Schema WP theme Review: SEO Ready, Fast, & Clean

This is not a BS review on MyThemeShop Schema WordPress theme because this is a case study with the theme taken from my life.


Let me start by showing you a simple graph here –

increase in traffic to my blog

It’s my blog’s traffic graph got from SEMrush SEO tool.


I’ve taken the screenshot of my blog’s traffic because of showing you an important matter.


Yes, I have been using Schema theme since January 2018. According to SEMrush’s US traffic statistics, my blog was receiving around 82 visitors from the US in January 2018.


Soon after using the theme on my blog, I started seeing an amazing result and now I’m gonna share with you everything that happened after using it.


This will surely remove your confusions whether to use the theme or not.


So let’s start the complete review.


Schema WP Theme Review

MyThemeShop is the company that created Schema WordPress theme, so if I need to thank anyone for my gradual traffic increase I should thank MyThemeShop team members for creating such an amazing theme for WordPress users.

schema wp theme

A Little Background

Early of this year, I was a bit confused regarding the low organic traffic of my blog. I was publishing in-depth articles on a regular basis, but the number of search engine visitors was too low.


So I had to depend on a lot of paid traffic which was minimizing my profit a lot.


At one point, I noticed one thing and it was related to schema markup. Yes, I saw that my blog was experiencing Schema markup code issues. I tried with some plugins to solve the issues, but nothing was working.


Then, I heard that tweaking my blog theme may solve them, but it was very difficult to do so since I know a little about coding and you know that editing a theme’s code is strictly prohibited when you’re not skilled at it.


Note that my previous theme was also a premium theme and I bought it for $79, but it wasn’t working well.


It was a lightweight theme and was loading fast enough, but there were some lackings that were causing my site to rank higher on Google.


So I decided to change my theme and started searching for some good ones. I tested Genesis, Thrive, Generate etc, but nothing was able to guarantee that I could solve my issues.


Then, I found a theme named Schema and was a bit convinced with it because of the special attribution of Schema markup code readiness.


Still, I was confused about whether this will work well or not. So I searched for it on Google and directly entered into the main site of Schema, MyThemeShop.


I started checking all the features of the theme one by one and now I’ll tell you all of them here.


Clean Look

The first thing of the theme that attracted me the most was its clean look. It was giving a perfect look for a blog.


Since I always look for simple designs, I decided to buy it for my blog, but I had yet to check many other features.


Reasonable Price

Since it was late of January and I withdrew most of my dollars from my MasterCard, I was checking whether I could afford the price for the theme or not.


I felt lucky because the price was $47 (after a discount), though the actual price was $69 for 5 sites. At that time, it was not possible to buy the theme for a single site.


By the way, my purchasing decision speeded up because I had around $100 in my MasterCard.


Good News! The theme is selling at $35 only because it can be purchased for 1 site now.


Get the Theme Now

Schema Theme Download Link [Click Here]


Blazingly Fast Speed

The speed of a blog matters a lot and for this, I always check the loading performance of any theme before using it.


So I tested the theme using different speed testing tools and found a great loading speed.


Both PageSpeedInsights and Pingdom gave me a promising speed result that made me worry-free about the speed factor of the theme.


SEO Friendliness

Simply SEO friendliness means whether a theme can boost your blog’s ranking or not and in this sense, I was not 100% sure about it before buying it.


Now I can tell you the SEO friendliness of the theme. You see the traffic graph of my blog!


What do you see there? My traffic increased rapidly after using it. You can see that from January to June, during the six-month period, my blog’s traffic became almost 23 times more.


Truth be told, I didn’t do anything special during the time other than replacing my old theme with Schema. So, it’s clearly understandable that the theme had a great positive impact on my site’s performance.


So it’s said that Schema is a nice SEO WordPress theme.


Customizable Theme

This was known to me because I had bought another theme from MyThemeShop before buying Schema. The theme was Socially Viral. Though I didn’t like the theme that much, the theme customization facility attracted me a lot.


After buying Schema WP theme, I found the charm again. Yes, the theme can be customized in several ways.


Using the “Theme Options” button, you can enter into the world of customization.


Here you can see that there are many buttons to organize the layout of your blog as per your choice –

schema customization

customizing schema wp theme

Fully Responsive

A theme isn’t a great theme if it’s not responsive. I’ve tested the theme with different devices and found that it’s fully responsive.

responsive design

You’ll see that Schema WordPress theme is well adapted with desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile screens.


Built-in Review Plus Rating Option

Here’s one review that I left on one of my product reviews –

built in review rating system

I could do this because Schema has this option built in with its properties.


The benefit of incorporating this type of rating with your review is that your audience could easily get an overall summary just by checking the rating.



Hey, I’ve been just saying all the positive words about the theme! So what about the negative sides of the theme?


If I say that there’s no negative side of Schema WP theme, then it’ll be a complete lie.


Yes, I’ve found one downside of the theme so far and it’s regarding its subheading. Look at all the header tags. You’ll see that all the letters are capital.


Final Words!

After checking all the features of the theme, I took my final decision to buy the theme and it was my right decision which I could realize within a few months after my purchase.


So from the review of the theme, you can easily say that Schema is one of the best WordPress themes.


And for this, I still use it on my blog.


Yes, I use Schema on my blog and it’s a matter of pleasure because it’s gradually increasing my traffic and income as well. Though the mentioned downside of the theme irritates me, I can be happy with all the other 99.99% benefits that I get from it.


So I can guarantee you that you’ll be a winner if you use the theme.


Buy Schema WordPress Theme Now [Click Here]

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