35 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Blog

Starting a blog is a great pleasure to any blogger.


But it’s not wise to start a blog knowing a little to nothing about it. So don’t do this foolish thing by starting your blog without doing much homework on it.


I was a real sufferer!

Why am I suggesting you this? Because I started my first blog without knowing much about blogging. So I had to face a lot of troubles.


Now I don’t want you to fall into the same troubles that I experienced during my blogging career.


So here in this blog post, I’ve made 35 important questions that you must ask yourself before starting your blog. Not only is that, you must get the answers & only then go and get a blog of your own.


FAQs before Starting a Blog!

So here are the questions that you start asking yourself:


What’s the stimulation for my blogging?

First of all, try to know why you wanna start a blog? Do you have a passion for it, or you just wanna make money with it seeing that other people are making decent money blogging?


You can go further if you see that you’ve both the things. I mean if you have a passion for blogging and wanna make money with it, then you should start a blog.


If blogging doesn’t attract you, then you better go away from it & do other things that will engage you.


To succeed at anything, you’ll have to do what you love! So you can succeed in blogging if you can really love it.


Will I be able to make money with my blog?

We see that many people are entering into blogging & leaving shortly. This is because they start without knowing about blogging in details.


So you should analyze whether you could make money blogging or not.


When I first started blogging, I had subtle confusion whether bloggers make money or not. Later on, I came to know that many bloggers make even six-figure income only from their smart blogging. Then this information removed my confusion. This made me confident about blogging too.


So you should also check those bloggers who’re making money with their blogs. Then you could have a strong belief about it. You could be confident too.


And for your kind information, I make a decent amount of money through blogging (I’ve many blogs). This one is new and hopefully, it will start making money soon.


Good to read!: Can you make money blogging?


What will be my niche?

As you’ve passed the question number # 1, you’re really passionate about blogging. So now learn what topic you’re passionate about.


Go for a niche that matters to you. You could write a lot of content on the topic that attracts you. On the other hand, if the topic of your blogging bores you, you couldn’t write well on your blog. You couldn’t even find good ideas for writing then.


So choose the perfect niche for your blogging. Otherwise, you’ll eventually fail in your blogging career.


What will be the name of my blog?

Most amateur bloggers fail at the beginning stage of blogging by choosing an inappropriate name for their blogs. I also did the same when I started my first blog.


So be careful in choosing the name of your blog. it should be short, catchy and memorable. There are also other things to consider before choosing a blog which can be found in the following post –

How to come up with a blog name fast and easily?


Also learn: What is a domain name for your blog or website?


Will I go for free or paid blogging?

There are both free & paid options for blogging. So which option do you want?


There are unlimited advantages to a paid blog and there’s only a benefit in a free blog. The only benefit of a free blog is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.


But if you dream to be a pro blogger & wanna make huge money with your blog, then the only option for you is paid to blog.


So go for paid blogging. You must start a paid blog. A self-hosted WordPress blog is the best choice for paid blogging.


Which CMS to choose?

CMS means Content Management System. There are many CMSs available like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. But for blogging, WordPress is the best.


So your CMS for blogging must be WordPress. The number of WordPress users is increasing day by day. You’ll see that most bloggers use WordPress because of its easy-to-use facilities.


What’s WordPress?

Now learn about the CMS, WordPress. Read: What is WordPress?


How to Create a blog?

Creating a blog is very simple & needs little time, but you need to learn the simple process. So, learn how to create a blog.


Learn: How to start your own blog (Self-hosted WordPress)?


Will I need to learn to code for starting a blog?

I’ve zero-knowledge on coding, & so do most bloggers. But how am I blogging? Yes, you don’t have to learn any coding as you’ll use WordPress.


The ease of use on WordPress is that you don’t need any coding related knowledge.


How much will be my total cost?

This is a common question for anyone who’s gonna start a blog. Initially, you should start a blog on a shared hosting of a reliable hosting company.


And shared hosting needs a few dollars per month. So your total cost per year for starting a blog may be between $20 & $70 depending on hosting companies. Then if you buy a premium theme for your blog, it may cost an additional $50 to $100. So ultimately, your total cost may be around $20 to $170.


Here you see that Namecheap is offering $9.88 hosting for per year. The total cost will be around $27 if you buy a domain, SSL & WhoisGuard with it. So this is an amazing plan for starting your blog on it.


Which Hosting company to choose?

There are thousands of hosting companies available. So it’s very difficult to choose a good hosting company from the crowd.


There are some things that you must check for a hosting company which are as follows –

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Customer service


If you like this blog of mine, I can let you know the hosting company of this blog. This is Namecheap. I bought its value pack that’s the lowest ever hosting plan for any company.


Also, I chose Namecheap because starting a blog on the same domain & hosting company is advisable. So you know the popularity of Namecheap as a domain registrar!


Not only is that, Namecheap provided me SSL certificate at a cheap price. So I actually got all in one service from Namecheap.


Till now, I didn’t experience any downtime in my blog. So it’s a great thing being part of Namecheap. Another great thing about Namecheap is that I can connect with their customer service representatives within a few minutes through chatting. This is really fantastic.


I’ve also tested iPage because I run another blog on its hosting pack. iPage is also good.


How to install WordPress?

Now you’ll have to learn how to install WordPress. After you complete the purchase of your hosting package, you’ll have to install WordPress on it.


Namecheap & iPage both use two nice one-click installers named Softaculous and MOJO Marketplace respectively. Using any of the one-click installers, you can install WordPress within a few minutes.


Learn: How to install WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel?


Which theme to use?

Theme or template of a blog gives the overall look of it. So you should wisely choose a nice theme for your blog. The template must have to be responsive so that it can fit any sized screen.


I use an SEO-friendly theme named Schema and you can use it too.


How to install themes on WordPress?

Then ask this question. Yes, you learn how to install a theme or template on WordPress blog.


How to install plugins on WordPress?

Like installing themes, you should also learn how to install plugins on WordPress.


What are the must-have plugins for my blog?

There are some plugins you must use on your blog. So know about the plugins. Here I can suggest you some of the plugins.


AddToAny, Sucuri Security, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, Akismet, Broken Link Checker, WP Smush, WP-Optimize etc are must-have plugins for WordPress blog.


You shouldn’t use many plugins on your blog because then your blog will be slower than before. Plugins also make a blog vulnerable for security reasons.


Things to do after starting a blog?

There are some necessary things that you’ll have to do after starting a blog. You’ll have to install a theme, necessary plugins, fix the layout of your blog, write some essential pages etc after starting your blog.


What security measures should I take?

Online security is a great concern to every blogger. So you should take some necessary actions for making your blog secured. Learn what will make your blog safe from bad people like hackers.


How to operate WordPress?

It’s recommended that you learn how to operate a WordPress a blog before you start one. Then you could operate your blog flawlessly. If you wanna learn to operate your blog after creating it, then you’ll do a lot of silly mistakes in operating it.


Are my writing skills okay?

Content is king. So are you confident that your writing could satisfy your readers? If yes, fine, go ahead. If not, then learn to ask the next question.


How to improve my writing?

Learn how to improve your writing skills. It’s all about learning & practice. So invest much time in learning & practicing.


What things will I write?

You must make a list of topics beforehand so that you don’t have to run short of ideas for writing blog posts. Make a long list, so you can cover the first 3 to 6 months of your blogging with the list.


The topics of your list must be within your blogging niche.


What will be my post’s length?

This is one of the important questions of blogging. Because the length of your posts will matter a lot for getting organic traffic.


It’s found that the content having more than 2000 words ranks well on SERPs. So in-depth content will easily outrank thing ones.


For this reason, write long-form content. This will require much research & hard work, but you’ll get long-term success with it.


What will be my blogging frequency?

Then you should also determine your blogging frequency. Publishing a blog post daily on your blog will be more effective than blogging occasionally. So make a routine of your blogging.


Try hard to publish a long post daily. This will give you much return on your hard work.


Learn: How often should you blog?


How to get traffic to my blog?

I’ve already said several times that without traffic, your blog is zero. So you should learn how to drive traffic to your blog.


Read: How to get traffic to your blog (Proven Formulas)?


How to promote my blog?

Every blogger needs to promote his/her blog in order to flourish in it. The same thing goes for your blog. Learn how to promote your blog.


What Necessary things to learn?

There are many things you must learn before starting your blog. You should learn about keywords, how to do keyword research, SEO etc.


Which tools to use?

Many tools are needed for pro blogging. These tools are both free & paid. You can start with free tools. For keyword research, Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the free tool that you can use.


For organic traffic analysis, Semrush is the best choice.


When will I blog?

Earlier I told you to make a routine for blogging. Now you’ll have to select at what time, you’ll blog? This will help your blog consistently.


Make a time for blogging and strictly follow that on a regular basis.


Where will I blog?

You can’t do anything anywhere, right? Similarly, you need to have adequate attention to producing quality blog posts.


You can only get attention in blogging if you can choose a nice place for blogging. I mean you choose a dedicated room for blogging. This will be better not only for attention-grabbing but also for keeping necessary things safe.


What devices do I need for blogging?

No, this list won’t be too long. Yes, you should have at least a decent laptop with an internet connection. You can have a digital camera, Kindle Reader if you can afford.


The MacBook Air will be the best choice for the laptop as this runs for a long time with its powerful battery.


Check Amazon for laptops, & other devices for blogging –


How will I monetize my blog?

You’ll blog for pleasure & money too. So, learn how to monetize your blog.


Read: How to monetize your blog even when you’re in deep sleep?


Will I blog for full-time or part-time?

This question should be asked & clarified. Yes, are you gonna take blogging as your part-time profession or full-time?


You’ll have to know this before you start your blog. If you don’t plan it before starting a blog, you’ll be in a lot of confusions about it later on.


How much time do I need to start making money?

Then you must also have a clear idea of how long it may take to monetize your blog. There are many bloggers who just come & go because they stop blogging when they see that no return is coming from their blogs.


You must dream, but don’t daydream. You’ll have to take everything realistically. Learn from other bloggers about how much time they needed to monetize their blogs. Then you can get some ideas about it.


As for example, at the time of writing this blog post, I couldn’t make a single penny with my this blog. The reason has I just started this blog a few days ago.


On the other hand, I could monetize one of my blogs with affiliate marketing within 6 months. So you may wait for 6 to 8 months before you see any traction from your blog. You’ll surely have to blog consistently during this period.


Always try to be stay inspired by the small success of your blog so that you don’t lose hope and get bored with blogging.


How will I survive till then?

So it’s not wise to start a blog with empty hand. Then how will you pay your bills? So you need to either carry on a part-time job for financially supporting yourself during the growing period of your blog or manage an adequate fund for running until you start making money with your blog.


For this reason, if you’re working somewhere, you shouldn’t stop doing that until you see the success of your blogging.


I  did two things when I planned to be a full-time blogger. Before starting my blog, I had been doing a couple of businesses. So I took out all the money from the businesses by liquidating those.


Later on, I also started freelance writing to make money. I did this because of staying at home & working full-time online.


So freelancing can be a good supporting option for your blog. You can start freelancing on a subject that you feel you’re strong at.


So these are the 35 important questions that you must ask yourself before starting a blog.


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