Should You Start Blogging? Learn Whether Blogging is For You or Not!

That day, in a report (forgot the source, sorry), I came to know that 172800 blogs are created daily.

should i start blogging

So, every day hundreds of thousands of people are replacing their old designations (whatever those are) with “blogger“.


Yes, many people are enlisting their names in the game of blogging because of different interests.


But, most of them (almost 99% if I’m not wrong!) start blogging only because of making money.


They think that as many professional bloggers are making six-figure income per month, so they should do the same instead of doing their previous jobs.


By the way, you might be someone who’s one of those people who’s trying to involve in blogging!


Therefore, don’t just think of about it and jump into the world of blogging unless you’re sure that it’s suitable for you.


So, try to learn whether blogging is for you or not.


And, learn it from me, SMN Zaman, because I’m not someone who’ll tell you to start blogging in anyways just to make some affiliate commissions!


Beware! Most people will misguide you only because of their silly interests!


The action of starting a blog might be fatal if it doesn’t suit you.


So, should you start blogging?

Well, you and I’ll discover the fact throughout this blog post.


First of all, learn the reasons why you shouldn’t start blogging.


Don’t start blogging IF…..

# 1. You consider blogging a quick money-making machine

Most newbies in blogging think that blogging is a quick way to earn a lot of cash which is just a daydream. You can never make a lot of money from your blog within a very short time. You’ll have to wait for an adequate period of time before you can see some tractions from your blog.


So, if your desire is to make thousands of dollars just within a few months of the start of your blog, then it’s wise not to start blogging. If you start blogging with your wishful thinking, then you’ll be the most depressed person in the world for sure.


# 2. You think that it’s very easy

Another great misunderstanding about blogging is this. Most bloggers say that blogging is very easy because they wanna motivate people so that the bloggers can make affiliate commissions through a lot of sales of hosting packs (you’ll need to buy a hosting pack in order to run your blog!).


Blogging isn’t an easy job and the starting period is the hardest of all time. In fact, this is true for any sorts of jobs.


But, the good news is that if you’re passionate about blogging, you could overcome all the obstacles.


# 3. You don’t have a side income or don’t have enough money to support at the initial period

Many amateur bloggers run short of money because they start blogging without managing their finance well. They think that they could manage all the financial matters from the income of blogging, but when they fail to make a single penny from it, they need to leave blogging to do any other thing to make quick money.


So, you should manage a side income when you decide to do blogging full-time. Once you start making a full-time income from blogging, that time, you may stop doing the other job.


In my case, I started freelance writing to support myself because I knew that it might take time to make money from my blog.


Though I was happy and lucky as well by selling my first product within the first 60 days of blogging, not every one of you could do the same.


# 4. You can’t concentrate on a thing for a long time

Being a blogger, you’ll always have to concentrate on different topics for a long period of time. So, if you’re perturbed with the attentiveness on something for a long period of time, then blogging isn’t for you.


I had to spend around 6 hours to write this post, so do you have the capacity to work hard for your blog? Think about it twice and then, take your wise decision!


# 5. You can’t spend quality time in it

Blogging is a time-consuming job. It’ll take hours to accomplish a single blog post which I’ve already mentioned in the previous part.


So, once you’re choosing to blog for a living, you’re gonna spend a lot of time in it.


#6. You feel that writing is boring

Does writing seem interesting or boring to you? If you’re not interested in writing, then you could never be a successful blogger.


Whether you’re interested in writing or not, you can’t say this in plain words. You’ll have to check it. Yes, sit for writing 500 words or so on an interesting topic and check whether you’re getting bored or not.


If you can’t pass this simple test, then it’s highly likely that blogging isn’t your job, I’m sorry.


# 7. You don’t have an area of interest

Everybody should have an interesting domain. What thing attracts you the most? Have you ever asked this question to yourself?


Ask again and try to learn about it. Some people love to talk about latest gadgets while others feel comfortable in discussing recipes.


If you have an area of interest, then you should find it out. Unfortunately, if you don’t find any areas of interest, then I’m extremely sorry to say that blogging isn’t for you.


# 8. You don’t have an expertise in any fields

Are you expert at anything? Suppose that you’re an architect. That means you know about architecture very well and for this reason, you can create valuable content on the topic.


On the other hand, if you’re not an expert in any fields, then you may not shine in blogging.


# 9. You don’t love to read

Writing exciting blog posts doesn’t mean that you’ll only need to write. In fact, you should read more than you write. This is because you’ll need to inject a lot of ideas into your brain in order to write well.


Good writing is involved in sharing valuable knowledge, so you’ll have to gather more and more knowledge in order to write valuable things.


So, how’ll you gather a lot of knowledge? The best way to do this is by reading a lot. Do you love to read a lot? If not, then say no to blogging.


# 10. You don’t have your own unique voice

Copycat never succeeds.


Yes, if you can’t spread your own voice among your followers, then they’ll soon trace it and reject you for sure.


# 11. You don’t have the capacity or the willingness to solve others problems

Do you love to solve the problems of others or do you have the capacity to do so? If you’re skilled at it or willing to do it, then you can start blogging.


In contrast to that, you can never succeed in blogging if you don’t have the ability to improve other people’s lives by sharing your own techniques to solve their problems.


# 12. You’re addicted to watching porn

I had to bring this part because I see that many bloggers fail only because of too much addiction to porn.


They have a great talent, but whenever they go to execute their actions for their blogs, they’re trapped in watching porn videos or the like. As a result, they waste their valuable time and come up with nothing.


So, if you can’t protect yourself from watching porn, then it’s better to stay away from blogging.


# 13. You have little to no confidence in yourself

Blogging isn’t for faint-hearted people. It requires enough confidence to start blogging.


What’s reason for being bold in order to blog?


Well, blogging is something that’s involved in ups and downs. This is, in fact, true for any types of businesses. You’ll have to be confident enough to overcome all the obstacles that you may face when it comes to blogging.


As for example, you may experience that you can’t sell a single affiliate product in a month even though you’ve done everything correctly. Or you may see that all your hard work went in vain. In all the cases, you’ll have to rinse and repeat which require a lot of confidence.


# 14. You’re not an honest person

Honesty is the most sought-after thing in any businesses.


Being a blogger, you’ll always have to be an honest person. Otherwise, you’ll lose your credibility.


And, when you lose your credibility to your audience, you ultimately lose everything. Your blogging mission won’t be a success if you fail to build trust.


# 15. You don’t have perseverance

Last but not the least, you should be adamant to carry on your blogging mission. If you can’t persevere enough with blogging, then you can’t survive in it.


Start blogging IF…..

# 1. You wanna build a sustainable career working from home

It’s true that blogging isn’t a shortcut money-making scheme, but you can build a relaxed and sustainable career by being a blogger.


The nice part of blogging is that you don’t need to go outside to do it.


And, in the long-run, you could be in a dream profession.


So, if you wanna have a nice job that can be done directly from a computer, then you should start blogging as early as possible.


# 2. You’re hungry to learn more

Many people aren’t hungry for food, they’re hungry for fresh knowledge. If you’re someone like them, then blogging is for you.


Blogging means that you’re swimming in a great sea of knowledge.


# 3. You’re eager to let the world know about your exciting ideas

Most of you wanna share your ideas with other people and the best way to do this is blogging. You won’t need to take anybody’s permission to share your ideas if you’re a blogger.


Blog well and let the world dazzle with your exciting ideas.


If you wanna work with your ideas, then don’t wait. Go and get a brand new blog now.


# 4. You wanna interact with more and more people

If you’re someone who’s not that extrovert, but wants to connect with thousands of people remotely, then blogging is the perfect job for you.


You could interact with a lot of people which you couldn’t be able to do without blogging.


So, start blogging if you’re hungry to meet more and more new people on a regular basis.


# 5. You wanna be famous living inside your home

Who doesn’t wanna be famous? I think that the mad person who’s walking along the road also wants to be famous.


But, can you imagine to be a famous person without going out?


No, you can be famous enough just by blogging.


Haven’t you seen Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger who has become famous just from his wheelchair? He weren’t so popular if he wouldn’t have started blogging.


# 6. You wanna help others improve their lives

Not every one of you wants to help others. Only the great people have this virtue of helping others.


If you’re someone in the group of great people, then blogging is for you.


Yes, you should start blogging in order to help others. A lot of people need your help so that they can make their lives better.


So, why not stretch your hands and improve their lives?


# 7. You wanna make a lot (extremely lot) of money in the long-run

If you can churn out some quality blog posts on a regular basis for some years, then you can smell the sweet smell of money all the time.


Yes, many professional bloggers are making thousands of dollars just sitting on their chairs.


If you wanna be like them, blogging is for you.


#8. You don’t wanna take the hassles of your physical business

Blogging is tough, I agree, but physical businesses are tougher than it, I bet.


Most physical businesses are full of hassles. If you really don’t wanna face the hassles of these kinds of businesses, then blogging is the best profession for you.


# 9. You don’t wanna pursue a boring 9 to 5 job

Oh! A 9 to 5 job is a hectic one that almost all of you hate. So, blogging can help you avoid a 9 to 5 job because you can make a full-time income from blogging living your home if you can do it properly.


# 10. You wanna be disciplined

Blogging is not only helpful for making money, it can teach you self-control too. You can be a better person just by being a good blogger.


You’ll learn how to interact with people in a polite way and practice it regularly which will, in turn, make you a nice guy or gal in the blogging community.


Your nice behavior won’t be limited to the world of blogging. You’ll be polite too while meeting people physically.


# 11. You wanna travel around the world

Blogging is such an amazing profession that let many people fulfill their desires of being a full-time traveler. If you google a bit, you’ll come to know that many renowned bloggers are full-time travelers.


If you check in different places of the world, then there’s no better job than blogging.


# 12. You wanna be your own boss

No people wanna be others subordinate.


Everyone wants freedom and if you can be your own boss, then freedom is your all-time companion.


So, start a blog on your own and be your own boss in no time.


# 13. You wanna hone your writing skills

Blogging is involved in writing.


So, starting your own blog means that you’ll write content for it. This will surely finetune your writing skills.


That means if your wish is to improve your writing, then blogging is a perfect job for you.


# 14. You wanna schedule your time as per your wish

Since you’re gonna be your own boss by being a full-time blogger, you have the full-control of making your own schedule.


I hope nobody is there to say this and that once you design your time according to the needs of your blog.


# 15. You believe that creating a blog is a very tough job

Do you think that creating a blog is involved in difficult maneuvers?  If so, then you’re totally wrong because you can create a blog without any codings within 30 minutes or so.


# 16. You think that starting a blog is very expensive

Also, you might be tensed with the thought that creating a blog needs much money. If you think so, then you’re wrong again.


You can start a blog for less than $100 for a whole year of use. This is quite cheap, isn’t it?


Now, the decision is Yours!

So, what’s your decision now? Are your characteristics similar to the characteristics of the first or the second list?


If those are matched with the first list, then please don’t start blogging because it’ll make you sick both mentally and physically as well.


Don’t just wanna start blogging because of seeing that Jhon or Mark or this person or that person is making a lot of money doing the same thing. 


I know that it’s very hard to hear these kinds of word, but know that I’m honestly suggesting you.


On the other hand, if you find that your characteristics are similar to the ones of the second list, then you’re most welcome to the world of blogging. 


So, go in front of a mirror and ask the questions again.


Don’t listen to anything else, but your heart, you’ll win for sure.

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