5 Popular Freelancing Sites in Bangladesh

You wanna be a freelancer, but how will you contact your clients?


Well, initially, you’ll have to take help of different freelancing marketplaces.


For this reason, now I’m gonna talk about some of the popular freelancing platforms in Bangladesh.


Here are some popular freelancing sites in Bangladesh –


Upwork is the merger of oDesk & eLance. This is one of the largest freelancing sites in the world. Upwork is very popular in Bangladesh. earlier, oDesk was insanely popular & when it merged with eLance, many freelancers instantly moved to Upwork.


This site comes up with hundreds of new jobs every minute. You’ll get 30 free monthly bids. if you wanna apply for more freelancing jobs, then you’ll have to buy more connects. Per connect costs $1 & typically 2 connects are needed for applying for a single job.


To avail the buying option, you’ll first have to buy Plus membership which costs only $10 per month. It comes with 10 free connects.


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Fiverr started its journey with $5 dollar gig. A freelancer can offer his/her work for $5 only. But now it has extended the limit of $5. Many freelancers are working for hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single project on this platform now. This is one of the most popular freelancing sites in Bangladesh.


Earlier, there was no option for the job application, but now you can apply for jobs from buyer requests section of the platform.


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Envatomarket is chosen mostly by coders. This marketplace has many different sections like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, 3docean etc.



This is a UK based site where you can participate from anywhere in the world. This site is very responsive for working. You’ll get 15 free bids per month. You can buy more bids for applying for more jobs. This freelancing platform is gradually becoming very popular in Bangladesh.


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Freelancer claims to be the first freelancing site in the world. This site offers many bids at a negligible price. So if you wanna bid more & more jobs by spending less, then you can go for it.


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This site also offers many types of membership plans for different prices.

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