How to Optimize Your Blog’s Logo and Favicon for Better SEO

All of you wanna have a nicely designed logo for their blogs, but do you know that your site’s logo may affect your SEO performance negatively?


Yes, you’re doing everything correctly for your posts, but you can’t rank your posts well on SERPs! What might be the reason?


Well, in this post, I’ll inform you one important SEO factor that may downgrade your SEO performance even though you’re tweaking your content properly.


The role of your logo!

First of all, you should be aware of your logo. This is because your browser can load none of your webpage without the logo!


Whether it’s your ‘About Us’ page or ‘Contact’ page or any other post, the browser needs to load your logo at the beginning of every search.


Here are two instances –

loading about us

The ‘About’ page comes with my blog’s logo

loading a post

A post also loads the logo

As you can see that the logo is everywhere, so the importance of optimizing your logo is too much.


Why am I saying this?


Well, I’m saying this because Google tells me to optimize my logo. When I tested one my blogs’ speed with Google PageSpeed Insights, I found that Google is suggesting me optimize my logo!


Here’s the suggestion page –

logo optimization

You can see that the suggestion is to reduce the size of my that blog’s logo.


Because of the poor optimization of my logo, my blog’s overall speed score is poor too –

speed score

So, how to optimize your blog’s logo?

Now is the time to show you how to optimize your logo. I’ll let you know my method of doing this.


First of all, you should know whether your blog’s logo is well-optimized or not. To do this, check your blog’s speed using Google PageSpeed Insights.


If you get any suggestion to optimize your logo, then you can do so in many ways.


Since your logo is likely to be in PNG format, you can use to optimize it. So, visit the site, and optimize the logo by uploading it there. Your logo will be automatically optimized.


After the optimization is done, download it by tapping on the “Download” button which will be situated under the image.


Finally, replace the previous logo with this optimized logo. To make sure that your logo has been properly optimized, you can check your site’s speed again with PageSpeed Insights.


So, I hope that you won’t do this SEO mistakes by not optimizing your blog’s logo. Rest assured that optimizing your logo will improve the overall Google ranking because it’ll affect all of your webpages. For this, follow my guidelines and boost your blog’s Google ranking for sure.


Note: This crucial factor of SEO wasn’t included in the SEO training.


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