30+ Reasons Prove That Your Blog Needs White Hat SEO

When I first landed on the internet with my first ever online business (with freelance writing services), I was unheard of the term SEO.


But within a few days, I came to know about it because almost all of my clients started asking me whether I could implement SEO in my content or not. I didn’t dare to ask my clients the needs of SEO then, but I tried to figure out the SEO advantage myself.


So, I was pressurized to start learning about the popular thing. Although I was learning SEO, I was frequent to ask this – is SEO necessary?


And finally, I came to know what does SEO stand for and the real value of SEO from my real-life experiences and here in this post, I’m gonna make a list of the key benefits of SEO.


If you’re someone who’s not aware of the importance of SEO, then you should go through the list seriously.


You’ll find a great value here, I bet.


Why Do You Need SEO?

So, let’s start digging deeper into the matter here.


SEO is everywhere in the digital arena

Now you can’t think of a business without harnessing the power of SEO. Why is that?


Well, the number of online businesses is increasing day by day and without SEO, it’s very unlikely to do well with an online business.


In addition, most offline businesses are leveraging online platforms where SEO is a must-have thing to make them ubiquitous.


To rank high on SERPs

You know that search engines determine some algorithms when it comes to giving rankings to different posts. If you can find out and implement more and more ranking factors in your content, you can rank them high on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex etc.


Since SEO is meant by complying with more and more ranking factors, this is really helpful (if you don’t apply any Black Hat SEO Techniques) to boost your content’s ranking on SERPs.


To let your target audience know about your products

The best business can be done by taking your products in front of the right kind of audience.


The best and the easiest way to make your targeted audience heard about your products is SEO. Yes, utilizing SEO, you can rank your content high on SERPs and this way, you can actually bridge between your products and your audience perfectly.


To provide your audience with the latest information

Educating your audience by providing with the timely information is a great way to gain their trust and SEO can help you achieve this goal.


SEO brings more (sometimes, invaluable and unexpected) opportunities

While doing your business, you may not know where your prospects are!


Yes, sometimes, you might be amazed to see that you’re getting queries from some group of people who were not your target audience.


This happens quite often on the internet.


Lemme give you one example here.


When I started affiliate marketing on my website, monetizing my site with paid ads wasn’t in my mind. One day, I received an email regarding paid ads.


Yes, an online business owner asked me to send him a quote for a paid ad on my site.


I get this kind of email regularly.


And all this happens because they find me through search engines.


If you can rank your content with the right kind of keywords, you’ll see a lot of business opportunities.


Ranking through SEO is much more reliable than paid rankings

Which one is better – natural recommendations or paid recommendations?


I guess natural recommendations, right?


Yeah ranking with SEO is considered as natural listings on SERPs whereas you can see your content on top of SERPs with a yellow band under it.


I’m talking about paid ads.


I prefer visiting the search results that come naturally because I find more value in them. When I see paid listings with a specific keyword, I prefer hitting only the unpaid listings.


It can help you gain market share without alienating anybody else

SEO makes fair competitions among different businesses. When a business wants to gain its market share, it’s likely that it takes some unhealthy actions that make its competitors unhappy.


In the case of SEO, it’s totally a fair play.


Suppose that you have learned how to write a good blog post with SEO in mind and then, use the tactics while crafting your content.


Now, if the post goes on the first page of Google or Bing or any other search engine and you get prospects through it, then nobody is gonna curse you.


To get the ultra-targeted traffic to your site

SEO boosts the rankings of your content according to niche related keywords, right?


So, here you can see that the traffic coming from search engines is actually very much targeted. You’re just creating content for your audience around their required keywords and bringing them to your site.


That’s it and you’re getting all the targeted traffic.


Note that paid traffic from search engines is also targeted, but to get them, you need to invest tons of money.


Organic traffic converts like crazy

If you need sweets and find a sweet shop around you, how much likely that you’ll buy some sweets from the shop? It’s very likely, right?


Similarly, when people wanna learn about some things, at that time they are likely to use those things. And most people come to search engines to ask their queries.


So, you can see that if you can drive traffic using SEO, the chances of conversion is very very likely.


SEO is required by every type of business owner who has an online presence

SEO can’t be ignored. Yes, whoever wants to stand out on the internet needs to utilize white label SEO practices.


To outrank your competitors

I find SEO the best ever tool to outrank my competitors. When I started affiliate marketing, I started competing with other marketers with similar keywords.


I analyzed their traffic driven keywords using SEMrush and started creating thorough content on them utilizing different SEO tactics.


Within a very short time, I could defeat many of my competitors.


To leverage the biggest traffic sources

Do you know that search engines are the biggest traffic sources for any web property?


So, doing something to rank high on search engines means that you’re doing something to drive traffic from the top traffic sources.


SEO can take you to a stage where you can never think of reaching

It’s not hard to find out a lot of businesses that were boosted only because of SEO.


I can frankly say that I’m here today because of SEO. Without leveraging it, I was nowhere online.


Depending on SEO, I’m dreaming a lot of dreams and if I can achieve 10% of my goals, I’ll be the happiest person in the world.


SEO is helpful in building a specific type of email list

Since organic traffic is targeted, you can build your email lists around your niche. Can you realize the power of a niche specific email lists?


If your list is huge, then you can make tons of money within an hour or so just by recommending a valuable product to your audience.


To harness the power of the most effective digital marketing skill

Among all the branches of digital marketing, SEO is seen as the most effective one. SEO is so much universal that sometimes the whole digital marketing thing is hidden under the power of SEO.


Even a few months back, my dependence was only on SEO. Yes, I ignored email marketing, social media marketing, and more because of getting so much value in SEO.


SEO increases your business value very quickly

It’s astonishing. I can’t believe how I made this web property of mine more than $30,000 (in July 2018) worth.


How I did this?


Well, I created a lot of content on different keywords and tweak them with proper SEO techniques. Many of my blog posts ranked on SERPs with different keywords.


People from different parts of the world are coming to my site through different keywords and many of them are buying their required products.


This way, the value of my business is increasing rapidly. If you see my business worth of $1M within the next six months, you shouldn’t be perplexed with the growth.


SEO is interrelated with all the other digital marketing hacks

Yes, SEO is amazingly connected to all the branches of digital marketing. Designs, social media, email marketing, content marketing blah blah all things are considered when it comes to utilizing SEO.


SEO leads to more shares

This is very easy to understand. Targeted traffic often finds their required content useful for their peers, so it’s common to see an increased number of shares when you get traffic from the best search engines.


You can deny several traditional methods of expanding your business

If you leverage SEO, you can stop leveraging some traditional modes of business promotions like cold-calling, distributing handbills, sticking posters etc.


To drive leads and sales from local community

SEO very effective at the time of having sales from your local community too.


In fact, the competition becomes less when it comes to doing SEO for your local community.


SEO makes your content useful

Are you wondering how is that?


Well, if you craft a lot of amazing content, but nobody finds them, then what will happen?


Your content will become meaningless, right?


You need tractions from your sizzling content and to do so, you need to take your content on the first page of major search engines.


SEO makes the complex maths of gaining traffic simple

You all know that getting traffic is very complicated, but you can do well with this if you can utilize SEO well.


I was afraid of using different methods to drive traffic to my site, but I became okay when I focused much on content creation and SEO.


SEO helped to build a solid background and now I’m bold to use any type of traffic driving method.


To improve your content on a regular basis

It’s very normal that you may do some SEO mistakes while creating your content. From SEO analysis and audit, you can find the flaws of your content.


No matter what you do on your web pages, you can always update them with the latest hacks.


SEO is ever changing and you need to update your content in a timely manner.


It’s effective 24/7 throughout the whole year

The effect of different traffic driving tool is for a specific time, but when it comes to driving organic traffic through SEO, you can’t limit its duration.


You’re always open to receive traffic since you don’t know when someone is making a query with your niche related keyword on Google or any other search engine.


The ROI is unbelievable

You can do SEO yourself for free like me using a keyword research tool like SEMrush or you can hire an SEO company like Searchmetrics or so.


Whatever you do, the return on investment for SEO is fabulous. If you do SEO alone, then you may need to invest in buying a good keyword research tool. The good news is that one-month investment is enough because you can make a list of all of your keywords within a month.


On the other hand, if you hire a nice SEO company, then you can generate much more income than your expenses.


It’s a cost-effective way of getting traffic

To me, I needed to invest only $99 for buying a one-month plan of SEMrush to generate sales from my site. This helped me to analyze my competitor and research many suitable keywords.


I then started creating on the keywords and this way, I’m continuously making money.


SEO cuts the price of investing in ads

You can deny paid ads if you do SEO well. Focusing on SEO is a wise decision because it drives high-quality traffic to a site.


If you analyze this site of mine, you’ll find that I didn’t have to pay a single penny for driving traffic for paid ads. This is because most of my site’s traffic is organic.


To make your business trusted

SEO is needed because of making your business trusted to your audience. If people find your content again and again on the first of Google or Yahoo, then they get a positive impression about your business which makes them trust your business.


To skyrocket your sales

It’s not uncommon to see that hundreds of sales come through leveraging SEO well. If you ask me how I get most of my sales, then I’ll have to say that I get almost 90% of my sales through the organic traffic that I drive using SEO.


To increase all kinds of traffic

The surge of the organic traffic of a site can lead to other types of traffic. Here’s a simple game of this –

  1. Suppose that a visitor came to your site by hitting a SERP result [this is organic traffic].
  2. After reading your content, s/he shared it on a social media platform.
  3. Through the sharing, some other visitors came to your site [this is social traffic].
  4. One of the visitors recommended your content in one of his blog posts.
  5. Through the referral link, you got 50 visitors [this is referral traffic].
  6. Some of these visitors came again directly putting the URL in their browsers [this is direct traffic].


So, here you can see that just one organic traffic can flood your site with all types of traffic.


It can be calculated

The ROI of SEO is measurable, so you can come to know the growth of your business at any time you want.


If you invest in an SEO tool and calculate the income for six months using the tool, you can easily find the ROI.


Similarly, you can calculate your earnings by hiring an SEO professional.


To get the love of your audience

I find creating content as an amazing work. This is because it brings a lot of traffic to my site and many of my site’s visitors thank me for my hard work.


Without SEO, I couldn’t rank my content, thus nobody could find me to thank me.


To get the love of search engines

Search engines are very smart and they value their audience. You can’t get the love of search engines unless you create awe-inspiring content for your audience.


To boost your business gradually from zero level

Yes, SEO can take your business from nowhere to somewhere. Look at me. Did you know me before you got me through search results?


SEO makes your audience recall you

Many a time your audience might forget you, but SEO is there to make them remember you again.


SEO is an ongoing process

SEO is a never-ending process and you need to keep learning about it in order to do well


Finally, learn more about SEO from this SEO guide that I’ve already published on my site.

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