Pro Writing Aid Review ~ The Great Writing Editing Software

ProWritingAid which is also written as Pro Writing Aid is a great writing editing software. This punctuation checker can easily detect your writing flaws, thus you can correct them.

pro writing aid

So, to purify your writing, Pro Writing Aid is a decent tool. This is the review of the tool so that you can learn so many things about it.


Pro Writing Aid Review

ProWritingAid is known as a great writing editing tool. It can also work as a powerful online plagiarism checker. In fact, there are a lot of features available in the tool. The tool provides the grammar check online free no download needed that means you won’t have to download the tool in order to use it.


Let’s check the tool in details now.



With ProWritingAid, you can check the grammar of any text. This tool offers some handful of grammar and punctuation checks. So after testing your text with this powerful tool, you won’t have any confusion to have any more grammatical mistakes in your writing.


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ProWritingAid features everything to be a better writer. This tool can detect passive verb usage and then suggest to reduce the number of passive sentences. Using so many glue words and adverbs is bad for readability which can be checked with the tool.


It can also detect and correct repeated and complex words, confusing words, phrases, sentence structures, redundancies, misspelled words. Using punctuation marks at right places of your writing may be a daunting task for you, but ProWritingAid can solve the problem by placing those marks at correct places.


And the tool can work as a plagiarism checker as the Premium+ version provides options for checking duplicated content.


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How to Use ProWritingAid?

To use the tool, you’ll have to visit the site of ProWritingAid. On the homepage of the tool, you’ll see two options – Try Free and Purchase. Now it’s up to you which version you choose.


First of all, I’m showing you the free version of the tool. So, hit the button ‘Try Free’. This will take you to a big blank box. This is the box where you can check your text by leaving there. There are 3 different ways of inputting your text for checking which is as follows –

  • Uploading
  • Pasting
  • Typing


The text pasting feature offers a short-cut paste option which is Ctrl + V. You have the room for using the ‘use a sample’ option which will make you clear about the use of the tool. There are many buttons on top of the grammar check box which will allow you to check your text in many ways.


The ‘Summary’ button is used for getting the report of your checked text. It comes with a thorough report, so you can scrupulously check your writing through the option.


You can do the grammatical errors’ fixing by yourself in the free version which is very time-consuming. In fact, when I tested a short text with this tool, it came up with a few errors. I found it very irritating to correct those errors myself.


The good news is that the tool has also a paid version that can make your punctuation checking process faster. The paid version of ProWritingAid offers automatic correction of grammatical and punctuation errors.


So if you really want to save your time & alleviate your discomfort (who doesn’t want?) correcting your text, then ProWritingAid premium version is perfect for you.


Don’t worry as the charge of premium service of ProWritingAid is only $40 per year.


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My Experience with Pro Writing Aid

Now it’s time to share my personal experience with the tool. To me, the tool worked splendidly well. I tested the tool with a short text of 149 words. After hitting on the ‘Summary’ button, the thorough report appeared with a lot of sections.


The first option was key actions. These are the actions that I should take in order to improve my writing. The next section is great for getting an overall idea of the text which includes total word count, the number of sentences, paragraphs, characters for both with and without spaces.


The next showed me my vocabulary use. After that, I got the Flesch Reading Ease and the sentence structure result. I was performing well with my text as all the scores were great.


Then in the style suggestion, I was told to follow a style for ‘you must’ instead of ‘you’ll need to’. After that, there came the grammar and spelling suggestions. In that section, I became a bit disappointed because the tool can’t recognize the spelling of proper nouns like ProWritingAid, Grammarly, Flesch etc. I wondered why the tool couldn’t recognize the tool’s name!


Also, I’ve found that the tool is suggesting me to use spend instead of spent, but in my text, spent was appropriate because of showing past tense. The rest of the report was involved with transition word usage. The overall grammar and spelling check was pretty well except a few instances.


So, I’m happy with the result of ProWritingAid.


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Pro Writing Aid Review: Pros and Cons


  • It can completely check your text for different types of grammatical errors.
  • The thorough report is a goldmine for improving your writing.
  • The tool is also a plagiarism checker.
  • It saves a lot of time of proofreading.



  • The free version isn’t adequate for making your text wholly flawless.


Pricing of this Writing Editing Software

ProWritingAid offers 3 different versions – Free, Premium and Premium +.  The free version is totally free. Currently, the Premium pack of the tool costs only $40 per year and the Premium+ pack costs only $45 per year.


The free version of the tool has some limitations such as limited reporting, editing and word count (maximum 500 words per check). So if you need long text like 1000 or more than 1000 words, then the free version won’t be suitable for you.


The paid version, Premium, provides unlimited facilities whereas the Premium+ version additionally offers the plagiarism checking option.


Great Offer! ProWritingApp offers whopping discounts on multi-year purchase, so you should take advantage of these exciting deals.


Premium Pack Discounts

$40 for 1 year.

$60 for 2 years.

$80 for 3 years and

$140 for the lifetime.


So you can avoid paying for the paid version of ProWritingAid with a one-time fee of $140 only.



“ProWritingAid is a simple tool that serves the grammar checking in a simple way. In fact, the simple features of the tool have taken my attention to using it on a daily basis. I’m an online business owner and I need to write so many things myself almost daily. So, the tool does a lot for me.”

– MR Khan


“Though I currently use Grammarly, I was a regular user of ProWritingAid too. The reason for moving from ProWritingAid to Grammarly isn’t that important. Both the tools worked for me and I recommend you to use any of the tools.”

– Amar Kumar


Wrap Up

Finally, I can say about this product is that it offers varieties of robust text checking services which are really exciting. You can go for the free grammar check or the paid version to correct grammar. So you should give this tool a try. I hope you’ll be a fan of the tool.

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