages are kept rolling on the right side of the theme.


There’s enough open space to the theme in all the sides which makes the theme another neat and clean one. So, I overconfident that many of you’ll love this free theme for your Tumblr blogs.



Wow! What a nice Tumblr theme this is. You can’t imagine the beauty of this theme because it’s too good to look at. Hope that you’ll check it yourself.


Your blog’s visitors will be welcomed with a cluster of photos if it wears this theme. Also, the sizes of different images are different which brings another great attraction to the theme.



This is a perfect theme for blogging as the simple blogging layout made it one of kind blogging theme. Having this theme, you must feel like you’re a blogger.



Another nice theme for your Tumblr blog and you must love it because of its great design. So, you can decide to use it without having any confusion.



This theme has different columns and the left column shows bigger images than the other columns. More or less, this is a newspaper style theme. So, you can easily engage many of your blog’s visitors with your content if this theme is the companion of your blog.


It gives a perfect look to the theme and I hope that any Tumblr blog owner must love it.



The cleanliness of this theme will marvel any of its viewers. So, if you wanna be lost in a complete neat and clean environment, then you could hardly find any other option better than this.


look at the theme and see that how much space is available from the border lines. Also, the space between two posts is quite decent.


So, these are the simple Tumblr themes that you can use to make your blog stunning with a simple touch.

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