Best 7 Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools in 2020

Do you know that punctuation marks are very pesky things?


Yes, placing them in the wrong positions of your sentences can destroy your writing!


Are you afraid of hearing my words?


Don’t worry because I’m going to introduce you to seven powerful punctuation checkers that can detect your punctuation usage flaws so that you can correct them.


Here’s the list of the best grammar and punctuation checker tools:

  • Grammarly
  • ProWritingAid
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Language Tools
  • Hemingway App
  • Garretson Checker
  • WhiteSmoke


Let’s talk about all the powerful online writing editing tools now.



Grammarly is a robust grammar checker that comes with additional features. Yes, it’s a nice plagiarism checker too. The premium version of the tool offers this feature.


In addition, it can work on more than 250 types of grammatical issues. The tool works real-time online. It’s very easy to use. The only thing that you need is creating an account which you can do for free.


Furthermore, if you want to have the full power of Grammarly, then go for the premium plan which is worth it.

visit grammarly


This can be a Grammarly alternative.


ProWritingAid is another tool that can’t be missed in any list of grammar checkers. It can be your favorite comma checker too because the punctuation checking functionalities are built-in with the tool.


Also, the tool can detect plagiarized text too because of its plagiarism checking capability.


In fact, now most grammar checkers come with this must-have feature.

get prowritingaid


The name of this tool may confuse you whether it can check punctuation related issues or not!


Truth be told, this is a multifunctional tool that serves a wide variety of services for improving your SEO. One of the services of the tool is to check content for different types of grammar, punctuation, and spelling related errors.


By landing the homepage of SMALL SEO TOOLS, you’ll see one option named “Grammar Checker” that can do the task of grammar checking. Note that you can check your content for different grammatical issues using the tool for free, but if you wanna go to the “Deep Grammar Check” of the tool, then you’ll need to pay for it.


For your kind information, the “Deep Grammar Check” will take you to Grammarly for an improved grammar checking. This means that SMALL SEO TOOLS will use the affiliate link of Grammarly in order to serve a better service.


For this, for the best punctuation check, you should directly go to Grammarly and start checking your content there.


Language Tool

If you visit the site of Language Tool, you’ll see on the homepage that there’s a sample text with correction with different colors. Red, yellow and violate all are different grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. You’ll need to learn the type of error each color indicates. Then you’ll easily find out what are the errors that have been detected by the tool.


This tool supports varieties of languages. You can change the language by tapping on the first button named English. You can also check with different English like British or South African from the button displayed American on the page.


All these great features have made the tool a popular one for checking punctuation & grammatical errors. Giving the same text that I’ve used for checking other tools showed me no suggestion or correction. So I found that this tool isn’t so much strict in writing more and more active sentences and short words.


This is because most other tools have suggested me to write 2 active sentences instead of the passive sentences that were in the text. Also, some tools were against the use of long words. But with the tool, I didn’t have to get any suggestion for my text.


One exciting thing regarding the tool is that Language Tool has a nice forum where you’ll see much of discussion. By registering on the platform, you can also participate in the forum of Language Tool. Having a forum on a site is very effective in learning and solving different things.


You can also embed this tool on a web page. To do so, visit the development page of the site and you’ll get the link of ‘Integration on Websites’. In addition, you can see some screenshots of the tool at different stated from the ‘Screenshots’ page of the tool’s site.


Hemingway App

I’m very sorry to say that there’s another good tool that I missed to mention in this post earlier. But now here’s the tool with the post’s update.


The tool’s Hemingway Editor. This tool is very effective in checking grammatical flaws because it corrects your text from many angles. Suppose that you’ve used many passive sentences in your text, then the tool will inform you that. Then you should reduce the number of passive sentences.


I first came to know about this tool from an ad on Upwork. Yes, I was regular in reviewing different freelance writing jobs on Upwork because of applying for suitable ones. One day, I saw that a client is asking for a freelance writer who could use Hemingway app.


Reading that, I searched for the tool and found it. It was an awesome tool and then I tried it for a long time so that I could inform my client that I could work with Hemingway app.


Garretson Checker

Garretson checker is found on Gregory’s Writing Style website. It has many options for checking so many different things. Visit the site and go for the grammar checking option. Then put your text in the blank box and check it. You’ll get a better result after proper correction.


This punctuation tool can show you many suggestions for the betterment of your writing. The checking box allows up to 10,000 words to check for further correction.


To give you a thorough review of the tool, I’ve tested the tool myself. The text checking box has a button ‘Analyze‘. After leaving your text in the box, you’ll have to hit the ‘Analyze’ button for checking it. I’ve done the same with my text. I got my result promptly.


The tool provides 4 common information about any text which is as follows –

  • Total word count of a text.
  • Average words in a sentence.
  • The number of commas in total.
  • How many commas are there for every 1000 words.


My first objection to this tool is that it got my text with average 14 words per sentence unusual. It suggested to me the number of words used in a sentence in the case of general English (19 words per sentence) and academic English (23 words per sentence).


But in online writing, the shorter your sentence is, the better it performs. Readers get it easier to read if your sentence is shorter than long ones.


The tool also suggested me to allow more commas. I learned that it’s advisable to use at least 50 commas in every 1000 words of English text.



Last but not the least, WhiteSmoke comes as a great punctuation checker.


It’s built for those users who want a neat and clean layout for checking their content. Other than using the tool on Windows, you can also use it on Mac. In addition, the tool can be used in different browsers as an extension.


There are two versions available in the tool – one is the web version and the other one is the desktop version. All the versions of the tool are paid. That’s why you can’t desire to use WhiteSmoke for free. However, you get what you pay for. For this, you can expect to have a better service from this tool than those of many other free alternatives.


The limitations of a punctuation checker!

You’ll have to remember that a punctuation corrector isn’t a human. It performs the way it’s programmed. So it can’t identify a thing that isn’t grammatically related to language. For this reason, if you write a name that isn’t recognized by a tool will be shown as incorrect even though it’s correctly spelled.


Also, sometimes, you may need to use some passive sentences, but most grammar checkers will inspire you to cut these types of sentences.


So use a punctuation checking tool and at the same time, use your own brain to judge your writing. It will take time, but you could come up with flawless pieces of writing at the end of the day.


My suggestion

So my suggestion is that you should never let a punctuation checker tool take care of your writing alone. You should check your writing even though you’ve passed it through a decent punctuation tool.


Don’t think about why you should check again as a tool is checking your writing or if you need to check, then what’s the point of using a checker!


The main goal is to make your writing flawless and a content checker for checking your writing can save you from doing some silly to serious writing blunders.


Final words

So I hope that you have become very serious in using punctuation marks. In addition, you can pick one tool from the list to check whether you’re the marks in the right places or not.


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