10 SEO Analysis Tools You Should Have in Your Digital Toolbox

Huge traffic and high search engine rankings are what site owners’ look forward to having.


After all, who wouldn’t want their site to appear on the first page of a search engine? Nobody.


Attaining this position, however, requires you to implement some of the best SEO strategies. You have to know that Google keeps updating its algorithm, which demands of you to update your SEO strategies. Keeping up with the trends is something that you cannot do manually. For the best results, you have to rely on some tools.


Fortunately, there are numerous SEO tools out there to help you with site analysis and reporting. This article will list ten SEO analysis tools that are a must have in your digital toolbox.


1. SerpBook

One of the most effective SEO analysis tools is SerpBook. This is a rank tracker that enables you to see your website’s performance on search engines. All you need to do is log on to serpbook.com to monitor your progress.


It is a tool that allows you to track precise keywords, plus it will enable you to categorize different clients based on keywords.


That notwithstanding, it will enable you to share report links on keyword performance to interested parties and clients. Moreover, you get notifications via email about keywords performance.


SerpBook has a 14-days free trial and paid plans that start at $18 per month for personal use to $364 per month for enterprise+.


2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provide you with excellent resources for site analysis, which is its primary purpose. Interestingly, it is a free tool that could also be used by those who are new to SEO without a lot of trouble. It has Fetch as Google tool, which enables you to see a URL the same way Google sees it so that you can optimize it for better performance. It also has PageSpeed Insights. It lets you check the performance of your site on both mobile and desktop devices.


3. WooRank

If you are looking for an effective SEO tool to analyze your site’s performance, you might consider WooRank. It is an instant website review tool that lets you generate the reports that you would like. Woorank comes with a 7-day unlimited free trial, and it has a paid plan that starts from $49 per month. It provides you with a comprehensive report of your site’s traffic, social media popularity, usability, mobile compatibility, and its listings in local directories among others.


4. Check My Links

The links to your site are a critical part of your SEO campaign; therefore, you have to ensure that they are in perfect condition. And you can use Check My Links to check for broken links on your site so that you can fix them. Interestingly, this is a free tool that functions efficiently when it comes to link optimization. Besides looking for broken links, it shows you all the links to your site, allowing you to differentiate high-quality links from low-quality links.


5. Screaming Frog’s SEO spider

If you are a digital marketer that is looking for a site analysis tool, then you might want to settle with Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider. It is a useful tool that crawls the sites you want to identify common SEO issues with those URLs. Keep in mind that examining URLs can be a daunting task when done manually, something that this tool provides. What’s more, it provides you with accurate results. You could opt for the LITE version of this tool, which is free, but with limited options, or settle with the paid plan that goes for $160 per year.


6. Google Search Console

If you thought free tools couldn’t help you improve your site’s performance, then you thought wrong. This is a free tool, which allows you to see how your site appears in search engines. It provides you with your comprehensive report indicating your site’s performance over the last 90 days. The report contains your site’s pages, the countries, the top search queries, and the devices. With such information, you could optimize your website to better appear on Google, improving your rankings.


7. BuzzStream

This is another tool that you could rely on for link building. Link building requires a proper approach, which you could attain using this tool. It allows you to manage the sites that can provide your website with high-quality links. Moreover, it allows you to research sites with preferred inbound links, plus it shows you who accepted your link request. This tool comes with a 14-day free trial, and it has paid plans that start from $24 per month.


8. WebPageTest

Page load speed is one of the essential aspects of SEO rankings. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site speed is fast. WebPageTest is a tool that allows assessing how your pages load when they are first viewed. Moreover, it provides you with a report of the period a page takes to load fully, plus the DOM elements. The report given helps you to visualize the pages that take a longer time to load, allowing you to remove the non-essential things.


9. Hubspot’s Website Grader

Another tool that you could rely on for site analysis is Website Grader. Interestingly, this is a free tool that allows site owners to see available search engine optimization opportunities. Considering that Google’s algorithm keeps changing, this is a tool that could help you to stay up to date with the best strategies. It analyzes your site’s performance, mobile-friendliness, as well as security.


10. Site Analyzer

Another free and useful tool that you could use for SEO analysis is SEO Analyzer. It shows you a detailed report about your site’s design, its accessibility, the present multimedia, its content, and internal links among others.


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Digital marketers have realized the importance of having the appropriate SEO strategies in place because they help to boost traffic and improve rankings. Moreover, they help improve your ROI. You could use the SEO analysis tools mentioned in this article to help optimize your site’s performance.


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