Quetext Review: A Great Solution to Plagiarized Content

Creating content might be a daunting task for many of you. Many people wanna avoid this important task of creating content just by copying others.


They don’t realize that copying others is quite easy, but the aftermath is extremely detrimental.


This is because many plagiarism checkers have been developed over the years to detect plagiarized content.


Yes, Quetext is such a plagiarism checker that can detect plagiarism in any text in less than a minute.


In this post, I’ll review the tool so that you can come to learn about it in details.


So, let’s jump into the review without any further ado.


Quetext Review

This is a powerful online plagiarism checker that has an intuitive interface. The layout of the site will surely attract you when it comes to using the tool.


This is a straight-forward tool that comes with the plagiarism checking box at the top of its site.


Yes, just by visiting the site will show you a decent box for dropping your text for further checking.


Before I show you how the tool works, I wanna mention some of its great benefits and features.


Benefits and Features

The tool supports multiple languages, so if you want to check a document or text that is written other than English language, then you can do so with this nice tool.


Classy is that this is a free online plagiarism checker which means you don’t need to pay a single penny for using it.


What’s more?


Yes, you don’t even need to signup before using the tool.


Update: Now the tool requires you to sign up before you can use it.


Everything from the analysis works online, so you don’t have to be bothered about any downloading.


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How to use Quetext?

Now, come to the main part, I mean how the tool works.


So you have come to know that you need to have an account on Quetext before using the tool. For this, sign up for an account.


After visiting the site, www.quetext.com, you’ll find the Sign Up button on the right-hand corner. Hit the button and you’ll see a form with two blank spaces.


Fill out the blanks with your email and a preferred password. After that, click on the Create Account button. If you already have an account, follow the Login option by ignoring the signing up process.


By the way, you’ll see a welcome message once your sign up is complete. You can see a demo about how to use the tool or you can simply ignore it by hitting the End tour button.


You’ll see a big blank box in the middle of the tool. You have to drop the texts of your document in the box to check its plagiarism.


There’s also the Upload Files button which will let you upload your document for plagiarism check.


You’ll have to leave your text in the box and then there are two buttons under it. The names of the buttons are Start and Calculate Similarity Score.


Update: Quetext has recently replaced the two buttons with one and the name of the button is Check Plagiarism.


I’ve tested a short text with this tool and I’ll have to say wow! Amazing! The tool came up with an exact result very fast. So, it was fascinating to such a nice result from this free tool.


The text was copied from another site, so it was expected that the tool would show everything as plagiarized. Some red marks are for over the plagiarized texts so that you can easily understand which portions are from other sources.


The source of copy-paste text is also shown in the checkbox. Once the plagiarism check is complete, there’s another option for grammar check which is actually the affiliate link of Grammarly.


So here comes the greatness of Grammarly as the tool can do both the things – grammar and plagiarism checks – for any text.


So, if your requirement is to take care of both the grammar and the plagiarism of your text, then you should go for a multi-tasking tool like Grammarly.


You can also share the checked text on Facebook if you want because there’s a nice option for that.


So after the check, I must say Quetext accuracy is awesome.


There are some buttons available on the left side of the tool. Using two of them you can search and check your previously checked documents. If you want, you can delete your checked documents at anytime.


One of the buttons is for controlling your account. Using that you can change your account settings and have your billing information if you opted in for the premium plan.


The top button that holds the logo of the tool is for signing out. If you want to sign out after using the tool, you can use the button.


You’ll also see a question mark at the bottom of the column which is for having help. If you need any sort of help regarding the tool’s usage, you can use the tab.



This is a plagiarism checker that has the free and the premium versions. The Quetext free account serves limited functionalities at the time of detecting copy and paste issues.


It provides you with the Basic Search functionality which comes with some downsides. Some of the drawbacks of the Quetext free trial version are as follows:

  • No deep search capability: So all your documents will be checked with amateur digital hands. If you need the professional plagiarism check facility, then the free version can’t help you with this.
  • Only three maximum search option: What a disappointment is this! You can’t use the tool more than three times a day if you’re on the free version.
  • Reporting can be done up to three times: This also comes with the same number.
  • No more than 500 word-post can be checked: You’ve seen that I have tested with a short document which didn’t exceed 500 words. If the document had over 500 words, the check would have been rejected.
  • There’s no file uploading feature: I see it’s available in the free plan too. So don’t know why they have written this.
  • You can’t export the report as a PDF format: You may need to export your report as a portable document format. But the free plan won’t allow you to do this.
  • No source mentions: You can know that a document is plagiarised, but you couldn’t learn about its sources.
  • Comes without premium Quetext customer service: When it comes to getting help from their support staff, you’ll be rejected because you don’t own a premium plan.

If you want to unlock all the premium features of the tool, then you’ll have to use the Pro plan which costs $9.99 per month.


The premium plan comes with all the exciting features.


Overall, this free tool is a great companion if your main task is to check plagiarism for your documents. If you need different types of checking, then I should suggest you other tools which will do the jobs perfectly.

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