How to Rank on Google Search [SEO Analysis]

Shocking! Abdul Samad Essani is no more with!


Because he sold his blog (maybe last year).


But you’ve to remember him because of one of the SEO analysis that I did with one of his blog posts.

Viscera report of a blog post

I showed how he ranked one of his blog posts on the first of Google.


So, let’s check the post-mortem examination of the post so that you can get the secret sauce to rank many of your posts too.


The Fact

Recently I’ve discovered that a blog post ranked on the 1st page of Google with the keyword of weird websites. I read all the 10 blog posts of the 1st page and then wanted to pick a post which was written by Abdul Samad Essani.


There were many things that I found very much interesting about the post and I’ll analyze the post well today so that you can get the exact feel of how SEO works.


Who’s Abdul Samad Essani?

Abdul Samad Essani

This man is very young pizza-lover who has been blogging since 2012 when he was just a 12-year old boy. He’s from Pakistan and the main blog of his is I wanna give the photo credit to Samad because I snapped it from his blog.


He has started one of his old blogs ( a few months back and within a very short period of time, he could rank on of his blog posts. The post is searched with the mentioned keyword more than 12000 times per month. So, you see how good a person can feel if his/her post can rank with a high search volume keyword.


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Now I wanna talk a bit about Samad’s blog. The blog,, has around 40 blog posts. All of the posts are of decent length. And the post that I’m talking about today is also an over 1000-word post.


So, Samad is trying to consistently write in-depth blog posts on this blog. One good thing about his blog is that it’s very neat and clean which I love very much. You can also see that I don’t make any of my blogs messy. So, being a lover of a lot of white spaces, I like Essani’s blog a lot in terms of design.


SEO Analysis of the Blog Post

The blog that I’m talking about is “Weird Websites: Top 20 Weird Websites List of 2017!” At the time of writing this SEO analysis, it ranked at the 3rd position of Google SERP with the keyword ‘weird websites’.


The title of the post has 10 words in it and the URL is exactly the keyword: weird-websites. The share stat shows that the post has been shared on different social media platforms more than 150 times when I was writing this post. Most of the shares went on Facebook, whopping 76 times.


The total word count for this post is 1310 words, so you can’t say that the post is very epic in size. Also, the page speed is very poor on Google PageSpeed Insight which is 60/100 and 71/100 for mobile and desktop platforms respectively.


But the performance of the post on Pingdom website speed test was marvelous: 92 Performance Grade. One surprising thing about the blog post is that the page authority (PA) of it’s only 1/100 on MOZ Open Site Explorer.


As the post is written on 20 weird websites, so Samad used 20 images for all the sites. Also, he used one main image for the post. So, in total, the number of images in the blog post was 21.


The post has also a table of content, so you can easily jump to any of the parts of the post as per your wish. This is good for easy navigation of the blog post. The post also received only 4 comments in the comment section.


You’ll be surprised to know that all the header tags of the post were H2. Also, there are no no-followed outbound links. All the links are followed. There are 44 followed outbound links in the blog post.


And, finally, the keyword density of the main keyword was only 0.4%. The keyword has been used 5 times only.


So, these are the anatomies of the blog post.


The Keyword Analysis

Now I’ll show you the keyword ‘weird websites’ analysis using one of the best SEO keyword analysis tools, SEMrush. As I’ve let you know that the keyword’s monthly average search volume is more than 12000, the exact number is 12100. So, the number is very decent for targeting.


Also, the CPC of the keyword is very good: $5.65. The keyword difficulty (KD) is only 66.80 which reveals that the keyword is not that hard to rank. This is the top searched keyword among its related other keywords. So, the keyword might be gone in high competition soon.


Why did the Post Rank?

Here are the probable reasons for ranking the post –

  1. I’ve checked the other competitor posts of the 1st page and found that most of them have thin content in them. So, Samad’s post was more in-depth than most of the other ranked posts.
  2. The title of the post isn’t so irresistible even though using the current year (like 2017 for this year) is helpful to rank a post. Also, the keyword is at the beginning of the title which is very effective for ranking a post well.
  3. The URL of the post is also very neat and clean.
  4. Social share matters a lot and thus social engagement. As the post has already been shared a couple of hundred times, it gives a positive signal to Google that the post is good enough to rank.
  5. Using header tags properly is also beneficial for ranking. He did the thing well.
  6. The speed of the web page is decent on Pingdom though PageSpeed Insight shows a slow speed.
  7. The web page is responsive enough to adapt on varieties of screen sizes.
  8. The backlink is okay because Google doesn’t love manual thousands of poor backlinks.
  9. The navigation of the post is very good.
  10. The post has at least a few comments, though more will be better.
  11. The main keyword’s KD score is very low.
  12. The content is much better than those of the many other competitor posts.
  13. The keyword density is very promising because of not overstuffing with the keyword.
  14. Finally, the domain is many years old.


So, these are major apparent reasons for ranking the post.


What Have You Learned?

I hope that you’ve learned a lot of things about SEO best practices, right? Well, from today’s SEO analysis, you should learn so many awesome things applying which you could soon rank some of your posts well on SERPs.


Well, here are the things that you should follow for maintaining decent SEO for your blog posts –

  • You should target a very low competitive keyword even if it’s not a long-tail one for writing every blog post. This will surely give you an awesome result for ranking on top of SERPs.
  • Make an irresistible title with the keyword. Try to place the keyword at the beginning of the title.
  • Create a clean URL for every post you write.
  • Use header tags properly.
  • Take care of your blog post’s speed and responsiveness.
  • Don’t create any backlink for your blog post, let it be done naturally.
  • Try to share the post many times by many people. Also, having some comments on it is very effective for ranking a post.
  • Never use your keywords again and again in your blog posts. This will easily make them poorly written. So, be careful about using keywords. For better result, you can use some LSI keywords along with your main keyword in a blog post.
  • Content is king, so give much importance to writing exciting blog posts.


Google along with other search engines loves naturally written content. So, your main aim should be to write stunning content that can grab your readers’ attention. From the above SEO case study, you have learned the thing again. So, follow the SEO best practices and get the benefits hand in hand like Abdul Samad Essani.


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