79 Pointless Websites to Completely Dazzle Your Eyes

Pointless websites can bring a lot of fun to your life that you could learn from this post.


To me, CopybloggerProblogger and Smartblogger are the most favorite blogs to read. Sometimes I read these blogs to pass my time, but a few days back I was a bit bored with my work and life. That time I was surfing for something interesting on the internet. Nothing interesting was coming to me.

pointless websites

Finally, I came to know a few of the pointless websites (in fact, those were not useless websites) that made that day interesting. Before introducing the pointless sites, I had no idea about those types of sites.


By the way, that was a new experience and I think that people, sometimes, need some variations in their life. So, I’ve made a list of peculiar websites where from you must get a lot of refreshments.


These pointless sites list will puzzle you and I hope that you’ll get them crazy enough to make your day awesome.


79 Pointless Websites to Feel Different!

Here are the sites that will take you to the world of weirdness. So, are you ready to explore those peculiar things? Then, don’t wait. Jump into the weird sites right now –


This site should be in the top 10 weird websites list. Why? Well, the site will come up with never-ending falling windows. Yes, your eyes will be dazzled with the falling parts, but it will never end. So, you can possibly get some weirdness in the site’s feature. You can do nothing but just see the falling parts.


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I wanna keep your curiosity, so try the site yourself and get the interesting part of it.



You’ll come to realize why patience is really a virtue by visiting the site. I don’t wanna tell you a single thing about the site. You try it yourself.



This is not a funny or weird site though you can come to many things about proper diet. So, make your life healthy, you should hang around this site quite often.


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If you wanna see 10 weird websites, then you’ll have to include this site to the list. Yes, this weird website deals with real-time air flights from different parts of the world. You can see that many planes are flying from one part to another part of the world. The screen will look messy with tons of planes. So try this site right now. I bet this is one of the weirdest websites.



How many bubbles can you snap? You can hit as many bubbles as you want on this site. So, this site could give you the pleasure of playing a mini-game. This is one of the weird websites that you can find on the internet.



How hectic the life is after the college can be read from this site. So, it’s worth trying.



Cats are walking in different directions and you can do as many things as you want with those cats. So, why not have some time with them?



How many o is thereafter n? It’s very tough to count, but you can still visit the site through like given above. Yes, there are 15 o after n.



Visiting the site will start showing weirdness. So, it’s worth trying it.


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On the site, you’ll be welcomed by a worm. The worm will look ugly though you can play with it. Yes, by moving your mouse pointer, you can direct the worm and take the full control of it. If you disturb it too much, it may show you some weird scenes. So, playing with the worm will surely make your time enjoyable.



Very engaging street pictures that you can see by visiting this site. Tons of images will be loaded with clicks. Some pictures aren’t appropriate for children, so you should be aware of that.



This site can show you tons of weird photos taken by different people from all over the world. Seeing the pictures will make you enjoy passing your time. So, you must try the site when you need some enjoyment.



You can recharge yourself if you visit the site. This site will welcome you with people those who care about yourself. So, isn’t this a place to visit?



This is neither a funny nor a weird site to visit. Yes, you could ask your valuable questions regarding any topic and then you’ll see relevant answers to those questions. This is a nice place to indulge your curiosity, so I recommend you use this site.



If you wanna learn chess alone, then this site will do everything for you. You could come to know many things about chess, so if chess attracts you, then give this site a try.


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A man named Trevor has made the site and he claims that he looks like Barak Obama thought there are no similarities between the two people. So, this is one of the interesting websites that may bring a lot of enjoyment to your hectic life.



I wanna be a bit weird by going through most of these weird sites. Yes, why not try this site yourself and learn what it’s all about?



Who doesn’t wanna hear the sound of rain? Everybody wants to listen to music in the rainy time. So this site will come up with a mood of rainy time along with ample of nice music.


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Visiting the site will do…. No, I won’t tell you. You explore it, man!



Our mind becomes jam-packed, so it’s time to freshen it up. This site will do it by giving a 60-second meditation that really works. So, this site will do something valuable than that of something weird.



If you’re a piano lover, then this site is a must-have site for you. Learn the rest by visiting the site.


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This site is a fun way to learn cooking. You’ll get thousands of recipes and quick cooking guides from the site. So, why not hit the site right now?



Have you ever hypnotized with a toad? If not, then this is the time to have that. Visit the site and there’ll be a naughty toad which will hypnotize you for sure.



Have some fun with this site which will really make your time interesting. Loads of awesome content on the site will make you happy within minutes.


24. Jello Time

Who doesn’t wanna eat jelly? Most of you wanna take this delicious jelly. I wanted to do the same when I saw that a colorful jelly bar is there on the site.


I became very happy in seeing the bar, but the real problem arose when I touched it. Instead of tearing the bar apart, it made me trembled.


Every time I wanted to touch the jelly bar, I became like electrocuted. If you wanna have the same experience, you should visit the site.


28. Secret Technology



Scientists are experimenting with a lot of things. They’re trying to explore newer things every now and then. The technological advancements are at a great height.


We always wanna learn about these advancements. Many countries are running their projects secretly which can be unearthed from this site. Yes, you could learn so many secrets and at the same time, weird technological practices from all over the world in this site.


33.How Old


Can you tell the age of a man by seeing his photo? You may guess, right? Well, there’s an amazing site that can tell anyone’s age just by seeing his/her image.


So, if you wanna see a man’s current age, then you should use a current photo of the man. This way, the site can analyze the current age of the man.


It’s not right to say that the tool will come up with the exact age, but it will analyze and show you a result. Above all, it’s a fun way to learn the age of a person.



Listen to some hard voice from a stranger, the same thing again and again. The site will do just the opposite, I mean it will make you bored after listening to the same things again and again.



This is a never-ending zooming trap where you could never see the ending unless you die. So, have the great experience yourself now.


So, these are the sites that should make you feel light so that you can remove your boredom. Most of the sites aren’t for any serious work though you should try them for keeping you refresh. So, trying the site is a matter or pleasure and benefit as well.

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