Plagiarism is one of the major concerns, especially on the internet. So, I’ve made this post solely for discussing what is plagiarism, how to detect and avoid it. To detect plagiarism, I’ve also mentioned more than 30 free online plagiarism checker tools.

plagiarism checker

What’s plagiarism?

This video will certainly let you know many things about plagiarism. I’m also elaborating the thing, so don’t worry.

Note that learning about plagiarism is important because of becoming aware of this thing. So, you shouldn’t skip this portion. First of all, learn about plagiarism and then know how to check and avoid it in your text.

Plagiarism means stealing others words and/or ideas and claim that those are yours. So, when you claim others writing and/or ideas as yours, then you’re going through plagiarism.


Plagiarism is one sort of theft and you should always be away from this illegal act. To bloggers, plagiarism is like a nightmare because many bloggers have already ruined their blogs just by plagiarizing others content.


There are couple of ways you can use others content on your blog or site which are the following –

  • First of all, you need to take the original author’s permission whether you can use his/her writing or ideas on your blog.
  • At the time of using others content, you must give the credit to the actual author of the work.


So, when you use some quote of others, then you must add the source link to that. Similarly, if you share some previously spread ideas, then you should also give the credit to its actual originator. These are all common ways of avoiding plagiarism even though you’re writing others words or ideas.


Suppose that, Neil Patel has shared an idea and then you can also spread the idea by telling that Neil Patel suggested that or gave this idea etc.


You may plagiarize both intentionally or unintentionally. So, it’s always suggested that you use a decent plagiarism checker to detect and then avoid plagiarized work (I’ll also mention some great tools soon).


Why do you need a plagiarism checker?

There are tons of writings on the internet. So, it’s very hard to find out whether there is any matching text available online.


It’s plagiarism checker that can check whether your text is okay from plagiarism or not. Figuring out the thing can confirm you that you’re using a fresh content.


These are the reasons of using a plagiarism checker.


Different types of plagiarism!

In the above video, 10 types of plagiarism have been mentioned. I hope that you could come to know different types of plagiarism just by watching the video, so the video is worth watching.


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How to avoid plagiarism?

From the following slide presentation, you’ll come to know some great ways of avoiding plagiarism. So, you must have a look at this.


And now is the time to introducing different types of plagiarism checker tools for detecting plagiarism in any piece of writing.


So, don’t wait. Jump into discovering all the great tools for checking plagiarism right now.


Copyscape plagiarism checker

This plagiarism checker is so popular that most of the freelance writing gigs come with the common phrase “Copyscape pass”. Yes, you’ll also see that almost all the freelance writers claim that they’ll produce Copyscape pass guaranteed content.

copyscape plagiarism checker

So, Copyscape has taken this prestigious place that when someone says that his/her content will be passed by Copyscape, then everybody becomes relaxed!


When I was a freelance writer, I also had to write the phrase that I would produce Copyscape pass guaranteed content for you. Not only is that all of my clients used to warn me that they would check my written articles with Copyscape.


Here’s a short cover letter of mine that I used to send to my prospective clients when I was a full-time freelance writer –

Dear XYZ (the name of a client),

My name’s SMN Zaman and I’m a seasoned copywriter with more than 5 years of experience.

Truth be told, I’d love to bring my wealth of experience and expertise in copywriting to your business.

My copywriting service specializes in aiding quality business people like you. I promise to increase your site’s conversion rate with my persuasive (that has a strong call to action) copy.

You’ll Get:
– Flawless SEO Copy for website content and blog posts.
Copyscape pass guarantee.
– Delivery within the deadline.
– Unlimited revisions (if required) and More…

In addition, you’re secured working with me as I promise not to re-use, re-spin, re-sell or re-distribute your content.

Now I’d like to discuss the project in details to understand your complete requirement.

Rest assured that hiring me will be your right decision.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,
SMN Zaman


So, you can see that I had to mention “Copyscape pass guarantee” in my cover letter to make my clients worry-free about plagiarized content.


All these experiences just made me mad of the tool and I really bought some credits from its premium account. You need to spend per credit for per check. Each time, you can check up to 2000 words in total. The pricing of credits is also very cheap. You can buy 100 credits at $5 only.


So, spending only $5, you could check 100 times for plagiarism.


The use of Copyscape is very easy and you won’t have to learn the rocket science to use it. First of all, you’ll have to visit the website of this great tool. You’ll need to create an account, so use the sign-up button for registering for an account.


If you already have an account, you just need to simply log into that now. On your account, you’ll see that there’s an option for purchasing credits. You’ll have to buy some credits to check your documents for plagiarism as you don’t have any credit after signing up.


Click on this –purchase creditswhich will open up another window for buying credits. You’ll need to decide how many credits you’ll need to buy. To do this, put your required credits in the box

credits of copyscape

After deciding the number of credit now is the time to hit the continue button.

copyscape continue

If you wanna pay with PayPal, then you’ll have to buy at least 200 credits. The validity of your purchase will be for long one year. So, you can use the purchased credits up to 12 months.


Once you buy the credits, you now can start using Copyscape. So, how will you use the tool? Well, I’m showing you the easy process now.


On the account main page, you’ll see a box like this (I’ve snapped the left half portion) –

copyscape check

You can see that this is the box where you’ll have to drop your text or the URL having the text. After dropping your required text or URL, now you’ll have to hit this button –

premium search

You could see whether your text is plagiarism-free or not. There’ll be some preview texts with their source links in the plagiarism report page from which you could visit the source files.


You could also see the plagiarized portions of the source files from the report. This will help you determine how much your given text has been caught for plagiarism. So, the tool is quite effective and easy to use.


Grammarly Review

Grammarly is not only a tool for grammar checking but also an online plagiarism checker. Yes, Grammarly is an all-in-one tool that can do all sorts of checking for your text with seaming ease.


One thing to know that you can’t use the plagiarism detection option of Grammarly in its free version. You’ll have to go for the premium version for having everything including the plagiarism checking facility.

grammarly extension

As the premium version of Grammarly doesn’t cost much and you’re getting all the necessary things for checking your writing, moving to premium option won’t be a matter for you.


The best thing is that if you purchase the premium version of Grammarly, then you don’t have to use any other tool for plagiarism check.


Note that if you use Copyscape, then you still need another tool for checking your grammatical and other types of mistakes. So, Grammarly is the one stop solution for checking your writing.


I should say that both Grammarly and Copyscape are good for plagiarism detection, but Grammarly will surely outshine its any competitor because of its multi-featured facilities.


Now, learn how to use Grammarly for the plagiarism check.


First of all, visit Grammarly (Click Here) [affiliate link].


Now, you’ll see the dashboard of Grammarly. You can input your document in three different ways such as writing, copy-pasting and uploading.


Look at this button –

new or upload

Clicking on the “New” button will open a blank panel where you can either start writing your text or paste your copied text.


On the other hand, you can upload your document by following the “Upload” button.


After setting your text now is the time to go for the plagiarism check option. You’ll have to hover over the following button –

plagiarism button

From the button, you’ll need to option for the “Upgrade for Plagiarism” option. Then you’ll see that your text has been checked for plagiarism and detected some plagiarized texts if there’s any.


So, using Grammarly is also very easy.



This is a free plagiarism checker tool which is much popular among freelance writing clients. This tool is free and at the same time, very strict in checking plagiarism.

small seo tools

Though many people rely on this tool, I don’t like this too that much because sometimes, the result comes from this tool is totally absurd.

small seo tools

By the way, the plagiarism checking section is much better than many other tools of the same type. In fact, SmallSEOTools is renowned for offering different types of options from the same site. Amazing thing is that all the services are free of cost.


Now, let’s see how the tool works? Here are the easy steps of using this tool –

Visit the site of SmallSEOTools (Click Here).


Now, you have to click on this button –

smallseotools plagiarism checker

This will open the plagiarism checking option. You can also directly go to this option just following this direct link.


After landing the page, you’ll see a big blank box which is for dropping your text to be checked for plagiarism. So, copy your text and then paste that in the box.


There’s an option for confirming that you’re not a robot. You’ll have to click on the option and then there’ll be check mark which will confirm that you’re a real human.


Then you need to hit the following button –

button for plagiarism check


It’ll start analyzing your text for plagiarism detection. You’ll see that the tool is automatically scoring your text between 0 and 100. A score above 95 is quite okay to accept.

uniqueness score

This was the score given in percentage as I’ve tested a short text.

This mark is given to every portion of checking. So, when you’ll see the red mark which means that plagiarism detected, you can track and then okay that.


Also, you can download the report for further use too. To do so, you’ll need to follow this button –

download report

So, SmallSEOTools can be another choice at the time of checking plagiarism.



You can’t mark this tools as a plagiarism checker free though the tool offers you a free trial. So, you can try the tool for free just by signing up on their site.

plagscan plagiarism checker

Visit the site of PlagScan (Click Here) and then sign-up with the required information. After having an account, you could start your free trial for a few days.


PlagScan comes with so many different plans and pricings, so you can choose from a wide range of options. You can use the tool either for education or for business.


There are also pricing variations for different categories.


There are many advantages of using this tool which is as follows –

All the plagiarism detection comes with highlighted text so that you can find that easily. The tool also offers fast review which saves time while giving robust plagiarism check.


Another good facility of this tool is that the checking process is completely run on its own server, so if you mistakenly close your browser, then the checking will be still continuing. This is a great benefit that I hardly see on any other tool.


Also, the storage has no limit, that means you can even store tons of checked docs on its server. It’s like your cloud storage that saves all your previously checked documents.


As the tool runs online, you shouldn’t have to worry about installing it on your PC or anywhere else though this facility is with all the online plagiarism checkers.


There are many other facilities which you could experience at the time of using the tool yourself.



This isn’t a free online plagiarism checker, so you can only use its premium version. Good news is that the cost of using this tool isn’t that much, so you can happily use this nice tool.

whitesmoke checker

Whitesmoke is going like Grammarly by offering its wide range of usability on different platforms. Yes, this tool can be used on a PC, online, on mobile, and as a Chrome extension.

whitesmoke punctuation checker

By visiting the products section of Whitesmoke’s site, you could see all the different options. Having the mobile app of this tool is worthy of praising because we are much dependent on your cellphones nowadays.


There’s also a demo which can illustrate how the tool works. From the video tutorials, you can even strengthen your English skills.


Note that Whitesmoke is another great tool for taking care of all sorts of grammatical, spelling, structural and plagiarism related issues of your text. So, if you use Whitesmoke, then you won’t possibly need any other tool for the separate checking purpose.



Details about the tool are being updated soon…



Turnitin is a popular name when somebody wants to check his/her text for plagiarism. You shouldn’t worry about whether a text is plagiarized or not after checking with this robust tool.


Though I’m not a regular user of the tool, I got awesome experiences with a few tries with it. It’s really a fabulous tool for ensuring you whether your text is free of plagiarism or not.



DupliChecker is a free plagiarism checker software which is very handy at the time of doing the job of plagiarism checking.


You’ll be amazed to see the whopping number of pages searched on the site as it’s shown on the top-right corner of it. Also, you can count how many visitors have paid a visit to this site in another stat shown on the site.


There’s a welcoming box that you’ll see when you visit the site. You’ll need to put your text in the box to check whether they’re free of plagiarism or not.


You can also upload your required docs by following the “Chose File” button. Note that you can check a doc having up to 1000 words as this is the limit for the maximum number of words.


There are many other options available in this tool like comparison search, anti-plagiarism banner, visitor hit counter, site link analyzer, and many things more.


So, in a word, this tool truly a multi-functional and you can rely on it without any hesitation.



This site is another great one for plagiarism checking purpose and you can check up to 3 pages to check for free. Visiting the site will show you eye-soothing homepage where from you can get your desired plagiarism-check box.


You can see the number of words and pages by leaving your words in the box. On the left side of the homepage of this tool, there are some stats which reveal that this is an awesome tool in this field.


There you can see the number of users and checks from which you can conclude a great notion about it.


The tool has also there different premium plans which I think are quite reasonable. Note that the free trial also needs you to signup first for an account.


Here are the current premium plans of the tool –

  • Light ($5.99)
  • Standard ($9.99)
  • Premium ($25.49)


The primary paid version’s name is Light which is primarily for the beginners. It can check up to 20 pages of your document. There is no daily limit of the number pages. This means that you can consume all the 20-page check in a day or at a time.


The next pan is Standard which is for experienced customers. This plan will allow you to check up to 50 pages. So, by taking this plan, you can save some money on your purchase.


The ultimate plan’s name is Premium which is for the professionals those who wanna leverage the full power of this nice tool. In this plan, you can check up to 150 pages. This plan is the best money saving option for you. So, you should go for this plan if you really wanna have the most discount on your purchase.



This tool offers straightforward plagiarism checking functionality. Why I’m saying this? Simple because the tool uses the Google or Yahoo searches to determine whether a piece of text is copied or not.


So, this is the minimalist way of checking your writing for plagiarism. You can also check a web page by dropping its URL in another box had on the site.


To use the tool, first of all, you’ll have to visit its site. Going the site, you’ll see that there’s a box after a few texts. You can also learn how to use the tool for the teachers and the authors separately from the knowledge base of the tool.


There are also many valuable blog posts available on the site, so you can garner many things from them.



This tool is good for the purpose, but I think that it’s over-priced. The tool offers a very in-depth review of your docs so that you can make sure that they’re free of copies and other issues.


So, using the tool paying a bit more isn’t a wrong decision too.


The tool claims that they have around 1 million students registered with their service, so this a large number of users who’re using this tool.


One thing that I should tell you is that the tool also adds the grammar check option for free with its basic operation. This is really great because you won’t have to use any grammar checker tool for the further check of your text.


Now, come to the pricing of the tool. There are five types of different plans which you can check right now.


Here are the plans –

  • 1 Paper ($7.95)
  • 3 Papers ($19.95)
  • 5 Papers ($29.95)
  • 1 Paper+ Standard Critique ($29.95)
  • 1 Paper+ Extended Critque ($49.95)


The price of the plans is subject to change over time. So, to get the recent pricing of different plans, you had better visit the site of WriteCheck.


Article Checker

If you’re bored with so many tools having almost the same functionalities, then you can try Article Checker. This tool has some awesome options to check your articles or blog posts for different types of copied works.


Visiting the homepage of the tool, you’ll see that they’re claiming that you can get A+ by checking your papers. On the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see the checkbox where you’ll have to put the text that you wanna check for plagiarism.


You can drop the text of at best 1000 words because this is the limitation for word count per search. The tool really works beyond expectation. Yes, I’ve tested a short text and the result was presented in an awesome way.


There were the scores for unique and plagiarized portion in percentage. You can also see the total word count and characters of your given text.


The tool also shows the checking completeness in percentage. By the seeing this as 100%, you can make sure that the check has been completed in full.


DustBall Plagiarism Checker

Wow! What a fabulous tool this is! I’m really impressed with the layout of the site. The tool has two different options like free and paid and you can choose any of the options as per your requirement.


Though the free version of the tool is okay to use, you should upgrade to the premium one if you want better results.


The DustBall project was launched by Brian Klug which is a successful one.


To use the tool, you’ll have to visit its site. After landing the homepage, you’ll see that there’s the option “The Plagiarism Checker” at the top of the site.


Now is the time to click on the button which will open up a blank box for checking your text. You can check your doc in three different ways such as typing, pasting and uploading.


You can upload MS Word file to this tool so that you can check it. Though the tool can be used for free, you can have more accurate results with its premium version.


The cost of the tool is very cheap and it’s only $8 per month. So, you can try the premium version of the tool too as it doesn’t cost much.


This is the link to the tool, DustBall.



This tool has different checking options such as the deep check, quick check, and file comparison services. There’s a blank box which is for checking your text for plagiarism.


To get the blank box, you’ll need to visit the site of Plagium. The charge of the tool to check your doc is very low. So, if you wanna chek your file at a low fee, then this tool should be your perfect choice.


The tool also supports multiple languages, so you can use your native language if that’s available in the language support option.


One of the drawbacks of Plagium is that it takes much time to check even a short text. So, if your requirement is to check things blazingly fast, then you should never approach to this tool.


Overall, the tool is very effective, so you can completely rely on this.



This tool is marvelous for rating your text and it’s common to know that plagiarism is one of the major considerations for being a highly rated text.


PaparRater is for checking your writing for so many things like grammar, plagiarism, punctuation etc. So, this is another all-in-one tool like Grammarly, Whitesmoke etc.


But to avail all the awesome features of this tool, you’ll have to go for its premium version. The premium version of PaperRater doesn’t cost much if you buy it for annually.


The current monthly price is only $7.95 if you buy the subscription on a yearly basis. The total one-time payment for a year comes to only $95.40. On the other hand, if you buy it for per month basis, then the charge will be $14.95 per month.


Going for the premium option is a wise decision not for only saving money, but also unlocking so many exciting features.


So, if you use PaperRater, then you won’t have to worry about using other tools for different checks such as punctuation, grammar etc.



Viper has given a nice touch in this tool. To use this tool, you’ll need to download it on your PC. So, if you wanna use it directly on your web browser, then you can’t do that in any way.


However, you’ll surely find the tool a nice one after installing and at the time of using it on your PC.


So, visit the site right now and you’ll see the “Download” option on the top-right corner of the site. By clicking the button, you could download, install and use it.


Note that Viper isn’t supported in some regions, so if you live in any of the unsupported regions, then it’s really a disappointing thing for you.


The tool is called Viper Plagiarism Scanner which is totally free to use. I think that this tool should get a lot of attraction because of its free offer and use as a browser-less tool.



On this site, you can check whether a text is copied or not just by leaving any site’s URL. You can also have a DMCA sticker from this site to stick on any online publishing.


The sticker is very effective in warning and avoiding many online thieves (LOL).


It also supports a lot of many other things like WaterMarker, Copyright Bar, Facebook WaterMarker etc. There’s also WordPress plugin available for your WordPress blogs.


All of the premium services will need you to pay as low as $10 per month. By paying $10, you’ll get many of the premium facilities up to one year.


So, this is another great tool that should attract your attention for sure.



This is another tool which needs to be downloaded and installed on a PC before using it. So, first of all, go to the site of this tool and download it on your PC.


Once the download is complete, install it there. Then, you can start using the tool by launching it. This tool is really very helpful in finding copied text in your docs.


This tool can not only check English language but also for many other languages. So, being a multi-lingual tool, you can go for this too.


The pricing of the tool is also very reasonable. Here the different plans –

  • Lite License for 1 computer ($39)
  • Personal License for 1 computer ($59)
  • Pro License for 2 computers ($69)
  • Portable License for 1 Computer and 1 USB ($99)

This the current plan price. So, you should visit the site yourself to check whether the price has been changed or not.



This tool is very helpful in shaping your text so that you can rank it well on SERPs. If your blog is arranged with plagiarized material, then you shouldn’t expect to rank that. There’s potential risk of getting your blog penalized too.


So, copied content is always hated and to check whether your text is okay or not, WebConf can do so many things for you.


WebConfs comes up with so many great features that are too good to rank your posts within a very short time.



This tool is well-performed for varieties of users like students, site owners, publishers, and teachers. So, whether you’re a student or a teacher or a publisher, you can simply go for this tool for the best performance.


There’s a sample text shown on the homepage of the tool so that you can learn how the tool works. Seeing the sample plagiarism-check is great for having the clear idea of the tool’s performance. The highlighted marks are for showing you your copied work.


The homepage of the tool shows the current stats like the total number of today’s paper check, positive feedback and the average percentage of plagiarism.


There are also some testimonials to show its proven awesomeness. All these things ensure us that the tool is really a nice one.


The use of the tool is super easy and you can do it just by uploading your docs on the tool. After that, you’ll get the report once the check is complete. This is a very straightforward way of checking your text.


The tool also supports multiple languages like Romanian, Italian, German etc.


So, at the time of making sure whether your text is copied or not, you can rely on this tool.



This tool is a bit different because you can select Google or Yahoo search engine from the site of this tool. This helps you to get a narrowed result to find the match for your text with other docs.


The use of the tool is a matter of relaxation as you can use it online, or on your PC or as a mobile app. All this made the tool a piece of hot cake.


Plagiarisma is a multilingual tool which offers the plagiarism check with different languages. To make sure that you can check your own language other than English, you should check whether the language is supported by the tool or not.


To use the tool, first, you’ll need to visit the site of it. After that, you’ll see the checking box which allows you to drop text in more than 190 different languages.


There are different options for checking your text. The most common option is doing the copy-paste of your text. This is a quick process in which you just need to paste your required text just after copying from the source file.


There’s also the room for checking your text by dropping its URL. To do this, copy the URL of any webs page and then paste that URL in the “Check URL” box of the tool. It’ll check the page as soon as possible.


Finally, you can also upload your file by following the “Upload” button. To upload your file, first, you need to click on the “Choose File” button which will open up the file explorer.


Select your file and then hit the “Upload” button. It will bring your file on the tool. Now, you can check the file.


Plagiarism Software

This tool comes up with a checking box where you can drop your text in three different ways. The straightforward option is to start typing in the box.


Another common way is just typing in it and when you don’t wanna follow any of the two options for leaving your text in the box, then there’s the third option too. Yes, you can simply do that by uploading your docs.


One good thing of the tool is that you can exclude your required URL. To do this, you’ll have to follow the option “Exclude URL”. Then paste the required URL in the box.


There are three plans for using the tool –

  • Basic ($10 per month)
  • Business ($20 per month)
  • Enterprise ($50 per month)


With the Basic subscription, you can check up to 300 times. The total word count per search is limited to 1000 words in this plan.


The next plan is Business which allows you to check up to 750 times. The word count limit is 1500 per search in this plan.


And the Enterprise plan comes up with whopping 2000 times of check and you can check up to 2000-word doc per search.


So, if your requirement is to check so many files per month, then you should go for the Enterprise plan. If you need to check some files occasionally, then the Basic option is better-suited for you.


Search Engine Reports

This is a bit unique than most of other tools mentioned in this post. There’s keyword dropping option along with URL, so you can come to know different search engine reports with the actions.


The tool is free and you can start using it just by visiting its site. First of all, visit the site and then click on “Plagiarism Checker”. This option is found on the top of the site.


There you’ll see a blank box where you can paste or type your text. If you need to upload your file, then you can also do so by following the “Choose file” option.


Once you have selected text, you now have to confirm that you’re not a robot. To do this, you’ll have to hit the “I’m not a robot” button.


After confirming this, you can start checking your text by “Check for Plagiarism” button. Though the tool is good and at the same time, free, there are a lot of ads on the site which makes the use a bit irritating.



This is a multilingual plagiarism checking tool which is too good to do the job of plagiarism checking. The issues of plagiarism detections are shown in a very distinctive manner.


So, the tool is worth trying.


Plagramme comes up with two different options – for teachers and for institutions. Just after visiting the site will show you a sample checked text. You could come to know how the tool works by seeing the text.


You’ll see that the tool shows the result in a different percentage basis. There are also different scores for different types of plagiarism. As you know that there are many types of plagiarism, so showing them differently will clearly let you know what type of plagiarism the doc is having.


To use the tool, you’ll need to sign up for an account. There are different options for signing up. You can sign up by leaving your required information. On the other hand, you can sign up quickly with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile.


After the signup, you can now start using the awesome tool. I hope that you’ll enjoy using the tool.


No Plag

No Plag provides a reliable solution to copy-paste issues as this a premium tool for taking care of any doc to make sure that that’s not copied.


So, having some digital eyes on your docs with this powerful tool is a matter of great pleasure as you can be sure that your doc has been checked with a reliable tool.


The tool will welcome you with a big text check box where you’ll have to drop your text. To use the tool, you need to spend some money.


The pricing of the tool is like this –

  • Web (10 cents per page)
  • NoPlag Database (4 cents per page)
  • Publication (5 cents per page)
  • My Library (totally free)

So, you can see that the current price of the tool is very low. So, you can start using the tool without much thinking as the cost is very low.


I hope that you’ll like the performance of the tool.



Truth be told, Copyleaks is a great tool for doing everything to ensure whether your text is plagiarized of not. This works fully on the cloud, so the cloud-based functionality has given this tool much more power than you can imagine.


The tool has different options for education and business, so you can choose your preferred one at any time. The education version has also different sections such as for schools, universities, and students.


Business version also offers two different options – one for the publishers and the other one for the SEO agencies. One cool thing about the tool is that it can be used on mobile platforms too. So, if you wanna use it directly on your phone, you can do so just by installing its mobile app.


Copyleaks also works on MS Word, so you can even use the tool while writing on MS Word. The tool isn’t free of cost though you can have a few credits per month for free every month. So, without spending, you can hardly use the tool.


To use the tool, you’ll have to sign-up on its site. So, first of all, visit the site (Click Here). Then, follow the signup button placed on the top-right corner of the site.


Signing up means that you have got an account on Copyleaks. Now you can use the tool.


The tool, Copyleaks, is a good tool, but this tool can only work for plagiarism which makes me a bit disinterested in it. Also, the fees are quite high to me in comparison to other multi-tasking tools like Grammarly, Whitesmoke etc.


By the way, if plagiarism is the only thing that you need for your writing, then this tool will be a solid companion for sure no matter how much you need to pay for it.


After the brief discussion of this tool, I think that you have already got a clear idea about it. The only thing that I can say is that this is a reliable tool when it comes to checking plagiarism in your text.



This is a straight-forward tool that comes with the plagiarism checking box at top of its site. Yes, just by visiting the site will show you a decent box for dropping your text for further checking.


Before I show you how the tool works, I wanna mention some of its great features. The tool supports multiple languages, so if you wanna check other than English language document or text, then you can do so with this nice tool.


Classy is that this is a free online plagiarism checker which means you don’t need to pay a single penny for using it. What’s more? Yes, you don’t even need to signup before using the tool. Everything of the analysis works online, so you don’t have to be bothered about any downloading.


Now, come to the main part, I mean how the tool works. You’ll have to leave your text in the box and then there are two buttons under it. The names of the buttons are Start and Calculate Similarity Score.


I’ve tested a short text with this tool and I’ll have to say wow! Amazing! The tool came up with an exact result very fast. So, it was fascinating to such a nice result from this free tool.


The text was copied from another site, so it was expected that the tool would show everything as plagiarized. Some red marks are for over the plagiarized texts so that you can easily understand which portions are from other sources.


The source of copy-paste text is also shown under the check box. Once the plagiarism check is complete, there’s another option for grammar check which is actually the affiliate link of Grammarly.


So, here comes the greatness of Grammarly as the tool can do both the things – grammar and plagiarism checks – for any text.


So, if your requirement is to take care of both the grammar and the plagiarism of your text, then you should go for a multi-tasking tool like Grammarly (Click Here – *affiliate link).


You can also share the checked text on Facebook is you want because there’s a nice option for that.


Overall, this free tool is a great companion if your main task is to check plagiarism for your documents. If you need different types of checking, then I should suggest you other tools which will do the jobs perfectly.



iThenticate performs well when it comes to detecting duplicated text in any piece of writing. This cloud-based tool has a great database of text to ensure whether a doc is okay or not.

itehnticate online plagiarism checker

The logo of the tool itself symbolizes that it’ll correct your docs issues and really it does the things by showing you problematic words or sentences.


One thing to know is that iThenticate isn’t a free tool, so you’ll have to buy the credits from the site to use it.


The site of the tool has great claims that different types of people use this tool and you can’t take their claim too lightly because the performance of the tool is up to the mark.


Signing up is mandatory to start doing anything with the tool, so you can easily have an account through signing up on the site.



Now is the time to discuss another great tool called PrePostSEO. The name of this tool discloses a lot of things about it. You know that to maintain SEO, you need to shape up your content.


This tool is intended to do everything for making your content completely search engine optimized. By visiting the site of PrePostSEO, you’ll see tons of options and the first option is for plagiarism checker.


Clicking on the button will open up a blank box. You’ll have to drop your text in this box. To do so, you have three different options – writing, paste, and uploading.


There’s a word limit of 1000 words for each time you drop your text. So, if you wanna check a doc that has more than 1000 words, then you’ll have to check that part by part.


The tool is quite cheap and it supports different types of documents at the time of uploading. Great to know that this too has wide ranges of support for using on different platforms.


You can use it as a widget or plugin or app on your Android device. So, this option is nice as you don’t have to worry about using it anywhere.


The checking in the tool will make you very happy as it analyzes very quickly and with flawless scores. You have also the option for comparing plagiarized text so that you can see how much is actually copied from the source file (s).


To bolster the SEO of your posts, you must make sure that those are free of plagiarism issues. In this regard, this tool works as fine as many other alternatives.


So, using this tool is a great pleasure and you’ll surely say the same as mine.


Plagiarism Checker X

This is both an online and software based tool for plagiarism checking. So, you can download the tool as software and then use it without opening any browser.

plagiarism checker x

The tool isn’t free, but you can try it for up to 14 days without paying. The trial mode has also some limitations such maximum 30 searches per day with limited words facility.


This is just for trying the tool and I think that this is goof for checking whether the tool will work for you or not.


However, the Pro version of the tool is also very suitable for anyone as it can be purchased for the lifetime only for $49.95. You can remove a lot of barriers by opting in for the premium version.


And if your need of plagiarism check is on multiple devices, then you can also go for that by subscribing to the Business plan of the tool which will allow you to use the tool on up to 5 machines.


One thing is very attracting to me about the tool is that you’ll just have to pay for once for any of the premium versions. There are no recurring fees which are a great burden of paying again and again monthly or annually.


So, you can add this tool to your league of text checking tools. The tool’s awesome features will surely make you love it within a very short time.


Mobile Apps

Mobile phones have become very popular in recent times and many people rely on different mobile gadgets almost all the time. So, using your required apps on your phone is a necessary thing and for this reason, you should also need some apps for mobile phones when you need to detect plagiarism of any text directly from them.


I’ve already mentioned some of the tools that can work both on desktop and mobile phone. You can pick one from the list or you can also search for this type of tool on the mobile apps store. You’ll see hundreds of options for that. But you can never rely on any tool. First, check the reliability of a tool and then go for that.


I hope that you could pick a perfect tool for using on your phone too or take suggestions from my reviews.


So, these are the plagiarism checkers which you can use reliably for making sure that the docs you have, have no plagiarism issues. It’s wise to check your docs for plagiarism beforehand of publishing anywhere because you may not imagine how important it’s to have a plagiarism-free text to grant anywhere.

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